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You are welcome to copy & paste any articles into your email and send them to friends, family, etc or to paste the link to articles in Face book, etc. Just include my name and website at the bottom of each article and then, if you appreciate what you have read in my web pages and/or you have made copies of one or more articles, you can pay for that privilege at the amount you want to show your sincere appreciation, even if you may not necessarily agree because in spite of your opinion you do have learned a lot, please click here

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A Public Interest Statement from the Author, Hans van Krieken: 

Secondary Education Must Include A Complete And Continuing Course In Salesmanship

The following is vital and is for everyone who knows how difficult it is to make a living and to be successful in it. We, all, should promote this idea and get it in the junior high and high school curricula.

Everyone in high school must learn and complete a full and continuing course in salesmanship and if practical courses in acting.

Such a course will imbue, manners, dedication to pursuits, ranking importance, hospitality, respect for the achievements of others and many more items of good character.

It is of vital importance to being a sales person as well as to understand where sales people come from when they approach you. You will also quickly learn the shysters from the genuine article as it concerns people in sales you meet.

Sales training also produces extraordinary effects in presenting oneself in employment applications and interviews. It gives poise and self confidence in almost any situation. No person should be allowed to leave high school without at least scoring B- in sales training at graduation. Business and industry need people at all levels of employment having such skills. It prepares workers to become leaders, foremen and supervisors. If we try to educate people we might as well do the right things. We as tax payers pay enough to school districts to demand that children learn the vital necessities of education: Salesmanship. Even though many children will balk against such training, their attitude of balking is exactly the reason they ought to take the course. Bashfulness is the major killer of pursuits and careers.

Another point is that as a consumer or as a negotiator you can be prevented from being scammed. I am a worker and money never came easy to me. I never had sales training and I have been scammed at least a dozen times to a total of at least a $110,000. The average worker is too trusting to be able to deal with shrewd sales people to whom they are no match. If nothing else, as an average person depending on sales people to get what one wants one must know some of the very easy tricks they play on us. Obtain a copy of the book, "Swim with the Sharks without being eaten alive" mentioned hereunder for yourself and read it and refer to it often. No person ought to grow up without having read this booklet at least a dozen times. What a lot of heart breaks and misery knowing the contents of this book will prevent! Where I place the emphasis for you is in the section of the book pertaining to "not being eaten alive". The few simple principles addressed in the book should be role modeled and played over and again, from class to class until they are like solid rocks in the consciousness of every high school student. It is an absolute shame that this is not done already.

A good example of such a sales instruction book is "Swim With The Sharks", by Harvey Mackay, copyright: 1988

Courses in acting will also do wonders for the character development of children.             back to top

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Recognize "The Hans van Krieken Gesture of Appreciation"

I have been suggesting to shop personnel in boutique shops I visit to place a basket or a tin can on the counter with a sign that says “RECOGNIZE THE HANS VAN KRIEKEN GESTURE OF APPRECIATION” so that people visiting the shop and enjoying the arrangements, A/C, congeniality of the shop keeper and items on display in the shop but do not buy anything can reward the attendant with a little token of appreciation such as a quarter, a dime or two, etc. To start the tradition I always give them some change and to tell them to tell others about this beginning tradition.

Most people going out for the day go to such shops and spent hours and hours in boutiques just looking around and entertaining themselves doing so without ever buying anything. A great part of our weekend, holiday touring time and our general quality leisure time is spent in such a fashion. I think it is nothing more than a gesture of appreciation and attentive coexisting to do so.

Hired shop personnel do not get paid very much. They often spent whole weekends in the shops while we are happily browsing and whiling away the day. Such small extra portions of cash are much appreciated by them. I believe that the Rockefellers and other very rich people already practice such gestures. I am sure these rich people visit and do business in shops we generally would not visit or cannot afford to cater to. Most of us would not miss such small tokens but they can add up enough to be of help to shop attendants. So you spent an extra dollar or two in a day’s outing in making these gestures – allow it to make you a bit happier also. We know the shop attendants appreciate and delight in it.

Is it not generous and civilized to treat people who are responsible for such a great portion of our leisure time with THE HANS VAN KRIEKEN GESTURE OF APPRECIATION? Do not such people deserve such gestures from us all?

Also, if someone takes an item without paying for it the item can be accounted for more easily. If we are aware that we are all one in this world this token of appreciation goes a long way to establish such oneness.

I started this tradition – please follow suite and help to establish it around the world.

You, shop attendants and shop owners could tell others about this gesture and bring it up and establish THE HANS VAN KRIEKEN GESTURE OF APPRECIATION in meetings of the Chamber of Commerce. Also, I think that a slot in the counter next to the cash register with an open container to collect the tokens of appreciation is a much better way to keep the small change cash from prying hands.

You and I do not want people attentive to you in many ways in the boutique business to go through life pinching every penny they have. Generosity will always come back to you if and when you need it. Generosity in very small ways enriches the world and our lives.

It keeps the dollar rolling and the economy going.

Thank you very much,

Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm

Below is a suggested sign to be placed behind the slot to receive the small cash tokens of appreciation.

suggested sign for the Hans van Krieken token of appreciation November 13, 2011

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Kindness as a General Attitude is Wisdom

Here is another example of kindness between businesses and storefronts and landlords that helps both the tenant and the landlord. Have a sliding scale to charge rent to new business operators and even longer established operators. I see too many empty store fronts in main streets and side streets in small to somewhat bigger towns. Some of these store fronts have been empty for long periods of time. How do these empty store fronts help anyone?

Both the landlord and the leaser agree from the beginning that the lease agreement is up and the tenant must evacuate immediately when the business still does not pay a profit for the landlord after an agreed upon lease period. This would give the landlord plenty of time to secure another tenant when he can clearly see that the present establishment will not make ends meet profitably for the landlord. This saves the landlord much legal action to have the tenant forcibly removed. If, however, after say one year or 18 months the business still does not give the lease holder a sustainable profit on the property the tenant knows that his business has failed and can close the shop door permanently and peaceably without having to fight to keep a losing business going.

I suggest a sliding scale towards business operators for leasing the property. Say, for instance, a store proprietor just starting who must compete with established stores leasing prices. He is not likely to be able to stay in business very long. The operator lives in constant fear that in one month here and there he/she cannot pay the rent on his/her leased property. The shop owner needs to feel confident to be able to make it generally for the next year to get the business established. Rather than have the property stay empty; is it not better when the shop owner pays the landlord on a mutually agreed sliding scale for rent. Obviously, the landlord is no dummy and he must evaluate whether the business plan of his prospective lease holder can make the business run. Of course, this has already been evaluated by the bank who must have granted a loan to allow the operator to make a go of his business plan.

So, let’s say that the landlord must charge a certain amount of lease rate to stay in business himself; say $1,200 per month. They start the sliding scale; say at 10% of conservatively estimated gross income of the shop keeper’s monthly income for the first six months or 12 months. Say, the business operator takes in $2,000.00 the first month. So, he pays the landlord 10% for the next month rent. This is a rate that places the landlord in the red, obviously; but what is his alternative? Kick the tenant out as soon as possible and live with an empty store front or business office; or absorb the loss and hope for the best in the future. At least the property takes in some money in the meantime.

Two years later the business tales in $15,000 per month. Now the lease-holder pays $ 1,500 rent, and the business seems to be able to sustain that minimum rate or higher. The landlord now has two advantages. For the loss years he could claim losses for the tax years that losses were sustained, and now that the property has taken off a bit and profits are garnered regularly, he can average his profits and losses on his taxes and reduce taxes while other lease properties are still trying to make it to profitable operations. Ten years later, most of his lease holders are averaging $35, 000 gross income minimum and the operators are paying now an average of 8.5% of gross profits which gives the leaseholder an average of nearly $3000.00 per month minimum. That is not bad farming at all. The percentage rate has been reduced when the businesses finally took off. First is, because the business owner may now shop around for a cheaper lease rate now that the business is going and secondly because now that the businesses are established and have been good proprietors they deserve a reasonable break. All this ends up to good relations between operators and the landlord, which relations are extremely good for his business own operation. So, there you see where in the end it shows wisdom and good business practice to be kind.

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Article 0:     Souls are Like Metal Ore

Souls are like ore. Ore is the compound formed when a pure metal is bound with a very corrosive substance such as oxygen or sulfur.

Souls are like an ore composed of a combination of the truth they had when they were in paradise and the lie they believed which lie corrupted its spirit and thus became part of a compound of spiritual ore known as soul – an as-yet useless, unclean substance in true reality. Soul is like ore because it is useless in true reality. Souls lie in a coma-like state – inert. Like ore, souls must receive certain, extra treatment to convert it into (spiritual) usefulness.

However, in their lie-converted state souls are also tiny units of awareness or like, for example, tiny computer chips lying idle in a disempowered computer.

You say, “How can there be billions of biological creatures activated by souls on earth when there were only two spiritual beings, Adam and Woman.

To that I say, Adam and Woman are constituted very much in the way biological creatures are constituted. As human bodies consist of billions of living cells organized to obediently do the will of the composite creature, so the spiritual bodies of Adam and Woman consist of billions of spiritually living cells that together animate and make the compound entities Adam and Woman conscious in paradise. You could say that the bodies of Adam and Woman (even as the Apostle Paul mentioned) are temples of living stones (the equivalent of living biological cells). Each of these now-dormant (lie-containing) cells can be and are given biological-creature identities as long as the composite entities continue to abide in the lie-believed or as long as a soul continues to abide in the lie(s) it believes. They exist in a state of altered mind as we also encounter in drug addicts.

The liar reprogrammed the spiritual computer (the minds of Adam and Woman) to deploy a virtual reality called physical universe. He, also, gave each tiny chip (soul) the ability to take on a particular character and personality through subroutines in the program. He placed these individual personalities in the form of biological creatures in this universe on a planet called earth. To aware entities on earth the physical environment is considered the only true reality. It never comes up in a biological creature’s mind to think that another reality can be possible (up till our modern times, that is). Modern-based knowledge and philosophy made it possible to bridge the gulf.

So, biological life forms such as plants, animals and human beings were projected to inhabit the planet according to the sequence of program steps of this computer. Some of these tiny spiritual cells (chips) of human consciousness represents you and me. These chips have full awareness in the computer-deployed earthly environment but are utterly dead (unconscious) to their native spiritual reality.

The bodies are still present in paradise but the minds that make it possible for the bodies to be consciously animated  in true reality have left the bodies because these bodies were in disharmony with the truth that prevails always and everywhere in high spirit. The bodies lie thus in a state that we know of as coma.

Now (returning to the idea of souls being ore) by sophisticated processes applied to natural ore we can separate the metal from the impurities. With ore, we heat up the ore so that it melts. The slack, which is a compound formed from the oxygen released by the heat and other substances taken from the ore itself and from the air, is removed and discarded. This leaves us with pure metal.

Soul can also be purified again. The method is through a human being to understand what evil truly is and what truth is. Evil is a compound, so to speak, that defiled the truth. What defiles the truth is a lie or a set of lies we refer to as deceitful propaganda about the truth which deceitful propaganda we accepted as truth.

As long as souls accept the lie as truth only "truths" in harmony with the lie will be trusted. This false truth is responsible for the deployment and suspension of the physical universe and we as creatures in it. The physical universe, of course, is in utter opposition to the truth that is true reality. Souls are blind to true reality; so, all souls experience is the physical universe which is created, so to speak, by the word of the lying god (the god of this physical universe).

If the nature of evil is purely understood by man the nature of pure good becomes available within the grasp of our minds. This process is very dear and it happens to very few souls because, as in the purification of metal, it has to be subjected to substances we refer to as experience, thought and understanding. When thought is applied to experience we become aware of the extremely abrasive nature of evil and we then understand the nature of true good. Good is the opposite of this evil. Good can be purified (mentally) by exposing everything you see as evil with the statement, "When I am again in the environment of pure truth I do not want this evil I just experienced or observed to be part of it." If you do that with all evil you experience you will distill the truth again from the useless compound called soul.

So, you separate the evil from the good and you embrace the good. As Jesus said, only the very few will be able to separate the evil from the good. All souls must discard either the evil or the good. If it would discard the good it would accept a truth in accordance with the lie it still (spiritually) holds dear. It is what Jesus referred to as separating the sheep from the goats. This is so because the majority of souls will continue to see a lot of good in the qualities of evil, such as subjecting people you conquered to slave work, torture them, and so on or capturing women to rape and torture them for your pleasure. Or telling lies to confuse and confound others so you can acquire their goods and wealth for a scratch. You, all, know what I am talking about and can probably think of millions of other ways evil can be used for your good (I mention the things Jesus said for those who know little or nothing about him). When souls purify the good, the slack floating on Good is the (fictional) evil this universe put us in contact with.

Jesus did not give us the truth, per sé, but something resembling a catalyst needed at a particular time in the distilling process in the furnace of physical reality that could start the process of refining good from evil or evil from good. Souls that react in one way to the catalyst and therefore find physical reality to be the truth for them will remain in earth through constant reincarnation in the form of animals; and those souls who reacted to the catalyst in the other way through understanding and receiving in their hearts the truth about their spiritual predicament will be refined and will return to highest good, the true god. All this in due time appointed by the spirit in Jesus!

Now, a wise man will separate the evil through the aid of the catalyst provided by the spirit in Jesus and utterly discard the evil. He will have nothing further to do with it. But this decision is a very poor one in earth because you will always be poor and downtrodden. The only way you can be rich in earth is to be selfish and self-serving – by considering your concerns of more importance than other people’s dire concerns; to be unfair and selfish in one's nature.

If you purify the evil in your heart and become very wealthy and you are utterly non-committed to the concerns of others unless, of course, you can use these concerns of others to become even wealthier you become one with the earth (a realm that is due to vanish from existence). In other words, then, your view is that we, all, have to make our own way and thus the means of attaining your success and station in life is immaterial.

Those holding in their hearts pure evil, or compounds very close to being pure evil will manifest in future lives as animals. Animals have lost the ability to ever again find or understand spiritual good – the true god. To animals the natural world is all the good there is and can be. They are happy in it and take their lot as it falls every time they reincarnate.

Animals have souls (if that is what you can call these things in animals) that originally were souls in human beings.

Spirits inhabiting animals are in hell permanently. Hell is the state of being permanently separated in spirit from the love and care of god.

Those who have separated the evil and have discarded it as a means to help themselves in earth, or who abhor evil to such an extend as to help themselves to it only when it is impossible to avert, will wake up in true reality with the most high god himself. Paradise, also, is a fictional reality because a liar could be introduced into it and lies there could be believed in.

Paradise is a school for newly created spiritual entities that must learn Good from Evil. There is no way to understand Good without first knowing what evil is all about. That is why post graduate spiritual entities in paradise are exposed to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. When partaking of this tree one enters into the realms of physical reality where nothing can be done without the aid of self-serving, struggle, strife, lies, brutality of one kind or other, and deceit – evil.

Paradise is a purely fictional environment (spiritually speaking) because in the realm of pure truth "evil" is a fictional idea also. So, religion, spiritually speaking, gets you nowhere. Religions have the wrong god and the wrong purposes for the religion. Religion, in its highest form, is a means of trying to be redeemed in spirit. The only redemption possible is a spiritual issue. We must reach a level higher than the god who has caught us all in this trap called physical reality. We must understand, as souls, our error in believing a liar and renege on the lie-believed in order to be again in harmony with the pure Spiritual truth of which we, presently, know nothing. Physical reality makes this almost impossible.

Physical reality promotes evil and hides good and where good is considered it is a good based on a lie believed. All malicious behavior possible in earth has already been included in the program as possible subroutines. Souls can choose from these as situations develop in the routines established for the particular persons finding themselves in certain situations where a choice is possible to be (by physical standards) good or evil or to judge an observation as good or evil. All good will necessarily corrupt into evil as that is they way the program works. There is nothing new under the sun!

I have always stated that there are two kinds of truth – a truth based on the original lie believed and for us that is a truth that is in harmony with our conception of physical reality and a truth that is based on the truth in which the true and good god resides.

This is the big bugaboo for rational people; they can only understand a rationality in harmony with physical reality and a spiritual realm based on a human conception of physical reality.

Jesus had no choice but to partly lead the people astray. It was part of the spiritual battle. Jesus promised the god of the universe (which god is called by various names such as Jehovah, the great Spirit, Brahman and Allah is in truth the god of the universe) not to speak ill of him because mankind considers him truly god (or evolution). This is in agreement with the spirit in Jesus because truth understood would make physical reality disappear altogether (the truth exposes lies and makes the lies vanish). Lost souls must have a place to be so physical reality is the only place to be until a soul can understand its reason for acting in a physical capacity.

Therefore as a physical man Jesus spoke in a way that led people to see him as Jehovah’s son and he was easily recognized as the Messiah the Old Testament predicted had to come; but in spite of the Christ role he accepted from Jehovah, the spirit in Jesus (not the man) was able to infuse his true spiritual message for which he entered physical reality. After 2000 years of incarnating, again and again, I got it.

Jesus did not give us the truth, per sé, but something resembling a catalyst needed at a particular time in the furnace of physical reality that could start the process of refining good from evil. Souls that react in one way to the catalyst will remain in earth in the form of animals; and those souls who react to the catalyst in the other way through understanding and receiving in their hearts the truth about their spiritual predicament will be refined and will return to highest good, the true god.

Jesus stated that if just a little yeast was added to a ball of dough it would quickly invest the whole ball of dough. Even so, the yeast I input into the knowledge of man will quickly invest all of man’s thought activity. When this yeast particle of truth has done its work in the minds of men who yearn to have this knowledge the original spirit in soul can be removed from the furnace called physical reality and be returned in its purest state possible to true reality – to be in the company of the true god (where such particles of true spirit will be assembled into a living temple of living stones to be the home for the true god).

As, presently, the human form is the home of deceived soul, so the living temple in true spirit stated above will be the true home of the true good god. All those redeemed by the truth will be one, indeed, with god!

Until the serpent said to Woman, “That is not true” about what god said about the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, it never even occurred to Adam and Woman to doubt god’s word. Upon looking at the tree Woman could see that god could have been wrong about the tree and she partook thereof.

Even so, Christians, and especially Christian ministers, who take the gospel of Jesus Christ as ultimate truth, would never even doubt that Jesus might have another, higher, message to bring than the one they could glean from Jesus' sermons and teachings. So, they are never looking for a higher truth; and ,thus, they will be led into the bushes of spiritual error.

In earth nothing can be trusted because nothing, whatsoever, contains the truth. It is therefore foolish to be so indoctrinated by one’s religion or education as not to search out other possibilities of what Jesus taught.

The same goes, of course, for Muhammad, the Muslim profit. One must search, research, listen and read; then mull over the statements understood form one’s searches and research and weigh them against what one already has been given from one’s education, whether that education is secular, scientific, religious or any combination of these. This is exactly the reason you are physically alive today. I say, when you read, listen and understand what I have to tell you your intelligence and sense of truth will make you accept that what I know is not only a higher truth but the ultimate truth – and to top this off, I received my truth from the bible and from the words of Jesus.

To give you an example of the workings of a catalyst, this article would not have been possible without a very special catalyst. I recently met someone who is my friend. He is a devout Sunni Muslim. He did not gave me one shred information to this article but the article was made possible because I know him. Without him this article could never have materialized even though he has no relation to the article at all.

Only a catalyst could make it happen. A catalyst is not the same as dedicating a book, an article or a piece of art to some one. The art would have been possible without the person to whom the art has been dedicated. The piece was dedicated because of a dear relationship and reliance on that person (maybe in a teaching capacity). This article simply bubbled to the surface of my consciousness because I know this man.   Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm                                      11-29-2011

Religiousness, in any way or manner or through any religious doctrine, is 100% proof that the person will never see god and will never be in true reality because religiousness proves that the person is totally physical and lacks the spirits of justice, honor and truth. Seeking for spiritual truth has nothing to do with religiousness but it has everything to do with the bible (King James Version)             back to top

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Article 1:     Talking About Trees   (as it is below so it is above)

Trees, bushes and shrubs blossom and bear fruit that over time ripen. A university is like a garden that has different kinds of trees, bushes and shrubs that hold fruit that ripen over time, which fruit are the minds of students in which the substance of knowledge grows and ripens and is harvested. Classrooms in the university are thus like trees and bushes in which fruits set, ripen and are harvested.

In paradise are all kinds of trees. Each tree has a purpose or otherwise the tree would not be in paradise. Therefore, it must be understood that “the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” is a classroom or medium in which fruit is supposed to set, ripen and is harvested. All the trees in paradise can be entered and communed in (to partake of its fruiting quality). One can learn a particular set of knowledge from each one. The one tree from which Adam and Woman were strongly discouraged was The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The tree seems to have no use other than to just be – Adam and Woman are strongly discouraged to partake of it; but it must seem that such a tree does not have a purpose and therefore does not have value in paradise.

We learn from the words of Jesus that if a tree has no purpose and won’t produce fruit it should be uprooted and destroyed. Our reasoning should be, then, that god walking in the garden and seeing this tree and noticing the fact that it does not bear fruit, ought to make up his mind to uproot and destroy it. But he does not do that; so, the tree has a very important purpose. It is to teach Adam and Woman to reach out and explore and research what purpose the tree might have – to produce fruit of the most high value. As far as we know it is still there.

This action, they are warned, will cause them “to die this very day” and thus not be consciously present anymore (beyond communion)  in the garden. What do university graduates eventually have to do? They go out into industry and business to practice what they learned – they go out into the working place and put their knowledge to practical use. They die away from the university and enter other realms of pursuit.

In the working place (the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) they become experts of their particular understanding as practitioners of that knowledge. The work place in paradise (the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) is a virtual realm in which they can do their work because in true reality one cannot introduce evil because true reality is good and peaceful (the only good there is in all reality – only God is good Jesus taught). So, to put to practice what soul has learned it must deal with the idea and the practice of evil. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the most gorgeous tree and hence it is placed in the center of the garden; yet one is advised to not mess with it. One must not enter into it unless one is sure that one has learned all that paradise has to offer in knowledge and understanding. We teach our children not to leave school but to go on to collegesame idea!

Since “ALL” reality is good, the universe cannot be a part of that good because god (the spirit in Jesus) taught us so. Even Jesus in physical attire (spiritual rags) said he was not good. If the universe is not good the universe is not a real environment but a fictional one – a theatrical setting in which we may practice good; and so this setting introduces evil because without trying and failing we cannot learn the final lesson: what good truly is. Without fully understanding the nature of evil (a fictional spiritual idea) the nature of true good (GOD) cannot ever be understood 

It is impossible to introduce evil in a realm of good so to get to understand evil one must do so in a virtual realm where it can be artificially introduced, suffer under and from, worked with and finally understood as a principle.

As we know now, the purpose of this tree (The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) is to allow (graduate) students to reach out and obtain the fruit of knowledge that god also has – making that tree the womb in which children of god set, are nurtured and are harvested/born (to create new sons of god) – from which word “born” is understood that new gods are manifested through the purpose designed in that tree. The tree must be understood to be the working environment in our society because the fruit of our experience arrived at through applying what we have learned in our physical environment are products and services that actually create blossoms so magnificent that the whole earth is transformed thereby. True reality is transformed through this tree in paradise to reveal its product – new sons of god.

In modern (Christian) theology The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is undervalued or even completely ignored as a medium that produces fruit of a certain kind. This is tragic. If the tree is there it must have a reason for being and a reason for being the most beautiful tree in paradise.

About feeding the mind teachers, parents and governors often instruct children to tend to their lessons and homework, like tending to a bush or shrub on which minds are cultivated to bear the fruit of knowledge. That is what god said Adam and Woman ought to do. Tend the garden (of their minds).

Even so, Paradise is a garden with trees. These trees are to be tended to in order to make fruit grow and ripen. One such tree is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which ought to be tended to only after spiritual entities graduate from all the other trees – hence the warning of god, "Do not partake of that tree (prematurely) because if you do you will certainly die (destroy all your potential of being a true son of god) -- and thus become mere working drones (non-degreed personnel or media of fabrication (such as metals and plastics) through which graduates’ ideas, dreams and purposes are attained). The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the final challenge to those who have tended all the other trees. It is the ultimate purpose of paradise/university, the spiritual working place ‒ the place of gestation and birth of new sons of god.

East of Eden is thus a place outside true reality – a virtual realm/the physical universe where our destiny is determined. This is the stage of learning from which we, either, are born as gods or die spiritually to become creatures in the animal realms/spiritual drones – spiritual fictions of beings (like persons lying in a permanent coma and dreaming some unknown-to-us reality all the time).      Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm        6 19 2011             back to top

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Article 2:     The Power and Vulnerability of Trust

I am famous for my statement “I must trust; and those whom I must trust have the duty to be trustworthy.” If you are not trustworthy I ought not to be wrong in trusting you, but you are wrong if you are deceiving me.” Telling lies and believing lies will surely be the cause of one’s reincarnation.  So, even though to trust is good, to trust will destroy you and your soul in this universe. Thus, my statement must be altered to “I must trust my own, well-considered judgment by learning to observe, analyze and make the correct judgments.” It prevents that I will be again indoctrinated to some other false scheme.

Trusting others will always hurt you because the object of physical life and physical reality is to deceive to gain something or win by the gullibility of one’s victims. So, in physical life I must be in charge of my own powers of observation and judgment. I must never be cowardly in this. I must never place my trust in anyone else’s judgment without first carefully searching out the subject matter offered for trust and the motives of the person proffering unverified information. I must only trust my own good judgment, and my judgment is sound – hence my book. But what is your responsibility towards your spouse? After taking the marriage vows, which we ought to take seriously, do we hold trust or distrust towards the spouse? I trusted; and I was deceived!

If there is no duty to trust and if there is no duty to be trustworthy there can be no reality in the relationship. Such relationships range from family members to friends, government, business relations and even to our relationship with the universe. If you are a Christian you know that Jesus said that the universe will be rolled up like a blanket (that this world and the heavens will vanish) and that a new world and a new heaven will appear. Even science tells us that the world will be swallowed up in the red star that today is our sun. How can we have trust in the earth we exist in and the heavens we see above if these will ultimately destroy us and our environment?

If there is no reality then we are dealing with a fiction. Voila! – we live in an artificial reality wherein no one has a self-imposed duty to trust and be trustworthy. True reality means that what we know is true. If that is not the case we exist in non-reality  non-reality is fiction or virtual reality. Am I right in this? What does the idea of the word "reality" mean if nothing about our existence can be trusted?

Your education (which you allow to be perpetrated on you by trust) leads to your spiritual destruction because the educated person accepts (trusts in) much more personally unverified information than those without education. Educated people tend to trust in the opinions of other educated people only. Spiritually speaking, educated people always look in the wrong places, for the purpose of the universe is to find the spiritual truth that has vanished from our memory; but educated people only look towards the physical and utterly disregard the spiritualthat is if they take their education seriously (and why would they not).

So, you will reincarnate; however, reincarnation may occur in the form of being born again a human being. God is patient. But also his patience has an end. The end is signaled by the soul proving to be unable or uncaring to find the reason of being a physical entity – it then, forever, will reincarnate in the form of some animal.

The universe is a bad place and the only good purpose of it is to be conscious and through one’s consciousness to find out why soul got lost in it and to repent from persisting in that cause and to return home to true spirit – for the prodigal son to return again to the father.

In the experience of humankind the lie seems to bring reward and to trust will bring the trusting person to loss and/or a terrible fall. This spiritual inconsistency experienced in the realm of virtual, physical reality is to teach us ultimately (before a soul is doomed to reincarnate as an animal) that remaining faithful to the original (spiritual) lie believed is evil because it will lead to one’s utter spiritual destruction. This evil will become the natural disposition of souls incarnated in the bodies of animals.

The soul’s experience as animal is the ultimate reality of the lie-believing soul. Truth has become permanently hidden from the awareness of such a soul. Such a soul has atrophied to see physical nature and the universe as the only reality possible. The realm of truth has withdrawn completely from the soul’s awareness. This is the permanent spiritual atrophy souls undergo when they refuse (while playing out their roles as humans) to understand the goodness of the true god and to rely on their own misguided understanding of spiritual issues. Such misguided understanding shows itself by worshiping the false god and in doing so it thinks it has found the solution to spiritual salvation.

The nature of spiritual and human understanding is lost forever in souls that reincarnate as animals. The gods consider this transition from human reincarnation to that of the animal reality the unconditional death of soul. Henceforth such souls are permanently separated from true spirit and incorporated permanently in the inventory of the virtual physical realm.  This is the death god spoke of to Adam in paradise. God only recognizes life in a pure soul, never in a soul in a state of a spiritual lie believed. Souls that never ever again awaken from the coma they are in are dead.

I have experienced a similar phenomenon in my own family setting. I have an ex-wife and two children from this ex-wife. This woman has, from the birth of my children, instilled a complete dependence in these children toward her and a sense of deep distrust and/or ridicule towards me. This has been the children’s constant understanding of me through on-going propaganda against me. When, finally, my ex-wife found another man to depend on she divorced me and exchanged me for the other man, whom she thereafter upheld to my children as the much better man.

Even though, I have always been a good spouse, a good father and a good and dependable provider, my wife’s indoctrinated stance of me in the minds of my children has never changed, even though I have offered my sincere friendship to them for over thirty years (in addition to the continuing love and tenderness I held for them from the times of their births).

I am unable to forgive them because forgiveness is not part of the equation.  As long as they cannot see that they have always misunderstood me because of the ongoing false mindset instilled in them by their mother, and thus were never able to see me as the person I really am, no change in attitude in them is possible. So, even if I would say “I forgive you”, nothing mentally has really occurred and no new light about me has entered in their minds and into our relationship – and I am unable to change their minds because of the corrupted impression they have of me. My words stand for nothing!

I am, irredeemably, the bad guy in my personal family. In situations like this the step father becomes the father and their true dad is not given a chance at all. I am not capable of making the truth known in their hearts; so, if they cannot see the truth for themselves they will simply have to continue to live with the lie. That is exactly how the true god feels about it. We, as spiritual beings, could have lived with the truth as we knew it in paradise but we had to believe the liar and make the one who is truth the liar. God now says, unless they can see the truth for themselves, they will simply have to remain dead in and through the consequences of the lies they believed about me.

So, my situation is the exact situation the true god finds himself in. If you can see my person in the role of father in my family as god, my ex-wife as the serpent in the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil and my children as Adam and Woman the comparison is true.

I fully trusted my ex-wife through all my years of marriage (I gave her always every cent I made and she has almost always squirreled away money into her own private account). She has never been trustworthy – always started senseless arguments with me; and, hence, the terrible family trauma extant in my family. As a consequence I am as-dead to my family and my entire family is as-dead to me. There is not even a spark of communion between them and me. No communication – no life. This situation exists between every soul involved in the physical experience and god, our true father, himself.

I have spoken to other divorced men and they agreed that this exact experience befell them in relation to their ex-wives and their children.

My children’s minds have been permanently poisoned against me, and in a very similar manner in the spiritual realms our soul-minds have been almost permanently poisoned against our true father in heaven. As long as souls reincarnate in the human form with human intelligence and understanding repentance from believing the spiritual lie is possible.

As long as my ex keeps reinforcing the lies to my children about me my children are unable to come to the truth of my real personality and character because, also, their mother’s antipathy is solidly grounded in their own awareness of me. In all their lives they have never seen and experienced me actually; all they know and recognize is what their mother imbedded in their minds. It is really scary to observe how clever and effective propaganda is in making its targets unaware of the true situation in their lives, the political situation in which they find themselves and the entire nature of their own physical sense of awareness. In the same manner the god of the universe (the serpent) through physical life keeps on reinforcing the lie on souls trapped in this soul-prison physical reality.

My boys were of the ages of 13 and 14 when my wife separated from me. Much later since then they have insisted that I ask their forgiveness for my behavior towards my ex and toward them. I cannot do that because I am innocent. Innocents don’t ask to be forgiveness.  It would admit to guilt that does not exist. So, the true god is innocent and is in the clear; and he is waiting, almost futilely, for soul to understand the dilemma it is in as I am also.

The true evil in spirit is the uttering an untruth and/or the belief in an untruth so strongly that it ejects one from the true reality where fictions of any kind cannot exist into a realm of utter nothingness – spiritual limbo as we now experience as physical reality. Outside true reality there is absolutely nothing.

The problem for you is that you cannot know when you are experiencing your last incarnation in the human form. Therefore, I say get with it. My book allows you to get in touch with the spiritual lie-believed. Once you have read the book you can make up your mind as to what is true for you. You don’t have to accept anything stated therein; but how can you evaluate this very important condition of your soul when you have no iota of what the spiritual problem is.

That is why a Christ loading himself up with the sins of the believers and then dying in their stead is a spiritual fiction as well. The sins of soul-kind are not spiritual sins. The sins Jesus bears for us are sins (breaking the laws and rules god laid down for us and on us) committed by physical beings as defined by the spiritual liar, god of the universe. The Christ did these things to free you of the anxiety of your sins committed as followers of god Jehovah. Freeing people of such terrible (false) mental burdens will give them the freedom to address the true spiritual error committed – the sin/error that was responsible for them being a part of physical reality in the first place. Physical reality is a fictitious reality. What Jesus Christ did for mankind is the first step necessary in the set of steps leading to complete spiritual rehabilitation – the undoing of the original lie believed by soul in spirit.

The cleverness of Jehovah is that he absolutely hid the existence of the true and only god – the good god.

A young man addressed Jesus as “good master” to which Jesus answered “Why do you call me good? There is no one good but my father in heaven”, which father is not Jehovah but the father who begat the spirit in Jesus in the truth of true reality.

For just about all the world “language” is used to snow-job others. The more one is educated in one or more languages the more a person has the ability and the drive to deceive others.

Fiction is only valid in its own fictional setting. Fictional characters do not walk in the real world – even so humans do not exist in the spiritual realm. Real entities cannot exist in a fiction. So, when one seems to exist in a virtual reality it is accomplished through some mind-altering device such as a lie-believed or mind-altering drug.

Physical life will have been worth living only if one can understand the truth of our situation. Our situation is spiritual; and the spiritual effect of our situation is physical life. Physical life allows our spirits a slight chance (the only chance ever possible) to realize the catastrophe of what happened to us in spirit. There is no other reason or justification for physical human life. Repeated incarnations allow us to grab this chance over and over but very few will ever discover the truth of their situation.

Even though you are among many and often thousands of people you are always utterly isolated and alone. Our spiritual interrelations were severed when we accepted a spiritual lie as the truth. As humans we relate and interrelate with others; yet we never get to know each other as we truly are because we are scared stiff to reveal ourselves truly. Human oneness is a myth and a deceit perpetrated on us by society and gender relations. Our oneness is in the true god; and when we severed our relationship with him we, Adam and Woman as integrated beings, fell, mentally, apart into trillions of pieces. All those pieces together acting together to project physical reality is the harsh, indifferent physical reality we, as such individual little spiritual pieces, find ourselves in. Physical reality is made apparent because of spiritual lies believed and cleverly redirected into a scheme of souls isolated from one another and redirected to experience physical reality as individual physical creatures.

In true reality there is no need to understand truth because one is truth in unison with god. One lives and exists there. When disharmony is established through lies believed and held as truth the one believing such fiction self-ejects itself from the unit of harmony into a state of nothingness (a spiritual coma) until the liar harvest the entity, takes personal control of it and reprograms it according to his plans.

In the true god’s case and in the case I find myself in with my ex-wife and my children, we were dispossessed of those we loved (in my case my two boys) and we were made powerless to defend ourselves due to clever lies told and believed by those whom we trusted and loved. In my case, after more than 30 years of honestly trying to relate my true beingness and intent to my children nothing at all was accomplished. The propaganda instilled in them always overrode the real-life experience they could have had of me.

That is the power of lies and lies believed by those who respect the one telling the lies. Because of these lies I never was recognized through true-life experience of what I really was to them. White is made to be black and black white - even so, spiritually, we were made to be utterly lost to our true environment by being utterly alienated from it (and so government-propaganda does to our true relationship with it also). A fictional inversion of reality prevents those properly brainwashed to ever see reality as it actually is.

The problem with my ex-wife was that she herself really never looked at me at all and never experienced whom I was because previously inbred feelings and attitudes originating within the culture inside her family and religious settings forbade her to do so. I am convinced that, in my life, these things had to be in order for me to understand what was wrong in my relationship as soul with the true god.  All is well that ends well.

However, the pain and loss caused by this ordeal with my family is infinite. I lived with my family for over 15 years and I was never known to them at all. All the love concern, effort, plans and fantasy of being part of this family are all lost; and they never even were! I have a living family out there that is utterly dead to me as you are still dead to the true god.

I write this not to become personally known to you but as one human to another as fruit for thought. We all ask why we exist in a universe where truth is hidden and all interrelations are based on distrust, suspicion and out-cunning each other. It becomes more and more clear that the great divide among spirit and people is distrust instilled through propaganda, and cunning indoctrinating systems of lies and false belief systems. It becomes obvious that we are not physical creatures but spirits playing humans because there is nothing else to do. Why is there nothing else to do? – because as spirits we believed a lie and we are utterly caught and vanquished as living entities in this lie or set of lies perpetrated on us in spirit. We are spiritually dead!

We lost existence in spirit because we believed, and still believe, in a lie and now we must find our way back to the truth through our dealing with one another in a realm where the lie reigns and truth is despised and forced in hiding. This is hard because the lie-believed so strongly seems to be the only truth for us. All religions are based on truths governed by a lie we believed in spirit. We are devoid of truth according to the true spiritual truth.

By the way, I must recommend Anne Perry’s book, “Angels in the Gloom”.  The book is a bit slow at the start but it picks up very well. She is indeed a deep thinker and you must acquaint yourself with these thoughts. It is in harmony with, and helps point out, the direction into the truth I am working on for you to find as well. One way or another read it. It is an excellent book!      Hans van Krieken\                  July 03, 2011             back to top

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Article 3:     Doing Greater things Than Jesus

It is strange but the more intensely people are educated the more they are inclined to “know” that god does not exist. This is consistent with the opposite natures of the true and false spirit of being. The problem with educated people is that they are educated to believe what they can observe through their senses or things that from a physical mental framework make sense; hence god remains hidden from their mental radar. God or gods are absolutely not present in the physical reality, even though a god is entirely responsible for the phenomena of physical reality. God is not of it but behind it. If we were not aware of certain revelations in the bible we could never really understand with our educated mentality that there, in fact, is a god – and the god we could possibly be in touch with through, for instance, most of the texts in the bible or other “holy” scriptures is the false god.

The true god is so well hidden behind the deceptions created in the minds of souls by the false god that through any kind of physical or mental understanding based on our senses true spirit cannot ever be revealed to us.

The false god allowed certain aspects of spiritual understanding in the bible to allow us to understand that this true god does exist; but Jehovah made it appear that he is that good god and that the devil (whom we associate with the serpent) is the bad one. However, he is the serpent. When we speak of the devil, one who is the liar and murderer from the beginning (as Jesus taught us)we speak of him, the false god – but who knows that?

The spirit in Jesus, you can easily discover, came to us in two very opposing roles to reestablish the false god by telling us the truth according to the lies believed and to, also, allow us to get insight to the real truth by exposing the god of the universe as being a false one.

Jesus came, on the one hand, to tell us about truths according to the set of rules dictated by the lie and, also, a glimpse of the naked truth about true reality. All the flows of Christian and Jewish faiths manifested according to the truth as understood according to the framework established by the lies believed – the lie on which physical reality is constructed. There are many truths in earth according to the lies believed. This sort of truth is the truth on which physical reality rests – to be redundant, a truth that is in harmony with the spirit of the lie.

But the spirit in Jesus’ objective was to inform us of the truth according to the original uncorrupted truth or true reality.

The reason for Jesus’ dual roles is that the spirit of truth that is the true god (true reality) is not allowed into the realm of physical reality because the spiritual truth would obliterate the universe. The true god could never agree to be part in such a deceit; so he sent his son and his son had to come in the nature of man in order to be present in the physical universe at all. He was in cahoots with the false spirit to bring us the truth because the liar was convinced that the spirit in Jesus could not be successful in revealing that the nature of the physical universe is based on a false scheme in spirit.

The false god allowed the spirit in Jesus access to physical reality because it is a virtual reality. Jesus agreed to that because until a soul understands the spiritual truth of its situation it remains locked in the universe; its only possible place to be until the truth of its condition dawns in it. The spirit in Jesus is utterly unable to obliterate physical reality because it is a virtually creation and one established because of the lies souls believed in spirit. It cannot be obliterated by true spirit for it would leave souls without a place to be  – only a soul in whom the truth of it situation dawns can obliterate the universe and, then, only for itself. Once the truth of sits condition is understood the lie is as radically obliterated as true reality was obliterated by believing a lie about it.

So, Jehovah (the false god by whatever other names he is known in earth), anticipating the coming of the spirit in Jesus, constructed a ploy where Jesus could be recognized as Jehovah’s son and as the Messiah through certain prophesies about the Messiah in the Old Testament of the bible. Those who strongly believed that the bible tells the truth and also believed in Jesus being the son of Jehovah will continue to believe in the original lie believed. I have trust in certain aspects of Jesus teaching that clearly reveal that Jehovah is the spiritual liar and thus is not the true god.

In between his role as the Jewish Messiah/Christian Christ he also revealed the existence of the true god; but his teaching on that topic was so deeply hidden behind his traditionally understood preaching that his revelations about the true god are almost completely hidden or misunderstood and are thus virtually non-existent to human recognition and understanding.

Jesus told us that very few will find that most cleverly hidden path leading to truth and that most people will follow the path of conventional understanding into perdition (perdition meaning that they will never understand the spiritual trap they have fallen into and thus will never reenter true reality). The true god is thus totally helpless in the projection and the continued suspension of physical reality. Lie-believing souls keep physical reality in tact.

(I just had the following cognition. Jesus always referred to himself as the Son of Man. He never called himself the son of god because in the flesh he was born of man and thus as a human being he was not the son of god. Herewith he contradicted Jehovah, and Christendom who said that he was born of the Holy Spirit.

He did say that his father in heaven was good – thus God. Here, Jesus did not refer to his worldly father but his father who begat him in spirit. Here, again, is proof that there are obviously two gods. One who was utterly unknown to us until Jesus revealed this god to us (John 17: 25-27) and the other god, Jehovah, whom we have known throughout most of the Old Testament – excluding chapters 2 and 3 of Genesis that deal with the true god in paradise.

I do not merit the rumors spread around about Jesus having a lover and maybe a child or two. Jesus knew the spiritual truth and would not entrap himself permanently in the virtual trap of physical reality by taking a lover and having children.)

Jesus also told us that we would do greater things than he was able to perform; because his dual role made it impossible to make the people then present understand his true purpose of entering our virtually induced reality. He referred to the ability some people will have to understand his true deeper message. These few people are not hampered by having to teach two opposing realities. I, for instance, can teach Jesus’ unalloyed truth because I do not have a contractual obligation to uphold the false reality. My message is pure while Jesus’ message was/is almost impossible to understand.

My role as the preacher of truth, of course, is severely hindered by the fact that Christendom is so well accepted by the masses and so severely denounced by the learned community in general and by the other great religions so that my message is generally dismissed wholesale as being absurd. When we speak of Jesus he is either the son of (the false) god or he is considered to be an imposter because “god” does not exist at all or his nature is known to differ dramatically from the Jewish and Christian god as understood by other religious doctrines. I can also see that those of the Muslim and Hindu faiths and other systems of supposed, spiritual enlightenment will also readily denounce my teaching because the systems into which these people have been indoctrinated will violently oppose anything that can attack their own traditional understanding. God, if he exists, is known to be good, not evil. Thus again, the false, evil god disguises himself cunningly as an angel of good and most all people fall for it every time.

If you intend to continue to resist the truth the worldly religions are valid viewpoints. Religions and mental means of enlightenment will accomplish what you desire because they all relate to the realms of the spiritual lie believed. In physical reality anything to do with propaganda, systems of lies and all manner of hardware and software will satisfy because these are based on the truths valid in a realm of spiritual lies believed - anything, including river gods and governments based on ideological propaganda systems, will satisfy some and abhor others. Wherever strife, war and hatreds reign are regions governed by systems of lies. True reality is the realm of peace - that is why the Spirit in Jesus is called King of Peace - but never worldly peace. Jesus' reign of a thousand years of peace that is to come is only a temporary peace. Even Jesus cannot make "peace on earth" last forever. Think about that! Seek the true  realm of peace.

I am trying to make you aware of what the telling and the believing of lies can do to your sense of reality. Anne Perry in her book “Bedford Square“, copyright 1999, gives us some insight to what deceits held-in-abeyance can do to the standing and integrity of prominent people in the public eye of society by blackmailing such people with long forgotten issues that were at that time honorably confronted and found to be untrue but that have, again, been brought forward into the present in a vicious blackmailing strategy that makes it seem that the prominent persons have a deep-running dishonest streak in them so that through the gossip mill such public personae will lose standing if such blackmailing materials are presented to the newspapers for printing.  The power of such black mail schemes is that innocent people accused by the blackmail scheme cannot afford such scams to even see the light of day. They are caught helplessly into the power and schemes of the blackmailer. To make it worse, and so that the blackmailer could not be clearly identified, the blackmailer made it look like he is one of the victims by sending blackmail notes to himself. This would constitute virtual blackmail because there is no real evidence to present to anyone. The power of virtual blackmail is that the reputation of the attacked person is really at stake through the widespread publication of the false material by the media and the destructive power of a following gossip mill. 

      The Serpent in paradise did exactly that to the true god – and he is still getting away with it.

I do not dare not to believe things because I am afraid that I will not believe the truth when it reveals itself to me. I must be wary because almost all information one gets is not true. Almost everybody has a preprogrammed mindset not to believe and trust. This attitude may cause such people to not recognize a deep truth when it is presented to them. There can be no greater sin/wrong than not recognizing the truth when it is revealed to you. The one thing, though, that I will always refuse to believe is supposed slander about others, even though the presented material can be the actual truth of the matter.

In the story about Jesus concerning the judgment of the married woman who was caught in the act of fornicating Jesus judged against the demands of the law of god. He pronounced the woman guilty but that her punishment could only commence with the throwing of the first stone by a man who had not sinned. God’s law clearly states that someone accused by witnesses to this particular sin must be stoned to death, regardless of the sins of those who participate in the execution. I agree with Jesus’ judgment and therefore I together with Jesus recognize that Jehovah is not the true god. Jesus stated that he always does the will of his father. In this case he did not – so, Jehovah cannot be Jesus’ true father in spirit.

The true god was never known by man because we believed a lie about him (Genesis 2 and 3 in the Old Testament of the bible), which lie has become our subconscious understanding of the supposed deceit practiced by the true god. These lies believed established for us that we could not accept him as god but merely as a vicious liar – an entity stripped of all truth and standing in truth by those who believed the lie – his very own children.

In the same way, my children have believed lies told by their mother about me and those lies have established themselves in their minds as the truth about me. My children have never truly observed me as I really was while I was with them and after I was divorced they never could see me as I am because the lies they believed about me make it impossible for them to see me as I truly was and still am. They were and are utterly blind to my personality and character because of the lies they believed about me. After about fifty years of living, my children do not know who I am. Consequently, I cannot, nor do I know my children. There has never been a communion in truth and without suspicion on their side about me.

This is the exact situation and understanding the true god wants us humans to experience so that this experience and the understanding underlying this experience can again get us to understand the true god and how he feels about us.

Jesus came to earth to acquaint us with that truth. He also was hated and placed on the cross by humans just as I was placed on the cross by my ex-wife and children. The truth about Jesus dying on the cross is not that his blood can redeem us in the eyes of the true god because redemption in the true god’s eyes must encompass the deep understanding that as souls we continue to reside in spiritual error; and thus the true god remains unknown. The truth of the matter must be encompassed by both parties for loving healing to occur. Souls caught in the illusions of reality in this universe are as yet utterly unable to understand their spiritual error in judgment. I am helping to remedy that situation for you.

God loves us but we are beyond reach of his love because of the wrong understanding we have of him. He, as a matter of fact, ceased to exist in our eyes. That is why we are dead to him as per Genesis 2 and 3 in the bible. We are so utterly dead in spirit that we cannot bring him back into our spiritual memory.

It is entirely possible that the great sorrow in every individual’s mature life is related to the sorrow that the true god has in his heart about the broken relationship with us, his children. This sorrow is there to encourage us to look beyond our own deep sorrow to that of god and thus enable us, souls, to find this true god back in spirit.

Life constantly exposes us to the exact event that led to our spiritual downfall so that we, as humans, may notice, reflect and understand what it takes to be forgiven. Without the story of Adam and Woman in Genesis 2 and 3 of the Bible and Jesus’ mission to us in earth the reunion between the true god and us, fallen souls, would remain impossible because we could not possibly realize that we are dead to the true god and what caused our spiritual death. We all still think we are well and alive and have a good god already. To those who adhere to the theory of evolution, evolution is their god. Evolution, in their minds, created the universe. Evolution is a great mind that in orderly fashion created thing in the only manner possible. Evolution is not random accident that led to today's world. Research and development did that in conjunction with very sophisticated means of producing what R & D came up with. In a sane person's mind evolution is another set of lies believed by those who ought to know better.

Forgiveness cannot be accomplished without fully understanding for what forgiveness is granted. To be forgiven without comprehending for what error exactly we are forgiven is meaningless to all parties concerned because such forgiveness cannot lead to redemption and a state of being again absorbed into the full life and experience of both parties. This is the true message of Jesus’ mission on earth – to allow a new relationship between the true god and us souls (separated from this god through a ploy of treason, deceit, betrayal and propaganda).

The god that gave us the Ten Commandments and all the other laws, regulations and ordinances must be a fake god. Spiritual relationships are based on love, wholesale, wholesome equality and understanding; not on the basis of one-up-ism and tit for tat that Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastics, etc. implies. Jehovah insists on holiness or a relationship of one-upmanship. The word “Holy” means some sort of spiritual separation – like between master and slave.

This contract between Jehovah and the spirit in Jesus before he was allowed into physical reality is necessary because presently we exist not in spiritual truth but in a Jehovah-inflicted fiction – a fiction based on the lies we have incorporated into our spiritual consciousness that translate itself into our consciousness as physical creatures. Jehovah is outside the virtual reality while physical creatures are caught inside this virtual reality called physical universe – it is, very much, a one-up relationship; and, as yet, it is all we can depend on.

Those who have been deceived can have a chance of redemption because the deceit was somehow forced on them but the deceiver cannot be redeemed (in theory). Jesus talked about that. He said that people could say bad things about Jesus because that is their interpretation of him but those who say evil of his spirit cannot ever be forgiven. Jesus was talking about the deceit perpetrated on Adam and Woman in paradise by the serpent. The serpent, with malice aforethought, deceived Woman; and Woman, in innocence of the deceit she accepted deceived Adam (Woman ought to have known better, though). Only the serpent cannot be redeemed because (he/she?) was a liar and murderer from the beginning. There is no life or love in the serpent and no goodness in him/her because the one he/she mischaracterized has no evil in him.

Unity of thought cannot ever be a reality in the physical environment because all ideas and understanding are corrupted through many differing sets of lies, deceitful propaganda and misunderstanding. Unity of thought and love can only be real in a reality of pure truth. My idea and understanding about the true god is based in truth – It is the only spiritual truth I or you can ever have in physical reality.

All my articles and my websites will disappear but this book, “THE TRUTH ABOUT REALITY" will remain. You need this book; convince yourself and own it.

If god exists in spirit (and why wouldn’t he?) then physical creatures do not exist there because if we were we would be on the same plane as he and we could converse together and in other manners communicate – like see him, feel him and have meaningful report going. We cannot. This, many say, may be due to the fact that there are no gods. The other choice is that we do not exist in true reality and thus because of a mishap we made in spirit were forced to leave or were automatically ejected from the presence of the true god and were injected into a virtual reality, a reality controlled by the false god but one he does not inhabit.

There is only one manner in which we could have been automatically ejected. That manner must be that, either, for some reason we do not agree with the reality in which god exists; or that we were made to believe that true reality contains lies that are not acceptable to us. To disagree with true reality forces us in a position of contention with true reality. True reality is a place of peace, so when one contends with that realm of existence one is automatically ejected from it. The proposition that we were indeed ejected from true reality is given to us in the Bible – to be exact, in Genesis chapters 2 and 3 – we are dead to it.

We have never before considered that the universe may be a virtual reality because our physiology is so closely connected to the revelation of the universe. We fit so comfortably into the universe that it never occurred to us to see physical reality as a spiritual fiction. This is also because, until not too long ago, a virtual reality was impossible to conceive other than in (make-believe)fairy tales. We never realized that we play our roles out in one.

Our imagined or perceived environment (reality) is shaped in its entirety by what we are told and believe from birth on up. Since we come into the world totally ignorant, what people (moms) say is extremely important to us and such proffered information stays, for the greater part of the population, with them till death. People (or animals) have no idea why we are born and why we die.

What anyone knows about physical reality and religion is based entirely (yes, “entirely”) on misconceptions/lies. What we know about another is generally based on lies (but not necessarily recognized to be lies) told us about that person or is based on a duel of wits with that other person. In fact we are and remain utterly ignorant about anything at all. Therefore, physical reality is fiction because nothing about it is based on truth.

Physical facts do not translate into truth. Facts (temporarily) harmonize with our perceptions of the environment around us; but that environment is based on longstanding misconceptions. People who see fictions as reality are considered to be insane. Jesus said of them that they are lost – blind is the better definition. In our daily living the blind are indeed leading the blind into the ditch of spiritual perdition. By blind Jesus means that in true reality where our bodies still exist we are utterly blind and dumb, comatose.

No matter where the physical sciences start in their logical approach of interpreting the physical environment one has to start with one or more fictional and unproven premises, axioms or prepositions. It is in these originally pre-established prepositions that we show our true ignorance on what concepts, and why, physical reality came into existence – and why it endures.

I say, if hydrogen, iron, oxygen, and all the other primary chemicals did not have soul that can remember the exact roles they play in the program called physical reality, the universe could not be possible. Everything in earth must have soul. All physical things associated with the physical universe have a soul-association in one way or another. For example oxygen and hydrogen know their roles and thus water is possible; carbon and oxygen know their roles so well that carbon dioxide is possible; carbon and hydrogen know their roles so exceedingly well that through the foregoing examples and many more chemical relationships biological life is possible. Nothing in the universe is not associated with intelligence. The intelligence can only be associated with material substances through soul that lies dormant in spirit.

The universe is a play like a theatrical production or like an orchestra led by the composer and conductor. Everybody connected with the production know their roles so well and the conductor leads the musicians so well that an integrated sophisticated play is produced that often is a delight to behold. It is so with the universe. These souls associated with material things must be souls that right-out cannot be redeemed – not on their own cognizance anyway. These kind of souls exist so that the soul of man can understand the knowledge of good and evil. When physical reality is rolled up and the program is stopped, these souls have a reprieve from their strict roles in upholding the props that is the universe so that souls in humans can learn their lessons and receive a pass or be demoted to being souls associated with animal existence and such.

Physical reality exists to give us, humans (as souls) a fictional place to be and interact because our innate selves caused us to be removed from intrinsic true reality. It persists as long as we (spiritually) remain is this condition of being lost from true reality. As long as we remain lost to truth we, as souls, must continue to reincarnate.

Therefore, there is no religion that will return anyone to our original state of knowing – the state before we were told lies about what we can be and become. All one really needs to do is realize that true reality can only be lost through being in discord with it. The discord was caused because we believed lies or accepted misconceptions about this true reality that could not be reconciled. Presently, as spiritual entities, people are in defiance to the truth. As soon as a soul can relinquish its state of defiance; and as Jesus said become truly humble and truly hold to this understanding I preach, he/she, physically and spiritually, can wake up from its deceived state of mind, and return into the state of truth again.

In the human form, one must understand that one's soul holds false beliefs in spirit; then soul can agree with the human mind’s viewpoint and soul will then repent, for soul is not innately evil. Soul will realize why it remains in a state of nothingness and will then repent and reawaken to true reality.

The god that truly matters to us is utterly unknown to us. He is unknown because we rejected him and utterly forgot about him and, instead, took the liar as our god. Once one is again in true communion with the true god physical reality disappears forever because it is a hoax but, I am sure, the memory of soul’s experiences in the universe will remain. This means that one will not reincarnate again.

Let me summarize: Not being a part of true spiritual reality is nothingness. The universe is not part of true reality and exists only virtually. So, we and the universe exist in nothingness – a nothingness created in soul-mind through the belief in a set of lies.

The truth is that we exist in nothingness.

I am doing my very, very best to inform the world of the natures of spirit, but the commercial world has absolutely no interest in such matters. People are foolhardy and stacked up to their ears with preconceived ideas and deeply-instilled indoctrinations. Humanity cannot be reached to save them. The term “lost souls” fits them to the teeth - they are lost in a morass of lies and deceit.      Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm            June 19, 2011             back to top

Mistranslations in the several Bibles

I wrote previously that bibles written for the different Christian denominations change the bible so that the bible will be more according to the liturgy of these denominations.

For instance even though I recommended the Catholic bible as a daily reader, it is very damagingly translated wrongly to fit its liturgy. To the Catholic liturgy Jesus is God; and probably other denominations view Jesus Christ in the same light so the same mistranslations may show up in their dedicated bible. The underlying example will keep Jesus as god of paradise but it disagrees with that fact by what Jesus said. But Jesus was right that as a man he was not perfect.

Just yesterday I read in the Catholic bible, The Good News Bible the following verses: Matthew 19: 16, 17 and 18.Once a man came to Jesus.  “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to receive eternal life?”

Why do you ask me concerning what is good?” answered Jesus “There is only One that is good. Keep the commandments if you want to enter life.”

“What commandments?”

I happened to have open the King James version as well so I looked up what it said.

“Good master what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?” And he said unto him “Why do you call me good? There is none good but one, that is, God, but if you would like to enter into life, keep the commandments.” He asked him, “which?”

Do you see the abomination? The Catholic version twisted Jesus’ words and left out entirely, the most important, sentences. “Why do you call me good? There is none good but one, that is, God.” Jesus never claimed to be good. The reason for that is, of course, that Jesus personified in the flesh. He, also, created great disturbances with his miracles, which all reinforces our sentiment that all there is is physical reality. However, he had no other way to make himself heard. You do some miracles and you get everyone’s interest perked. Flesh, of course, is in accord with the lie believed in paradise of which incident we are utterly unaware of having being guilty of in the flesh; yet Jesus ought not to be p[art of the dream we are dreaming because that makes us believe that it is OK to be of flesh. It is not! because the flesh signifies that we believed god / the spirit in Jesus to be a liar.

What I want to bring forward also is that these facts agrees completely with the result of my thesis. I know that I have it right because where-ever I compared Jesus’ sayings in the King James agrees with my thesis, it always agrees with my thesis. I have absolutely no doubt that I tell you the truth in my books.

As I wrote before the Baptist bible has many deliberate mistranslations, some affecting my thesis adversely, but when I compare my writing to the King James all suddenly agrees.


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The Establishment of Time understood

Our physical sense of time is keyed to the virtual program ‘physical reality’ playing itself off sequentially in the minds of all the comatose souls in paradise that have all ever been caught in hell simultaneously. That, really, is how close we are integrated with our personal programming of the dream Physical Reality. Because the universe / physical reality / physical awareness is a spiritual program physical time is thus playing itself off through the sequential steps of the program that plays itself off to keep rhythm of time in every grain, particle and essence, fiber and cell in the program always accounted for. These steps are an integral part of the program sequences of all the gazillion souls caught in the dream. There is no substance know that is not part of the personal program sequence in the universe.

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Article 4:       The Differences Between Human Races Count Materially and Spiritually

I write the following for your entertainment and education. Only you can make this material important or insignificant for you. However, your opinion on the truth about physical reality and life in general makes little difference in the events taking place on earth and the decisions made in spirit concerning the scheduled running of events on earth. What must happen will happen – not according to the will of man but by the will of entities in spirit.

Of course, even for the very best philosophers and writers in the world, it is extremely difficult to express precisely what one’s thoughts are. This is even more difficult for me because English is not my native language and I am far from being the best philosopher. But I am confident that my thoughts and ideas do come across well. There are always those who try to split hairs but hair-splitters never come up with a better solution or a more precisely expressed idea or thought.

One can go around the world ten times to find a better type of man than white man and you will not find a better type of man. Whatever women’s privileges in marriage and in society, they were first granted and instituted into laws by white man. Most white men seriously consider whatever their spouses want and generally do not object. Most men try to please their spouses and make them love them but they hardly ever succeed. They always tolerate women’s venom in anger, show patience beyond that of true saints; and, yet, women are hardly ever pleased with their husbands and with men in general.

Instead women want to be like men to do whatever men do much better. All they can do, though, is fail and continue to be unsatisfied and dissatisfied creatures. Spirit is now giving women their chance to do better and they will fail disastrously for all. Women’s efforts will be as disastrous as the life-shattering meteor impact into earth some 65 million years ago.

From what I observe in and around grocery stores, super stores and on the road women are in control all the way. They have veto power on what is purchased, pay the bills and keep track of the finances, are master of the house and of the kids and are behind the wheel when the car is moving. The man is tolerated as long as he does not interfere or object. Too many, too strong objections from the man and he can find himself divorced, permanently separated from his children, from the major part of the family’s investments and of his personal paycheck; and he will be in a severe depression for years to come. I can see that the married man is a chained serf and men seem to love it that way.

It is fear that drives women to be in control and fear is the wrong motivation to seek, grab and hold power and control. Women will protect, control and dictate those they love. They cannot allow anyone to harm their loved ones because they so strongly fear that they will loose what they love and hold dear. In a way it is selfish, in another way it is tragic and yet in another way it is very touching. Women just do not trust physical reality to care for their loved ones, not even the god they believe in. I feel extreme sorrow for them because no matter how much control they have they cannot safeguard their loved ones for physical reality was created to be full of drama, downfalls, insecurity and dangers of many, many kinds.

I know many women who hate their mothers with a deep, abiding hatred because their mothers could not allow any freedom to them when they were adolescents. These women as children just did not and could not understand that their mothers loved them beyond any realistic boundary. Forcing too much control over others, even over one’s own children, is just as bad as exercising too little control. I have learned to hold everything, even loved ones, loosely in my emotional and mental grasp because no matter the security one exercises over one’s loved ones the control and security measures become evil in the minds and hearts of those over whom such constant, restrictive control is exercised. One by one, beyond my control, I lost them all.

This is the reason why I fear women in control of entire countries. Their love for their country and the love of power to cover their fear of almost everything make them unreliable for positions in areas of highest power. The fear women carry every moment in their being can also become an agent to betray the confidence and trust people, family and friends have in her.

This is the reason why I fear women in control of entire countries. Their love for their country and the love of power to cover their fear of almost everything make them unreliable for positions in areas of highest power. The fear women carry every moment in their being can also become an agent to betray the confidence and trust people, family and friends have in her.

The best parameters for control and power to maintain a sane attitude toward life is to be nonchalantly connected to the areas over which power, love and control are exercised but remind the loved ones to be responsible and modest in their expectations when social situations tend to loosen and digress from the standards of acceptable elation and “fun”-making. The best way in this day and age to maintain your sanity and peace of mind is to make sure you do not get stuck with children. Government took all power and control from us; so if government insists on that let them get the children and control them. Liberty, these, is gone – we live in a culture gone wildly out of control. It is not working in any manner. We should not support it by sending more children into it.

A major problem always is that adolescent girls can so easily become loose-banded beyond any limit. Boys will be too ready to take advantage of that and after that any chance of reformation of attitude for both boys and girls are shattered forever through peer pressure and all means for parents and teachers to get tough with their adolescent charges have been taken away from them through the legal system. Loosebandedness is now the social norm for children in the school system and it is carried forward into adult society.

Society is undermined by government to never become sane and tolerant because tolerance must be enforced to make sure no one is suppressed through social pressures and forced through gang tactics to comply with such loose-banded behavior. Presently, there are no laws and enforcement programs to prevent such social pressure tactics.

In a way religion used to be the setter of normal behavior but religion has lost all its clout.

The Muslim religion has one thing straight – strict control of their female population – for social deterioration always involves the strong inputs of a certain type of women who, if allowed, will enforce their social looseness on the rest of female hood. Much of that comes through the public media such as TV, Movies and pornography pouring out of adult shops and in the hands of children. No matter how much liberty or control one exercises over women, women will never be satisfied. There is no such thing as a happy woman. Oh, we believe they are (that is the propaganda they and the media feed us), but below the social veneer they are unhappy and scheming. So, why allow them to continually undermine our social standards?

The public school system must be the biggest curse to society. In high school gangs are formed that become viciously dangerous and actually train boys and girls to become career criminals, and everything is taken several notches higher in the supposed schools of higher learning where young people are trained to rape society through clever financial schemes and other means to rip of individuals in society.

Women’s lib’s political and social advances and civil rights laws and political correctness decrees still do not make women equal to men or the human races equal to one another.

Mostly, white men are responsible for the western culture; the culture now also adapted by most of the other human races. This was accomplished through the kindness of white men who taught, trained and showed them all the ins and outs of white man’s knowledge.

Even though the foregoing is not meant to denigrate women and the several races and, even though, I appreciate very much having them all around and, even though, it is good to know the truth rather than a very twisted propaganda image we all carry around in our heads let the foregoing be the introduction to the reason for this article. We are here only after understanding the present-day spiritual, political and social survival chances that, together or individually, have a bearing in a world that is quickly winding down to total disintegration.

About 10 years ago I drew a chart of the relative composite intelligences of the human primate races and some of their lower-order relatives in the ape families. I showed the range of intelligence for each race in the form of a diamond. There is, of course, a highest and a lowest IQ in each race. The rest of the individuals’ IQ of a race is somewhat distributed and represented in the form of a diamond with the most common IQ encountered in the area of the horizontal axis of the diamond and with the extremes at the top and bottom.

I drew the chart to clearly show that our modern-day society and culture could not exist without the white race. The white race is now becoming quickly extinct because of this deliberately propagandized misconception of the races being equal. In a future, without the white race present, human society will quickly deteriorate into the morass from which white men rescued mankind. I believe that the mighty powers and weapons modern science and technology endowed to the world will be misused and abused so that another calamity in the nature of the huge meteor impact into earth will destroy life and, then, another type of cycle of life will spring forth not by chance, but always through the designs of spirit.

Now to continue in reference to my chart ­– the highest range of IQ in each race is produced by the major part of the race. The people with the highest IQ in a race do not necessarily produce children with equally high IQ as their parents. Most of the people with the highest IQ in each race were produced by people with a much lower IQ. So, the high IQ range in each race is the responsibility of the whole race.

Each race developed its own culture and as the chart shows each culture hit a wall when the ingenuity of the most intelligent members of the race could not reach beyond what they created – so each race became stagnant at some point in history and some cultures of races hardly ever got of the ground at all. Neither did the cultures of the lower primate families such as the orangutan (meaning “man of the forest” in Malay) or the gorilla and chimpanzee. Yet, these three ape races have been trained to learn an alphabet and computer strikes that correspond with that alphabet; and to quite successfully make their thoughts plain through sign language and computer communications.

See, these apes are trained to a for-apes-in-general, impossible level. This also happened to many of the races that came in contact with the white race. That does not make the other races equal to the white race just as monkeys receiving intense training do not become, genetically, ethically and culturally equal to the human races.

I have since received more insight but, generally, this chart shows how the white race compares to the other primate races. Also, an interracial breed of two human races may have a somewhat lower IQ from what the individual’s IQ would have been if he/she was fully part of the race with the higher IQ and may have a somewhat higher IQ than would be possible if he/she fully belonged to the race with the range of the lower IQ. Generally, this assumption is correct.

The chart is shown below and it has some additional supporting comparisons and gradations between the races. The chart correctly assumes that evolution is not the driving force in the creation of the races but that natural selection in some cases can occur where through local circumstances, dangers and situations a special variety develops because of these circumstances. For example, during the industrial revolution in England a particular variety of moth could have a more whitish or a more blackish coloring to it. The more whitish group quickly disappeared as predators noticed the whitish insects, and caught and consumed them leaving the blackish group to procreate and enlarge because their darker coloration camouflaged them in a landscape where most all flora and buildings had received a good coating of suit. Racial deviants were not the cause; and evolution was not a factor in the disappearance of the whitish moth.

I also have another example that is relative to the disappearance of the dinosaurs and the introduction of the mammals. It is said by scientists that an enormous meteor hit earth some 63 million years ago that caused a rather long period of extreme heat followed by an even longer period of extreme cold and darkness. These times of heat and cold, it is said, are the cause of the instant extinction of the dinosaurs and the cause of the ascendance of the mammal species. I find that very doubtful.

If the dinosaurs became extinct, then, all life forms would have become extinct at that time. No creature can withstand long periods of extreme heat and it is even clearer that whatever survived the period of heat would be very much weakened. If anything survived at all, it would not be able to also withstand the total darkness and extreme cold. All sources of food would have died and would have thoroughly rotten. No food – no life!

The reason is that whatever survived the heat cannot also survive periods of extreme cold and extreme darkness. No surface flora can exist for long without having sufficient rations of sunlight to metabolize nutrients into fibers and other tissue needed for health and reproduction (one of the major factors for life in general is a healthy flora). Couple this with a simultaneous, enduring period of extreme cold and a most severe nutrient shortage whatever was able to survive so far would have died during this period. So, if the whole earth was affected by these periods of heat, cold and darkness no life whatever could have survived.

Now, if life on earth miraculously sprang forth again into bloom through the evolutionary process would it not be reasonable to assume that whatever was able to evolve before the meteor impact would develop again because the conditions for life and the nature of life that was so successful before the world-wide calamity did not change? Would not the same kinds of flora and fauna develop as before; and along an identical process of development – and would not the dinosaurs and the full reptilian specie-spectrum roam this world again?

Did not all forms of life in the previous period develop all kinds of defenses against attack by predators such as being able to escape by diving deep into the water and remaining there long enough for the danger to pass as turtles do, or could creatures not change the coloring of the skin as chameleons do to better camouflage their presence from predators, or be able to outrun predators long enough to place another beast between itself and the predator and so divert its own pursuit into the pursuit by the predator of that other creature; or to exude no scents or odor as fawns do and so can successfully hide in the bushes? Skunks exude a most disagreeable odor as protection; I am sure so did several forms of dinosaurs and whatever other kinds of creatures that roamed the earth in that period.

Why did the previous successful forms of life, not predominantly, reappear? Was not the reptilian age a full and blooming Eco-system? Science fails to affirm its own tenets. Life did not, originally, appear miraculously through willy-nilly evolutionary hit and miss chances and neither did life reappear in that manner after the meteor hit. The appearance of the universe and life on earth were scheduled events; and so was the reappearance of life after the utterly devastating meteor-calamity. After the meteor impact life reappeared. This time it included also the mammalian species on earth.

Mammals cannot just appear from nothing and neither can reptiles, insects and plants. If life forms previous to the calamity reappeared their seed and fertilized eggs must have survived. Dinosaurs and other reptiles lay eggs and, when buried deeply enough or favorably enough, could have survived the calamities the meteor impact presented. Mammals do not lay eggs and need life mothers and fathers to procreate so mammals would not have a chance to survive. But then, earth would have been repopulated with the same sort of life as before the calamity. Obviously nothing like that happened.

The Galapagos Islands are volcanic and life appeared on these islands through migration of seeds and species. These species differentiated according to the possibilities available in the individuals of the species that migrated. So special differentiating produced peculiar varieties of races and such. No new life originated at all, just differentiated specialized groups of family clans whose genes were already inherent in the master species to which they belonged according to the possibilities and limitations of the genes of the creatures present. Inbreeding must have been at play to create the differentiations.

So, the human races, the most elaborate and complex species on earth, were scheduled to come and scheduled exactly as the races appear today – entirely new in gene structure and intelligence. Things that were never produced before in any way! The difference of the several human races was planned and has specific spiritual significance. The mixing of the white race's genes into the other races’ that is encouraged and enthusiastically practiced on a grand scale today, is also, spiritually speaking, a scheduled event. The disappearance of the white race in the near future will be the catastrophe that will announce the end of this cycle (generation) of life on earth.

So, be clear on one thing: if the white race disappears through its genes being drowned into those of the other races, humanity in general will be hit by an enormous shock – a shock it very possibly will not be able to endure and overcome. It will be the end of an era as foretold by the prophets of old.

The reptilian age did not have the means to destroy itself so a meteor impact had to do it but the human age has culminated with the power and the means to get it accomplished; and these will be used to clean the slate. Unwise cockiness must come to a fall.

Be wise, consider these things and fear the future your offspring must inherit.

 September 24, 2011

 chart of differences in intelligence between human races

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Article 5:     This Article Is about You and about Gods, Society, Religion and Physical Reality

Guess what.  You are wrong; whatever you insist is the viewpoint on which you stand.

Find out why!

I am just so sorry that you cannot trust. I am so sorry for the demise that awaits you and that you cannot escape without having trust in me.

You believe you know it all, but no matter the width and breath of your education and experiences you know squat. You were brainwashed way before you were born and as soon as you were born you were indoctrinated and continue to be indoctrinated into being tuned to solely accept physical life and reality. Our senses are the guarantee of that.

In your youth you are again subject to intense institutional secular and religious brainwashing that will ground you into physical reality as the only one that matters. For example, I have never seen anyone trained in the disciplines of “higher learning” who does not show severe signs of brainwashing – the trap that will suck soul again into reincarnating upon death. Academia (groups of learned experts) of any kind cannot help you. Soul needs help. Even the gods cannot give you that help because the true god was betrayed by the other god; and that other, false god does whatever he can to keep you ignorant and caught.

Only my writings can help you decide correctly. Your redemption (your return to the state from which you originally came) depends on an unworldly viewpoint. Soul must understand; but soul cannot understand its predicament unless the human being realizes what has happened to it (soul cannot possibly remember what has happened to it or why but through our human understanding soul may get the truth nonetheless).

There is nothing of spiritual importance that schools can teach you that will help you escape the spiritual cycle into which you are locked. Your only hope lies in trusting me enough to read what I have written. Believing too strongly in anything physical will keep you trapped.

Without trust you are on the wrecking heap. There is no hope of redemption; redemption is the purpose for which you entered this realm of spiritual fiction – physical reality. For many, many millennia you as soul (and I as soul) have reincarnated not knowing what else to do as there is no other choice available until you understand the reason that bars you from regaining consciousness in true reality – to be again one with the true god and true reality.

Not trusting me and not finding out what I have to say may be the only cause of your permanent spiritual demise. My writings are extremely vulnerable to destruction or to being waylaid forever. Thirst for my writings truly is the door to true life.

To choose not to read my material is overwhelming proof of your state of brainwashing because brainwashed people always choose (are forced) to follow the indoctrination they have been subjected to all their lives, or have adopted seriously as their view on reality as adults and such people adamantly reject conflicting information or ideas. A brainwashed person has no choice because its mind is captured and stowed away from accepting truth.  My truth is the truth that undeniably will set you free from your state of spiritual and material brainwashing. And yet, even with reading and trusting me it will be the toughest decision you will ever make. Humankind is so comfortable in its false beliefs. The spiritual lie, after all, is the supreme universal truth.

People do trust to believe a lie rather than the truth – fiction over reality. The reason? Fear of the unknown! Soul before its fall was fearless because soul did not know the meaning of danger. Fragile people, however, concentrate on the dangers present in every situation.  They have and hold to religious beliefs because they fear another unknown – what happens to them after death. That is the only reason for religion!

However, human birth, life and death are related to what happened to soul in spirit. Reincarnation happens continually so that eventually we may realize what happened to soul in spirit. Until we understand what happened to us in spirit religion and other systems of "enlightenment" continue to take the place of the truth.

Academians (the highly educated) rule the states and the world. Academians receive status and privilege to practice their crafts by the laws of states. Their practice depends on their academic degrees – so whatever can denigrate their high learning is shunned, ridiculed and strongly controlled. If spiritual knowledge interferes with making a good living for the Academians they will shun and ridicule it – thus they remain dumb and lost. It is a matter of the blind leading the blind! So, the truth remains hidden! This sort of control is part of the overall brainwashing systems in place everywhere on earth. It is virtually impossible to escape being utterly brainwashed as earthlings. It happened to me just by being alive and part of society.

Secularly educated people hold that humanism based on the premises of random evolution (and its inevitable conclusion that progress ruled by experience and material thought is the great means to earthly bliss). Those educated/brainwashed in any of the religious systems are absolutely sure that their religiously dictated means of redemption will free them of the bonds of human existence into a state of spiritual bliss.

This is so whether one talks about the physical sciences, sacred religious documents, law, etc. But when push comes to shove the laws of man are indeed more important than the laws of god because man’s law is enforced presently while god’s law is enforced who-knows-when. Control of the human-made laws guarantees the money-makers that their status of material prestige and power remain intact – and in the material world money always wins out. Spiritually, of course, it means one’s utter destruction because no change of mind and outlook replaces the drive to material wealth, power and status.

No human endeavor or pattern of thought, or practice based on physical education or religion can lead to spiritual redemption because spiritual redemption is a path so well hidden (by spiritual lies believed) that no soul, so far, has been able to find that path. The reason for this is that no human being can believe (even if it could believe there is a god) that the de-facto/default god would have lied to us and betrayed us. So, the truth tends to remain hidden from human thought and experience.

I once wrote an article that brought to the fore that even if biological advancement depended solely on evolution of species and races such evolution is the outcome of carefully executed spiritual plans. Carl Sandburg once said that humans are earth-changers but he as a humanist contradicted himself for without their sacred creed of evolution man would never even have existed. To his creed evolution is the great changer, not man.

For instance, the massive meteor that plowed into earth some 65 millions years ago that abruptly ended the dinosaur age was planned. The world, so to speak, was rolled up and the slate of most reptilian biological life on earth was wiped clean to provide for the coming of human bodies – the kind of bodies needed to give soul means of thoughtful options to find the truth of its predicament (which truth was hidden from us by a spiritual lie) that will return soul back to the realm where it truly belongs. Unfortunately such thought could only evolve after humans could understand the width, depths and scope of material physical nature and the ability to create virtual realms of action – yet you are lost depending solely on academic learning and expertise. Let me give an example

The world is like a slate. You can write anything on a slate you want and you can erase whatever is on it. You can do this forever. The world is full of creatures and shapes, expressed ideas, thoughts and belief systems; shapes like the Grand Canyon, thoughts as expressed by Plato, belief systems such as Hindu, Islam and Christianity and democracy and shapes in the form and make-up of creatures like people.

All of it is erased every so often in order to allow new creatures to inhabit the world and allow new shapes, thoughts, ideas, belief systems, etc. to be formed. The existing things on earth die away or are erased by time but new babes, shapes and ideas form; and then these die away and are erased by time as well. It happens forever; or as long as earth lasts. A slate is a medium of virtual reality. So is the world! Everything in earth is temporary.

So, your next step is to trust me! It is the next step in your evolvement.

The depth of spiritual and physical deceit to which you have been exposed is extremely intricate, deep, refined and cunning because it is the only means to teach you as soul the entire scope and depth of good and evil – the good being impossible to understand without the full scope of experience and understanding of deceit, cruelty and self-concern that express the idea of evil.

The entire spectrum of evil can only be allowed to be experienced in a fictional setting – that is why souls must play the game of physical life in this, spiritually speaking, virtual setting of the physical universe. The program was instituted to create sons of god – fully equal to god if you, as soul, can pass.

There may be godly heavens for souls as defined by the many religions and mental cults of enlightenment but these heavens and nirvanas are surrogates of the real McCoy. These heavens are only other forms of deceit, seduction and helplessness in which to get and remain caught. The setting of physical reality is the only spiritual graduate program available that you must be subjected to and must complete through understanding to have the door to union with the true god opened to you.

For example, Jesus said “The truth will set you free.” Indeed, it does! That was the total extent of his real message – not that your sins will be heaped on his body while he is suffering and dying on the cross through which misery you are forgiven and saved. There may be heavens to which you can be saved but those sort of heavens are still part of the spirit of the lie (sin is an expression of the god of the lie for disobeying him here on earth that will cause physical death – such forgiveness is an entirely different matter than a system of lies we believed while still conscious in our paradisiacal-forms). Only understanding and acting on the truth of your soul’s present condition and repenting form that decision in true reality will set you as soul free because by doing so communion with the true god can resume at a much deeper level.

Only the truth of how you got to your spiritually fallen state and repenting of the error that led to your fall will set you free from the bondage of this virtual realm called physical universe. As you are set free you must, of consequence, again become conscious of the true reality – the one in which the true god exists, beyond the reaches and powers of the false spirit in which you are now caught. At any time you can only be conscious of one system of reality – either the false one or the true one.

Make up your mind on what you, in the very end, want to be, an animal in a fictional setting or a son of god in utter true reality. It is not evolution or god who decides that, the decision is all yours! 

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Article 6:       Love Is a Game of Conquest and Surrender.    It’s all in the head – a fantasy

Love is a game of conquest and surrender rolled in one. Love is a sign of insecurity, dependency and conquest to satisfy one’s insecure appraisal of worth. Trust in relationships is of enormous importance. Trust is almost always betrayed so we are at best trusting in a distrusting mode of being. This causes the great insecurity in people who believe that they might be taken for a cheap ride. Love does not really exist. It is a fiction of the mind because no one has the ability to know anyone else. We all stand alone, utterly isolated and apart. Our emotional, financial and daily world of living can be upturned any time. When we feel good and all seems well that is the time when disaster strikes.

Our dependence on love from another entity is a propaganda ploy physical reality plays on us and every one of us plays a part in the ploy by which we are all deceived. Physical existence is hell, but we all deceive ourselves and those around us that all is well. We smile through our terrors, fears and tears to let other people know that we are OK. It is the worst lie we can tell each other and ourselves – but really, what other choice do we have?

Religions, without fail, tell us that god loves us but it is god that forces us into this hell in a state of utter ignorance; and he refuses to set us free until we understand and get into communion with and understand the lie we believe in spirit. Souls depending on lies in spirit are in a fictional state of being. Physical existence is a state of spiritual make-belief because anything not of spirit is fiction.

No matter how honestly you present yourself in behavior, actions and thought, the other party is at least 90% tuned out to you and creates its own fictional understanding of you. Every relationship, whether personal, professional or in one’s interactions with government, no one will ever know you. Everyone has made-up rules and procedures by which to live and interpret one’s surroundings and place in the rat race. The feelings of love and the interpretations you have of your loved ones are way-off and fictional. If we live in our own created fictions and in a society based on innumerable fictional rules there can be no dependable reality out there. We all exist in a virtual reality in which all parameters on which one must depend churn about chaotically; so that one truly remains ungrounded in life, in one’s expectations and in one’s reality.

We live in the midst of a universe of ignorance. In any direction we care to look we end up in mystery. We cannot penetrate trillions of light years in distance, we cannot penetrate time in the past or the future. We do not know where we came from as particles of consciousness. we do not know where we are going when consciousness seems to stopin death. We do not know beans about other people and too little of our closest loved ones and friends. society is riddled with lies propaganda. We do not know what will or can happen in the next 10 seconds. Creatures are insecure beings but it becomes worse when the ones we must count on the most, spouses, family and (what we believe to be) dear friends betray us.

It is all so scary that people are willing to be deceived over and over again in a relation of love and sex just to avoid the hidden knowledge that there is no one but you who cares about you. Everybody is always looking to find an even more “green pasture”.

We must find our own separate way and the insecurity this brings demands of us that we find friends and a lover (or 2). Love is all in the head. Everybody is utterly isolated in the mind. We can only know what we are told and what we see; but 90% of all that is subject to deceit and hidden motives. We love and play to pass the time because that is all we are really doing: waiting to die.

I have experienced and observed it in others. Love and understanding, and especially the feelings and urgings of responsibility over a child, a family and meeting financial demands to make relationships continue are so fragile and sensitive that communication and feelings of mutual love can turn into anger and hate in an instant. Even in a love affair money and outside philanderers are great seducers to end one relationship and start another.

Supposed love is always under attack by outsiders who want to exploit an encounter or deviously try to destroy an existing relationship. Nothing in this world is holy or sacred. Nothing is immune from attack, betrayal, destruction or sell-out. Individuals are helpless because there is no sure knowledge available on just about anything. All we know is that we “are” when we are alive in the body and we are not when we are dead or unborn.

I have another intuitive proof that the universe is a virtual realm. Before you are born and after you die the universe does not exist for you. The universe comes into existence as soon as you are born and it vanishes as soon as you die. The universe is in the mind; and as long as the mind functions you are plugged into the on-going spiritual program we call physical existence and it then seems as reality to you. It only exists for beings that have accepted or adopted a term of physical existence. In spirit it is merely an interactive program stored on a hard drive (so to speak). Your soul activates the program by accepting birth into the program. The program closes for you when you die. Again, after death physical existence is merely a dreamlike memory if it is a memory at all. Your physical brain that activates your mind and body is gone – destroyed and so is all you used to know about physical existence and about yourself. 

Relationships are a means in the program that make physical existence seem real. The program is keyed to physical interrelationships whether these are of a spatial, human or animal nature or a mixture of these. I admit that I am a prisoner of love as well because I, also, am human and seem to be happily married for three decades. Oh well, it passes the time!

Solomon stated, “Everything you do is useless; so all you can do is to serve god.” He does not know that the god we honor, obey and pray to is a deceiver. Solomon did not say love god because how can you love something as a human being that is not of a physical nature. Trying to love god is a useless thing to do, but trying to understand spirit and why we have fallen from reality is a very worthwhile course of action.

The true god cannot commune with us because what he communes is truth and physical creatures’ entire makeup is to shun truth because it is incomprehensible and utterly taboo to them. We cannot know god because he and we exist in matrixes defining different sets of reality - thus we cannot love this true god. All we can know (not love) is the false god.

Of course, the same is true of the person you have a relationship with. If you could know all about that person, it would still all be hogwash. That person is only a figment of the imagination of a soul lying in a coma in spirit. All you are doing is interrelating to the dreams this soul in a coma is forced to project in this physical environment. Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm     6-2-1             back to top


Time magazine stated that economists have determined that the modern American consumer makes stupid purchasing errors.

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Article 7:     The detection of force is proof of a system of virtual reality in operation

Whenever and wherever even the slightest indication of force is used against anyone or random forces are at work a virtual reality is in operation. The god of the universe (however you imagine him) enforces a virtual reality upon us. The world is a part of a greater virtual reality because forces of many kinds are constantly in operation in the universe. In fact, the universe is held together through many forces acting in balance and/or imbalance.

Government operations are proof that a virtual reality is in operation. All relationships are based on forces in operation whether they are balanced or imbalanced. Any relationship in the universe is proof that the relating entities are part of a greater virtual reality.

The United Nations is proof of a virtual reality within a greater system of virtual reality at work. Our own bodies exist because of many forces that keep our biological machinery in operation; and many forces such as bacteria, viruses, and non-designated outside forces work on the biological entity to make it sick, cause bruises, or may cause bones to break.

True reality, a level above paradise, is based on peace and in true reality no forces of any kind can disturb the peace. Only when one is opposed to the peace in paradise can action takes place – the action is the coma such an entity assumes as soon as it is even mentally in opposition to the peace extant. The entity's curiosity is satisfied in the setting of a virtual reality where good can be fully understood only through practicing and experiencing all the aspects of evil.

Cunning deceit, malice afore-thought, malignant surprise, etc. are not present or practiced in true reality. Those residing in true reality know all about such things (as they were made aware of evil while acting out all possible manifestations of evil in the virtual reality of earth). They have overcome evil and stay away from it.

A coma is a state of peace where the mind can go bonkers imagining forces acting to produce intrigue, fear, tragedy, death, destruction of the greatest magnitude, etc. Imagined forces are the only forces possible but such forces are all imagined and cannot endanger the peace of true reality. So, physical forces and deceit are all spiritually imagined because of a trap perpetrated on them in paradise.

A virtual realm is nothingness in true reality because it is the imagination of a powerless, comatose entity. In its comatose state it is not present mentally in true reality – what remains present in true reality is the as-dead body.       

Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm               June 22, 2011


Article 8:     The Extinction of the White Race

I write the following for your entertainment and education. Only you can make this material important or insignificant for you. However, your opinion on the truth about physical reality and life in general makes little difference in the events taking place on earth and the decisions made in spirit concerning the scheduled running of events on earth. What must happen will happen – not according to the will of man but by the will of entities in spirit.

Of course, even for the very best philosophers and writers in the world, it is extremely difficult to express precisely what one’s thoughts are. This is even more difficult for me because English is not my native language and I am far from being the best philosopher. But I am confident that my thoughts and ideas do come across well. There are always those who try to split hairs but hair-splitters never come up with a better solution or a more precisely expressed idea or thought. That is mostly because they never have a truly original idea of their own.

One can go around the world ten times to find a better type of man than white man and you will not find a better type of man. Whatever women’s privileges in marriage and in society, they were first granted and instituted into laws by white man. Most white men seriously consider whatever their spouses want. Men always try to please their spouses and make them love them but they hardly ever succeed. They always tolerate women’s venom in anger, show patience beyond that of true saints; and, yet, women are hardly ever pleased with their husbands and with men in general. Instead women want to be like men to do whatever men do much better. All they can do, though, is fail and continue to be unsatisfied and dissatisfied creatures. Spirit is now giving women their chance to do better and they will fail disastrously for all. Women’s efforts will be more disastrous than the life-shattering meteor impact into earth some 65 million years ago.

Mostly, white men are responsible for the western culture; the culture now also adapted by most of the other human races. This was accomplished through the kindness of white men who taught, trained and showed them all the ins and outs of white man’s knowledge. Now it is suddenly announced that all races are one and equal while this is absolutely not the case.

About 10 years ago I drew a chart of the human primate races and some of their lower-order relatives in the ape families. I showed the range of intelligence quota for each race in the form of a diamond. There is, of course, a highest and a lowest IQ in each race. The rest of the individuals’ IQ is somewhat distributed and represented in the form of a diamond with the most common IQ encountered in the area of the horizontal axis of the diamond.

I drew the chart to clearly show that our modern-day society and culture could not exist without the white race. The white race is now becoming quickly extinct because of this deliberately propagandized misconception of the races being equal. In a future without the white race present human society will quickly deteriorate into the morass from which white men rescued mankind. I believe that the mighty powers and weapons modern science and technology endowed the world will be misused and abused so that another huge meteor-type calamity will destroy life and another type of ecology will spring forth not by chance, but always and always through the designs of spirit.

Now to continue in reference to my chart ­– the highest range of IQ in each race is produced by the major part of the race. The people with the highest IQ in a race do not necessarily produce children with equally high IQ as their parents. Most of the people with the highest IQ in each race were produced by people with a much lower IQ. So, the high IQ range in each race is the responsibility of the whole race. Each race developed its own culture and as the chart shows each culture hit a wall when the iniquity of the most intelligent could not reach beyond what they created – so each race became stagnant at some point in history and some cultures of a races hardly ever got of the ground at all. Neither did the cultures of the lower primate families such as the orang utan (meaning “man of the forest” in Malay) or the gorilla and chimpanzee. Yet these three ape races mentioned above have been trained by white people to learn an alphabet and computer strikes that correspond with that alphabet; and to quite successfully make their thought plain through sign language, and computer communications.

See these apes are raised to a for-them culturally impossible level through training by humans. This also happened to many of the races that came in contact with the white race. That does not make the other races equal to the white race just as through receiving intense training monkeys do not become, genetically, ethically and culturally equal to the human races.

I have since received more insight but, generally, this chart shows how the white race compares to the other primate races. Also, an interracial breed of two races may have a somewhat lower IQ from what the individual’s IQ would have been if he/she was fully part of the race with the higher IQ and a somewhat higher IQ than would be possible if he fully belonged to the race with the range of the lower IQ. This, of course, is not always the case but, generally, this assumption is correct.

The chart is shown below and it has some additional supporting comparisons and gradations between the races.

The chart correctly assumes that evolution is not the driving force in the creation of the races but that natural selection in some cases can occur where through local circumstances, dangers and situations a special variety develops because of these circumstances. It was shown during the industrial revolution in England that a particular variety of moth could have a more whitish or a more blackish coloring to it. The more whitish group quickly disappeared as predators noticed the whitish insects, and caught and consumed them leaving the blackish group to procreate and enlarge because of their agreeable disguise in a landscape where most all flora and buildings had received a good coating of suit that concealed the blackish group of moths. Racial deviants were not the cause; and evolution was only antecedent to the disappearance of the whitish moth.

I also have another example that is relative to the disappearance of the dinosaurs and the introduction of the mammals. It is said by scientists that an enormous meteor hit earth some 65 million years ago that caused a rather long period of extreme heat followed by an even longer period of extreme cold and darkness. These times of heat and cold, it is said, are the cause of the instant extinction of the dinosaurs and the cause of the ascendance of the mammal species. I find that very doubtful.

If the dinosaurs became extinct, then, all life forms would have become extinct at that time. No creature can withstand long periods of extreme heat and it is even clearer that whatever survived the period of heat would be very much weakened. If anything survived at all, it would not be able to also withstand the total darkness and extreme cold. All sources of food would have died and would have thoroughly rotten. No food – no life!

The reason is that whatever survived the heat cannot also survive periods of extreme cold and extreme darkness. No surface flora can exist for long without having sufficient rations of sunlight to metabolize nutrients into fibers and other tissue needed for health and reproduction. Couple this with a simultaneous, enduring period of extreme cold and an most severe nutrient shortage whatever was able to survive so far would have died during this period. So, if the whole earth was affected by these periods of heat, cold and darkness no life whatever could have survived.

Now, if life on earth miraculously sprang forth again into bloom through the evolutionary process would it not be reasonable to assume that whatever was able to evolve before the meteor impact would develop again because the conditions for life and the nature of life that was so successful before the world-wide calamity did not change. Would not the same kinds of flora and fauna develop as before; and along an identical process of development – and would not the dinosaurs and the full reptilian specie-spectrum roam this world again?

Did not all forms of life in the previous period develop all kinds of defenses against attack by predators such as being able to escape by diving deep into the water and remaining there long enough for the danger to pass as turtles do, or could creatures not change the coloring of the skin as chameleons do to better camouflage their presence from predators; or be able to outrun predators long enough to place another beast between itself and the predator and so divert its own pursuit into the pursuit by the predator of that other creature; or to exude no scents or odor as fawns do and so can successfully hide in the bushes.

Why did the previous successful forms of life, not predominantly, reappear?  Was not the reptilian age a full and blooming eco-system? Science fails to affirm its own tenets. Life did not, originally, appear miraculously through willy-nilly evolutionary hit and miss chances and neither did life reappear in that manner after the meteor hit. The appearance of the universe and life on earth were scheduled events; and so was the reappearance of life, this time including also the mammalian species on earth, after the meteor impact.

Mammals cannot just appear from nothing and neither can reptiles, insects and plants. Their seed and fertilized eggs must survive for life to resume. Dinosaurs and other reptiles lay eggs and, when buried deeply enough or favorably enough, could have survived the calamities the meteor impact presented. But then, earth would have been repopulated with the same sort of life as before the calamity. Obviously nothing like that happened.

The Galapagos Islands are volcanic and life appeared on these islands through migration of seeds and species. These species differentiated according to the possibilities available in the individuals of the species that migrated. So special differentiating produced peculiar varieties of races and such. No new life originated at all, just differentiated specialized groups of family clans whose genes were already inherent in the master species to which they belonged according to the possibilities and limitations of the genes of the creatures present.

So, the human races, the most elaborate and complex species on earth, were scheduled to come and scheduled exactly as the races appear today – entirely new in gene structure and intelligence. Things that were never produced before in any way! The difference of the several human races was planned and has specific spiritual significance. The mixing of the white race into the other races willy-nilly, on a grand scale, is a, spiritually speaking, scheduled event and the disappearance of the white race will be the catastrophe that will announce the end of this cycle of life on earth.

So, be clear on one thing: if the white race disappears through its genes drowning into those of the other races, humanity in general will be hit by an enormous shock – a shock it very well will not be able to endure and overcome. It will be the end of an era as foretold by the prophets of old.

Be wise, consider these things and fear the future your offspring must inherit.   Hans van Krieken\     7-2011


Many truths based on a spiritual hoax

Since I published my book, "The Truth About Reality -- Beyond God And Religion" the web, when I checked it on 12-24-2011, suddenly shows a lot of activity under this title. They all have something to say but the truth of physical reality (on which all their knowledge rests whether of a physical or spiritual nature). Their problem is that they base their findings on what is available in physical reality. Their findings and their truths are based on a reality derived from a spiritual lie believed (something of a dream-state). They have truths (if they even tell about the factual findings based on truly correct physical evidence) based on a system of evidence that originated after souls believed a lie about the true spiritual reality. Spiritual fiction, which is the physical reality, is a non-entity in spirit. Physical reality is unrelated to true spirit. So, their truths about reality is a spiritual hoax.   Hans van Krieken (12-24-2011)

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Article 9:     How I Overcame the Grief of Losing My Ex-wife and Children

From the moment I discovered that my wife had abandoned me I suffered, and suffered and existed with a choke in my throat from the moment I awakened to the moment I fell asleep – day in and day out for many years. A year later I was fired after being with the company for 13 years. I also lost my children but what completely devastated me was the loss of my wife.

I finally decided to find out why I felt so attached to my ex-wife, and if it was all worth it. I decided to look at every detail of the woman that I seemed to adore and every situation I had found myself in with her. As I picked out one essence I looked and looked and found that what I felt about that essence of her was all wrong and based on wrong or concocted impressions. I took one essence after another and after a long time there was nothing left anymore I could feel good about.

I took the woman apart mentally piece by piece and found there was nothing to grief or mourn about. I discovered that not one feeling or thought about the woman was based on true facts. All my feelings about her were fabrications of my own misguided emotions, expectations, accepted routines and efforts to make her happy. There was nothing in my mind about her that fit the facts. My ideas of her were self-fabricated – albeit my efforts to make our marriage work were genuine. It is what set me free to look the world in the eye and start a new life for myself.

Not long thereafter I met a young lady and we clicked and clicked and we decided almost immediately to move in together. Four years later we decided to marry because my aunt told me that you cannot take advantage of a young, single woman forever.

And sure enough, not long thereafter my girlfriend kind of placed me for a choice; take me she said or let’s break up but I cannot hang around forever not knowing whether our relationship will ever bear fruit in marriage. So, if you do not want to marry me you are free, in fact, I demand that you move out and leave me alone.

So, I said I would marry her and from there she took over and set a date when and where to do so. I have never regretted the decision to marry her. We are still very good friends, in spite of the fact that men and women are not really a good match to man the ship of marriage for too long without serious mishaps.

We found that as long as we could be the best of friends marriage will always be the basis of a good relationship. That is how it turned out for us. We don’t spend too much time arguing. The issues that seem important to man and woman are different and cannot be solved, so we do the things together that we both enjoy. She does things she must do without me and I am happy staying home. Nothing is important enough for me to start an argument and she will always say what is important to her. Nothing to do about that! Believe me; women train their men, they themselves cannot be trained by us – it’s impossible.

I never forget to complement her but compliments from women to men are scarce. In marriage a man never starts a fight. It is the woman’s role to start fights because they are so much more high strung, unreasonable and stiff-necked than men; and its the man’s role to evaluate her demands and find a solution that both can live with – after all, tomorrow is an entirely new day and the issue long forgotten. A new phalanx of issues, confrontations and pressures at work will guide tomorrow along until it is time to go home to wife and children if you have any. It is extremely unwise to hang onto old issues. If it could not be resolved yesterday there will be no solution. Man must always be the wiser party, even if it leads to divorce. Women will do what women will do. Man are utterly helpless against the whiles of women.

After coming home from the rat race, there must be peace and harmony in the home. This can only be done successfully through all having roles and chores to do about which there cannot be arguments. Role-playing gives peace as along as all parties know these are just means to promote peace, harmony and order in the house. Family role-playing is as old as the hills – and for a good reason; it promotes the peace, satisfaction and harmony we all need together; and it works. If a person will not play roles he is/she is not suitable for marriage – damn the psychologists.

Woman's role is as clear as it can get – their bodies tell us so. Their main role is being a mother, grandmother and maybe great grandmother. I have, however, no real objection for women to make big business their career, but should they then not be spayed first? They cannot be great as a business executive and a mother – and clearly, being mother is of much greater importance.

Fights/arguments should not continue beyond bedtime. Admit you like each other and make up. I cannot see mature people ever get in a serious fight. Long marriages come at a very steep price because marriage is a tight-rope with a never-ending string of serious crisis situations.

It might be alright for a woman to be in charge of a nation but this will become intolerable when there are a dozen powerful nations with women in charge. It will be a situation as inflammable as hell with consequences so serious that it might trigger the end of civilized life for a long time or forever. When a woman is in charge of a nation, she considers it her nest. She will defend it as fiercely as her own home and will obliterate whatever stands in the way - her husband, Congress, whatever. As a matter of fact, heterosexual marriage is the second most explosive and hostile relationship possible in earth. The first most hostile and explosive relationship possible is the hostility between two powerful women craving after the same most desirable goal, supreme power!

Cruel as it may sound but according to the wisdom of the ages, for a woman to experience happiness and contentment she must be respected but kept away from great national and international responsibility. It is not really their fault – their biological make-up makes it so! Whoever would want a mother who thinks great international power is greater than being a good and gracious mother.

Modern society has overturned the experience and wisdom of the ages – and the consequences will be that severe. If you check the Old Testament, and the New Testament, you find that women do not count. The Bible is right! From my own experience, from my talent as a philosopher and from any religious book of any importance I find that women do not count because they can never be relied on in what they promise, or in what one may expect from a decent person. They are suspicious, jealous, vindictive and show no mercy. They come across soft but are hard and sharp as nails in their hearts. I wish I had better things to say about them.  At the blink of an eye they will spread lies, gossip and hatred that can last a lifetime in the minds of those who believe her and these will affect those who are the targets of such lies and hatred forever.

They are too emotional and too involved in what could have been so they are hardly ever in present time to be relied on for what must be done now for the future. Wives do not know the goodness that is in their me, that is where so many of marital quarrels find their origin.

Women do count (because they cannot be counted on) yet this society is running to its ruin because women are given equal rights, and because they are using this right to gain absolute power and thus absolute destruction. The stage for the end of the world is set!  We live in a world run amok!

Hans van Krieken\                      June 29, 2011                 back to top

Time magazine stated that economists have determined that the modern American consumer makes stupid purchasing errors.

Be wise-- Do buy this book!

Buy this book now!    Be informed about the truth.

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Article 10:     The Nature and Value of Women

The intrinsic nature of women makes it hardly possible for them to be honest. They are, naturally, a selfishly insecure, cunning, competitive and combatant scheming lot. They are too much out for total glory! That is why western culture, traditionally, and ancient cultures, and many of the primitive cultures of even less than two centuries ago, did not place much value on women or what they had to say. I hate to say this because it is not popular today to say so but they were all so right.

I believe that the way corporate structure is set up and enforced allows women the freedom they have because the corporate way is strictly and severely enforced on all alike, but that equality fails miserably in the family set-up. Family life in America is clearly on the rocks and utterly busted. Today, many a father cannot know how another man is bringing up his children – and after a while most fathers loose interest in their children.

One aspect of maturity is playfulness. Today's women simply have no time, no patience and no energy left after a busy day of work, being a mother, a housekeeper and a wife. They are pushed beyond any acceptable limit without a break. No play and no playfulness makes marriage and life a dull affair.

Women should not have to work longer each day than her children are at school. Mothers hate to deliver their sweethearts to strangers to care for each day. It is a sore heartbreak for them.

My observation is that people under, say, 35 years of age are too seriously engaged in making a name for themselves in busyness and laying wealth up for future use. By the time this future pops up both parties to the marriage have lost interest in each other because other things took priority over being true (playful) friends to each other. A person, not in depression, is open and playful. Too many young adults lack the characteristics of being well-adjusted.

I believe that today women prisoners outnumber male prisoners. Even in the corporate structure women are to be feared because they will not play straight. The Japanese have defined business as war; and women always play business, their business and private relations that way.

Men, in general, have no chance when women’s chicanery is active in the business world. In the end, with our new equal status laws in full operation, in the western culture where women are at par with men, men will lose out and society will end up in utter chaos. The mayhem to come cannot even be imagined.

Many women cannot be trusted with the children of their men – equally so, women cannot be trusted in top political positions, general leadership positions in the armed forces, the presidency and other general leadership and enforcement capacities. Women literally gloat when in the possession and the wielding of power. Government and civil relations should not be envisioned to operate in that manner.

Hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn – this statement has been found perfectly true throughout the ages. I would actually add: hell has no match for women’s scheming audacity; and when scorned or in the mode of outraged audacity they will act with mindless non-concern of the consequences. This mindless dis-concern of consequences will often place them in an uncontrolled situation with their husbands and from there society is lead into such phraseology as spousal abuse, wife beater, et cetera. But where did the abuse start that lead to its tragic conclusion? When a female president starts such an audacious session with another foreign female head of state, what will be its final conclusion? That is why the tyrannosaur-type female (those who seek the top of power at any cost) will work themselves down to the bone to get power and status. In the top position they are unopposed and their audacity towards underlings remains unopposed. It is all or nothing with them!

When I talk about dangerous women I am not necessarily talking about the average woman. Most people are too civilized and have not sufficient power or will to seek political or business power to be a danger to society. When I am talking about dangerous women I am talking about the few who claw, kick, cajole and flatter their way to the very top. These are the tyrannosaurs of womanhood. If such women at the top are in all-out contest with other women at the very top the damage that may result may be beyond our imagination. One day a bunch of tissue and structure destroying, opposing female tyrannosaurs will be right at the pinnacle of power.

We all know this and in today’s society we will come to experience that female scorn and audacity to the full. There is nothing man or woman can do about it because these traits are inherent in the female biological and psychic makeup. That is why the wise course is the way the ancient handled the status of women.

Women are like mares – ornery, cantankerous, argumentative,  very often illogical, deceitful and unpredictable – especially when they have a brood of children to boot. They love and have pride in their children more than anything else and, if they are allowed their way (and they are), they will ruin every one of them. Why else do married men go to the bottle? They have no defense against women’s mindless and persistent, fury, cunning and unpredictability. There is no playfulness and no buddy-like relationship and trust.

Women operate according to some secret/undisclosed, insane scheme in which the man is a mere puppet to help get what the woman in question wants. Why else is the following saying true: a woman’s desire for sex wanes when the wedding cake is cut and vanishes when she has the number of children she has set her mind to. It is also most often said that the power and intelligence behind a strong public male figure is the woman in his life.

Children in a modern family can see what is happening. They see that they are carted off to some strange home or surrounding and are bossed around by strangers about whom they care little. They ask themselves in secret, "What is wrong with me? Why is mommy not home with me? Why is she gone all day long? Maybe she is with somebody she likes more than me. Nobody cares about me!"

 So, children grow up feeling abandoned and neglected by the one person on whom they ought to be able to depend on always. See child, your mammy want a carrier of her own; she wants to compete with men and especially with her husband to show who is better and who is boss. Mommy is concerned solely with herself and fakes loving you more than anything in the world. So, this deep-seated insecurity is implanted in them from baby on up. Such insecurities demand from people to become performers rather than just being human; and performance demand incessant competition and incessant competition leads to phoniness and dislikes. How are going to stop such cycles. These things only lead from bad to worse. Insecure people really are crazies!

 This is happening to millions of children, now already for many decades. It is all part of the uglifying process of America and of the world. And see who is the forerunner in making this happen – your dear mommy (who says she loves you so). Actions speak louder than words, and actions have consequences. This is also the reason so many people are now divorced. Now, not only is mammy hardly ever home -- dad is never home. You think god sees any reason to let this and the world go on? I think, there is not!

My reasons for discussing women is that they are diametrically opposite from men. I know young women seek sex just like men but women’s goal in having sex is winning a husband and on getting children. Men want sex because it is fun, deeply satisfying and it helps in creating intimate relationships. But if you ask just about any woman over thirtyseven with more than two children  how they frequently they would like to have sex if they would get married again their almost unanimous answer to the question is “yes, but infrequently”. Almost every man would want to have this answer clarified as it being constituted of one word or two. These two responses will remain the same till both parties are about 75 because then the answer does not matter because no man will be able to get in at all.

One can find these human female traits in most all well-developed mammalian and reptilian life forms. The tyrannosaur female (the most terrifying prehistoric creature known to man) was much larger than the male to keep males away when these were not wanted. It was wont to tear apart a male in minutes and fight another female of its species to the death. If it is in the female tyrannosaur’s disposition it is in the, potentially, much more dangerous female human being. I fear woman; man is way too romantic, tame and innocent to be in contest with the unrestrained whiles of woman. Yet; without the role women play in physical reality redemption into true spirit is not possible.

Knowing what I know now, I would never allow myself to be trapped into marriage if I were again of a marriageable age. Unfortunately, marriage and having children are matters for the ignorant young, the inexperienced, and the foolhardy; thus, hell continues unabated!

I have often advised male teenagers that as soon as they are 18 years of age to go to a sperm bank, deposit a couple of sperm samples (reserve one sample for private use) and then have a vasectomy operation done. They have to make sure they obtain a certificate from the doctor that says so. It puts the man in charge; only he can authorize the use of the private sample. He can wait until he has matured to consider the menace of sharing children with a female. Also it prevents false accusations of a man being the parent of some fetus a single woman claims is his.

Also, the seed of an eighteen-year-old in the bank is the most virulent, the best and of the most plentiful sperm content available during the rest of that man’s life – so, there is less chance of being childless and of bringing forth a deformed or retarded child or children. It also is a surety against becoming impotent. There must be ½ to ¾ million men under 45 years of age in America that are impotent -- their chance to get children forever lost. I say, men should never be caught seedless, especially when it is so easily preventable.

I also advise men to marry women at least 12 years younger than they are. This will ascertain that the man is well in his thirties and will have more experience with the wildness and unpredictability of women. The younger the woman you marry is the better chance of fathering a healthy, fully functioning child – all this is very sound advice.

Spiritually speaking, women’s power to bring forth offspring and their efforts to train and rear children make women focus on the physical as the sole meaningful way of life. The broad way that leads to the eternal damnation Jesus talked about is paved with the stones of women’s and society’s propaganda about, and fixation on, physical reality which they instill in children and adults. These sorts of propaganda make physical reality endure in souls’ minds and it continues to blind the spirit in mankind to the truth.

Based on my understanding of these things the hermit’s life is the way to spiritual liberty if such hermits could understand the nature of their capture in physical reality which, up to now, they have not. Love and concern for women is definitely not the way to go. Considered indifference to human affairs, family, business, friend-relations and politics is mandatory for redemption to true reality.

The physical body itself is the supreme spiritual propaganda instrument. It is soul’s task to overcome the power of propaganda exerted over it through physical awareness and to turn the evil of it into the blessing of divine equality and shared spirit with the true and only god.

Even, if one does understand the nature of our capture in physical life family, women and children are the great distracters and seductions to make one stray from that understanding! True women and children can be nice, sugar and spice but that is just the problem when seen from a spiritual aspect; yet man and woman are one.

I believe in soul mates because mates make up one. And as one we must reappear in true spirit, but not with Woman soul leading but as help mate. The world is now set-up to make women lead us in all matters – that can only lead to the roll-up of physical reality. Physical reality is a mere program and it was made to start and will be made to end. That is all there is to it. Spirit (god and soul) is eternal, physical reality is on-and-off fiction with specific purposes for its start and end.

We must overcome physical reality to have LIFE or become eternally one with physical reality to endure spiritual death eternally. It is all up to us individually – there is no outside spiritual help. All the help we were furnished was given us by Moses in Genesis, chapters 2 and 3 and by the spirit in Jesus in some of his teachings. It is still available in the Bible. Read also my book The Truth About Reality – Beyond God And Religion, to find out how, where and why. True redemption is beyond god and religion because it is solely up to you! 

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Article 11:     I am For Gay Marriage; and here are the reasons Why

If heterosexual people can marry each other I feel that gay people have the same right. Government controlled marriage carries with it many benefits from the several governments in the United States.

Heterosexual people over sixty years of age that marry each other cannot expect to have children. These marriages are, biologically, non-productive. Gay marriages also, when faithfully adhered to, are also biologically non-productive.

Marriage throughout the ages and cultures has been established to place ownership and full responsibility over the children brought forth in the marriage. Marriage is designed to protect the husband, the woman and the children from chaos. It was also ever seen as an institution established by god because of the two genders of the race. So, marriage has always been seen as a very serious and responsible affair. 

A man who brings home the paycheck from a drudgery job to his wife each week and whose wife brings forth a child, should have and must have full assurance that the child is biologically his. But this is the cruel joke – many children of wives are not the child of the husband. This shows the lack of responsibility toward her marriage and her husband as far as wives are concerned. Most often the husband is never apprised of this fact but in many cases the biological father and stranger to the family is sooner or later informed of that fact by the mother of the child. Of course, as we all know, many married men sleep with other women whether these are married or not. So, both sexes throw the intent and the marriage vows and the blessings of god to the wind. I am talking here also about people having strong religious inclinations and ties.

Married people have government benefits that gay non-married people do not have and presently cannot have because they are barred by law from marrying each other. Some of these benefits are income tax deductions for the head of the household and social security benefits that gay people cannot have. Then, the only way a person can bypass giving inheritance rights to the children is to be married to someone. Gay people in the closet who have been heterosexually married in the past and have a child (or 2), are divorced and now have a gay partner cannot pass along his inheritance to his/her partner and thus the children, who very often do not give a damn about their parents and surely give no damn about a gay parent, cannot prevent the children from grabbing the inheritance. 

What I am saying is that the purpose of heterosexual marriage, in modern times and with the laws prevalent, has become a cruel joke to the children who are innocent, and to gay people who are (in a nation where everyone is equal) are 2nd rate citizens. The whole institution seen from every angle is perverted and in this situation gay people are unfairly being sat on. If people are equal and have equal rights these rights must also be given to those who are not popular in society such as black people, Chinese or whatever skin color, race, religion or ethnic group they belong to.

American religious (Christian) people who are against gay marriage are self-righteous and unrighteous. They do not consider the equality of individuals of which the nations is comprised. Christians simply follow the rules and laws god gave them in the Bible. Those rules and laws are in complete conflict with the nation’s laws, rules and attitudes of fairness in modern times. One, thus, cannot claim to be a US citizen and also claim to be a Christian or a Jew. The law says that if a person enjoys the rights, privileges and benefits this nations provides for the people, that person must obey its laws and pay the taxes which it claims it needs to provide these benefits, etc. One thus cannot take the one position and the other at the same time.

To that I say, government gave us much but they did it according to a deceitful system. They gave us a debt money system and allowed the debt to be owned by private parties. If we are using a fictitious currency system that uses debt as its backing government should have made sure that it also owns and controls the debt because a debt that is a hundred years old and owned by independent parties should have automatically lapsed by reason of a statute of limitations – by common law , and true justice, but such a law does exist. Common law and true justice still are the underpinnings on which our present equity law system is based. In equity that law-principle does not exist or is not recognized and thus government sold us out to our true enemies, the international banking cartel.

Government ruined its financial independence and the nation's sovereignty in the mere hundred years the system has been in use. The national debt cannot ever be repaid and if presidents, members of Congress and candidates for government offices pledge to reduce or pay off the national debt you are surely dealing with shysters.

Yet this nation found its origin in a war of independence which was fought under the certainty that America consisted of Christian people. As Congress became more righteous about making laws concerning the rights of every individual it distanced itself from the proclamations of god in the Bible. Now Congress and the state governments must follow through and also make gay people equal in standing with the heterosexual sector in American life. It cannot give privileges and benefits to one person and for no legal reason withhold those rights from other people who are in good standing in the nation. To still your minds let me tell you I am not a Christian but I do understand logic and principles of truth and justice. I do believe that the spirit that was/is in Jesus is the son of the true and unknown god. But this god does not require me to be religious. He wants us to know him again – and I did get to know him and according to John 17: 3 “eternal life” is to KNOW the TRUE god (along the way I also got to know many false gods). The more these false gods shine and glitter the phonier they are.

Government has become the god of America and, whether you like it or not, the traditional god of the universe and his laws, rules and ordinances have been expunged from our laws, society and our routines. One has thus to choose between gods, the god of the universe versus the god of America. These gods are clearly antagonistic. Religious people must thus choose. One cannot remain on the fence. For instance, if you are a registered voter you already forsook the god of the universe – you owe allegiance to the government you helped put and keep in place. Admit to yourself that you are an insincere phony person if you refuse to choose. None of the gods will appreciate your phony stance.

God (of the universe) says that he is righteous. According to the things done by Congress, Congress is unrighteous in the eyes of god. However, a righteous god ought to recognize the rights everybody has, but he does not. The god of the universe condemns and punishes societies and people in these societies for what they believe and for what they do (acts often done in sincere honesty and ignorance). He also holds the Israelite people to his breast as beloved. As a god who claims he is always the same he even hates and condemns the Israelites one moment for what they have done and forgives them without any reason whatever another moment – and on and on. He claims that the world will end (and I believe him because it is his to do with as he pleases). But in my eyes, he is unrighteous because he created us all (he says) and He should therefore put up with us as humans of equal status. If that is not possible under the present circumstances, let him come among us and show us. If we then do not learn and become “obedient”, he has a legitimate gripe against us (if he is not first assassinated).

For one thing why is he not among us and guide us as god and leader. We all know we cannot trust the deceitful leaders we have had since human societies became organized.

Now, about the (supposed) founding fathers of America, I am still having trouble deciding who the founding fathers are. Are they the ones who won the independence war and despised the idea of powerful government or are they the people who did such a poor job on writing the Constitution for the United States of America? These are, as a whole, entirely different groups of people.

And then again, can the Supreme Court judges be considered to be our founding fathers. They, ultimately in court, decide what is the law and what is not. Many of these judges are very stupid individuals and have done more harm than good because they are always partisan, political and generally corrupt. Their sense of logic fails them more often than not and they lack the wisdom necessary for the job they must perform. Most of them drink excessively and, I am sure, use illegal drugs regularly.

I say, God help us all – but I am convinced that the god I direct my prayer to cannot be the god of this universe. So there must be a totally loving and true god of whom we have no knowledge or understanding because the prevailing god of the universe made sure the name, honor and memory of this true god have been completely erased from our spiritual minds through spiritual, cosmic, and worldly propaganda machineries.

In conclusion, be righteous as religious people or as sane and sensible citizens: give homosexuals the same government issued and controlled rights, benefits and privileges that every other citizen in good standing enjoys. How can one differentiate between a couple of loving, longstanding, faithful homosexuals and a couple of (unfaithful) married heterosexuals? If the worse gets all the benefits so, at least, should the better.

 By the way, as you know, I am not a homosexual!

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Time magazine stated that economists have determined that the modern American consumer makes stupid purchasing errors.

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Article 12:     Idol Worship

An idol is anything, any task, goal, desire, fetish or strong aversion on which you place undo importance. Education, dedication to a sport, university degrees, job titles, religious titles, religious and business organizations whether incorporated or not, government, sexual relations, sex, money, humanitarian pursuits, human life, religious puritanical attitudes, plans to eradicate hunger from the globe, animal rescue, whatever you place undo importance, also including physical reality itself, are idols. I cannot see any priest, minister, pastor and temple dignitaries who are not idol worshipers. Idol worship leads, without doubt, away from finding the path to true reality and spiritual redemption.

The universe depends on force, energy and interlocking laws for its existence. No life, love, relations of any sort, progress, etc. are possible without laws, force and energy potentials. The same is true for any computer or program designed to run on the computer to work. All observable forces, energy potentials and laws clearly point out that the universe is a program run on some computer that exists outside the realms of physical nature. This program projects, through souls (which are its tiny computer chips), the physical system of reality.

Idol worship is any of the things which the spiritual computer program projects in the virtual reality of physical nature and to which we are unduly drawn. If you cannot understand this you, ultimately, stand to lose the potential of your conscious spiritual existence.

The object of us having been made an integral part of physical reality as its fellow creators, maintainers, projectors, and players is to see it for what it truly is, a virtual reality, and to disengage from it; just as, if you wanted to disengage from the idea of a United States of America, you must disengage from the propaganda programming to which you have been exposed all (or a great part) of your life that made you a dedicated US citizen. You must place no further value on any of the integral parts of the system and the propaganda ploys that hold the US and its government in place in your mind as a necessary institution in your life. This is just as an example of the means necessary to disengage from physical reality.

One must understand that physical reality is a (deliberate spiritual) sham from which one can and must voluntarily disengage. Once disengaged from the importance of physical reality one is no longer an idol worshiper and one can then return (become fully conscious) to true reality. Similarly, the United States of America is just land, air and water. It is people who made the idea of a United States possible, but it is just an idea and will always be an implanted propaganda idea as long as the idea of a United States remains in the minds of people.

To physically die is not the solution to the problem because as long as one does not understand the nature of physical reality and its purpose one remains caught in it by reincarnating into it endlessly (because disembodied soul really does not know what else to do).             Hans van Krieken\    9-2011              back to top


Time magazine stated that economists have determined that the modern American consumer makes stupid purchasing errors.

Be wise -- Do buy "The Truth About Reality"!


Buy this book now!    Be informed about the truth.

Digital Book: $19.95 US

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Article 13:     Just Another Thought


As below so (somewhat?) above – right?

There is another way to look at Adam and Woman in Paradise. Adam and Woman were creations of god. My sperm is a life creation of my body which sperm is able to fertilize many, many ova of the woman ready to receive it. Now say, Adam and Woman are the sperm of god. Sperm is intended to fertilize eggs. That is what sexual relations are about. I believe the power to create is a sexual, spiritual power but sexual procreation in physical reality is an utterly distorted image from the spiritual kind. Physical procreation is temporary; spiritual creation is permanent. But let me continue the analogy.

Say,  there is god's sperm available in paradise, a uterus belonging to the Serpent, and (huge clusters of (Serpent’s) eggs that were fertilized through the deceit played on Woman and Adam and these empowered/fertilized eggs, (souls of human beings) are now hatching in the Serpent’s womb (earth) – a certain limited number of them (that followed the exact hatching process and, after hatching, were not permanently affected by the Serpent’s continual propaganda) will, eventually, become sons of God. The serpent took possession of the sperm just as the physical female takes possession of the sperm and transforms ovum and sperm into a baby to be born when ready. Man is dependant on the woman for the correct and peaceful progression of the fetus and thereafter for the greater part of the immediate care of the child. Woman can use propaganda to turn the child against its father. This seemed to have happened to god's children and , here on earth,  to my children who still are under mind-control of my ex-wife.

Physical reality and true reality are like yin and yang, like a room with distorted mirrors where whatever reflects back cannot be recognized from the original from which it was cast. It is like summer being winter and winter being summer at the same time but in different places. Physical reality fits no original anywhere yet physical reality is so closely related that one cannot exist without the other.

It is like Doctor Sues’ story of a huge entity looking at earth and sees it as a mere dust particle. By concentrating very hard he can see us going about our business. And here on earth there is a man looking at a dust particle and by concentrating very hard he can see very tiny creatures existing in their own sphere of reality on that tiny particle of dust.

It is like a box containing a deep truth yet when you open the box all you find is another box, etc. There seems to be no clue inside the box; yet there is one physical reality is nothingness!

Certain ideas and realities are either too big or too small or beyond our realm of thought to get our minds around.  So, I have done it here, for all of us, about one idea – the unimaginable idea that physical reality is, spiritually, a fictitiously created reality to allow soul to understand the principle of pure good. Physical reality is a spiritual experience that may raise a soul’s status from soul to son of god.

Those souls too seriously affected by the Serpent’s continual propaganda will eventually become hers completely in the forms of the entire spectrum of physical animal and plant life (just another thought). Soul’s lesson must be grasped spiritually and when soul gets too grossly and permanently infatuated in the expressions available in physical reality it dies spiritually to become  a permanent part of what it is so deeply engrossed to dramatize in physical reality.

Here is another analogy of the Serpent / Jehovah: You have heard and probably told the story of the Dragon sitting in his cave on top of huge amounts of treasure, hoarding it all and preventing the dragon slayer from getting to him and all his treasures that is the dragon, Jehovah. He has accumulated gazillion trillions of (lie-believing) souls to bring physical reality into being, using souls as display system. It is so remarkably cleverly done that the Spirit in Jesus cannot afford to have physical reality disappear because it is all that these corrupted spiritual entities believing his lie have left of any sense of reality at all.

I am so sorry to knock the underpinning of your physical reality from under you but what I am doing is the only rescue available to you. Don’t blow it!                    Hans van Krieken\       10-2011                 back to top

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Article 14:     A Person Who Is Unkind or Capable of Unkindness Is Immature

If you want to check your level of maturity check yourself for your past and present ability and actions to be unkind. Kindness is not necessarily an indication of maturity or immaturity but  unkindness on any level and means whatsoever is a sure sign of immaturity. There is simply no surer means of checking a person’s immaturity level than by observing how a person treats others.

To be meek means to be in control of your emotions and to remain kind and calm under stress and threat. Do not lower your standards to those who seem to antagonize you. Warn the person if it trespasses into your privacy or act in a hostile manner. If that does not work simply walk away from the situation. Everybody has the right to do that! If the hassling continues bring in a higher level of authority and drop the matter from your mind.

This does not mean that one cannot show one’s dissatisfaction for something done in a wrong manner for you by someone. To say what is on your mind is communication but to respond in a derogatory manner to make another feel inadequate shows immaturity and will fatally disrupt meaningful transfer of information, harmony and shared understanding.

An immature person ought not to be placed in charge. The sad thing is that only immature people seem to be in charge. Having immature people in charge over you means that you are in hell.

Some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are indicative of regression in maturity. The full range of control of emotions in a person having this disease deteriorates because important links in the brain and nerves fail to work properly. This leads to confusion, irritation and anger attacks on people who are doing their best to help the sick person. Alzheimer’s disease is a sign of loosing the ability to communicate. This demise encountered to the full is death. In death all communication stops because all of a person’s abilities to control become randomly chaotic and that leads to the cessation of all functions in the body. If there are no functions in operation in a body the person is dead.

Maturity does not mean that you are an old rug to be trampled on. Maturity shows itself in determination, social ability and clear indications on how you want to be treated and on how to treat others kindly – under any circumstances.

If you find yourself to be immature, I say, grow up! There is no reason in the world to ever get so upset that it raises your blood pressure or that you take your immaturity out on those who are vulnerable to you. To keep your cool under all circumstances will keep you out of a lot of trouble and keep love and communication open to those you are close to, rely on; and it keeps you at peace with those in power and authority with whom you will surely get in contact if you allow yourself to be immature.

To be immature and to lose your cool is always to your disadvantage – no exceptions to that rule. I know some people have to fake loosing their cool, but to loose your cool without your adult consent is fatal to your composure and relationships of importance. If you loose your cool people will shy away from confiding in you and tell you mere bullshit. Bullshit is fiction and fiction throws you from the reality you need to have and be in.

If you refuse to mature and be with it you will lose everything that is of importance to you. Being sincere is the key to being mature. True adult maturity will give you radiant health and longevity. The world is full of losers because immaturity runs rampant.        Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm   10-2011             back to top


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Article 15:     Women Seem to Have a Natural Homosexual Tendency

It seems to me that women are naturally homosexual; maybe better said they have homosexual tendencies that are easily awakened. And their anti-climax is that they also have the capacity to bring forth and love children. So, one way or another, women can never be happy. Oh, there are a lot of heterosexual women but that is mainly accomplished through prevailing propaganda and financial dependency on the husband’s money-making prowess necessary for them have a home, children and in the rearing of their children. The propaganda against lesbian relationships has turned into a taboo against it but this taboo (that many women may believe in) has never made women happy with the situation. The thing with women is that their love may be for a sister, a mother, a cousin, a early friendship, but a woman cannot be truly happy unless a close sand loving relationship exists with someone of her own sex. It may also include sex or not but intimacy is important.

Maybe I ought to reconsider my previous statement. I am told that 1 in 4 men is gay; maybe 1 in 4 women is fully heterosexual? Maybe the ratio between naturally gay women and natural heterosexuals women varies from race to race. How do we know for sure? All I know is that women seem to have a need to be close to a woman friend. Of course, it may be, the better phrase is, a great percentage of women are bisexual. Anyway, there is a need in many married women (in spite of all the advantages in life many women enjoy) that is not fulfilled.

Women compete with women and the main reason for their interest in men is that the competition among women is scored through the adoration they receive from as many men as possible. Without the INPUTS of men they cannot have children. Woman thus must choose to marry and have children, to get children somehow on the sly or forego to have children altogether.

Society fights the natural homosexual tendencies in women by making it even worse to be lesbian than to be a male gay person. Being lesbian seems so terribly against the biological nature of women that society in general cannot accept this natural tendency in women – and hence the complexity of a woman’s life. Their bodies are so perfectly configured for the birthing of children and to be mothers that for them to be anti-societal by being lesbian cannot be tolerated. Women’s natural emotional feelings are thus utterly out of sink with what society expects of them.

This world seems to be arranged for it to be a cruel hell for humanity. Maybe the tendency for women to be gay and the need to have children, together with all the gender-related pains and aches that go with being female makes it even a worse hell. I generally feel for women but women are very skeptical towards men.

Women have so little regard for the talents and accomplishments of men that they also want to be men, do all the things men do and do them, of course, much better. Women have a need to be able to do everything and be everything a sign of insecurity. They live in impossible, ambitious dreams – and their dreams constitute their lives. If anything at all works in a woman’s life it is due to the natural love and concern men have for women and to provide an environment of order and affection for their loved ones. A man adoring a woman is looked at by women as a thing being inferior to themselves. Man’s adoration is exploited to the hilt but hardly ever admired permanently.

Men are the natural slaves of the women they love and that makes their attraction to women so exceedingly important to women. Because, in the end, the woman just has to be the victor in the never-ending competition with other women and, of course, over their husbands who are, seemingly, too dull to understand that wars are waged around and because of them among women all the time. 

Women are, 100%, all about ego. This is true whether she is a saint like a mother Theresa or a politician like madam Thatcher. Women are the greatest natural actors. All they do has to do with pretending to be what they are not. Women, thus, live extremely complex lives. They fail to have a natural purpose for their lives because of the extreme emotional nature and urge to compete with other women. The best they can think of is to not only compete with women but also with men and be the winner. The strain is really too great to be born by any woman. That is why they age and burn out faster than men.

The complexity of their lives accounts for the fact that women burn out much faster than men who are simpletons in comparison to women. Men place undo value on being honest and loyal and fair. It is only after it becomes apparent to married men that they cannot ever please their wives that they may become abusive and start looking at other women. However, men will never get their heads sufficiently above the surface to understand the web and woof of the attraction women exert over them. Women wind themselves up into such tight little balls that no one knows how to unwind.

In all this, it must be conceded that there are very mature women and also very mature men. These, however never make it into the public limelight so their great accomplishments in life are never recognized because mature people are somehow placed outside the interests, priorities and “importances” of the leading authorities and the media.

I do not write to belittle women or to antagonize anyone. I write this, for whatever is true about it; to make men and women think and come to a maturity they can never have without my writings. I, for one, love my wife and I am absolutely sure she loves me. (Some of you must think “boy, do you have your head deep in the mud) – well, for what it is worth, that’s how it is!

Maybe, husbands, wives and society as a whole ought to recognize that for a married woman to be happy and be successful in the rearing of children and in making her husband happy she ought to be allowed to have a special female friend. Such a relationship is fully without the scope of marriage and cannot do harm if husbands, wives and society could see the wisdom and necessity of such privilege. On the whole there might just be a sharp decrease in the diagnosis of depression in women.

It is clear that all men cannot be homosexual. Human life would come to an abrupt halt. If women could not entice men to have sex with them life as we know it could not exist. So God (or evolution?) rigged men in such a way that men, generally, are most interested in the female body and hot for sex with them. It is not women homosexuals that could prevent human races from procreation; it is men that would do that. Men, thus, naturally are heterosexual and rape (in essence) is part of the procreation machinery of mankind.

If women, because of their natural tendency to be homosexual, could resist the urge in men to have  sex with them humankind would stop, so god (evolution) granted man to have the upper hand in forced sex with women (if women, indeed, are naturally homosexual in nature of which I am not very sure; yet). This matter really needs to be further investigated. If that is indeed so, it would not be a dig against women but a liberation for both men and women. Men could at least understand why women, after a length of time being married and having several children, lose interest in their spouses.

Women will allow men to have sex with them because that is the only manner in which they, naturally, can have children. Artificial insemination, of course, could change the situation.

Happiness in society ought to be established as a priority and ought to be pursued and established in society for as many people as possible. It should use whatever methods work in spite of religious beliefs and social taboos.

Presently I hear it too often from men, "A happy wife, a happy life. Yeah sure! Men must please their wives OR ELSE! For one thing, it may not be in the husband’s hands alone to make a woman happy. It might be sane to see what would make long-married women happy. The result might just be happier marriages that endure or last a lot longer.

Simply by me telling you the spiritual truth is cause for the universe to vanish. The universe must vanish because it was created solely to place the earth. The earth is the center of the universe, at least in its importance for its existence.

Soul believes a lie and through the lie believed the universe, the world and biological life were made possible. I tell the truth soul must know. When a lie is clearly revealed by the truth, it must vanish (at least for those who again accept the truth). It is soul that established the universe in error – it is soul that must again embrace the truth. The truth will set it free from the lie believed. Once the truth is in the mind of soul true reality comes again into view and the lie can only be remembered certainly as a falsehood. The fictitious (physical) reality as the result of a lie-believed must vanish.


A Proposition

It is, really, a direct insult to the intelligence of the electorate to be addressed by a president or other important government official. We know before hand that we are being lied to. Who can respect that! We, the people, know that we are nothing but numbers in statistical probabilities to be manipulated by elected officials toward reaching their goals.

Let us allow a president to be honest. Let a president be president; and every four or five years the people all vote to keep him in power or depose him (but without the intervening competition of other candidates). No campaigning, nothing of the sort. In the term just elapsed he must show daily, monthly and yearly that he is trustworthy and is doing a satisfactory job. If so; he continues in office for another four or five years. He ought to be paid like a king beforehand – fifty or a hundred million dollars for the four or five year term. He can then have his mind on what must be done rather than spending his time being popular and taking bribes under the table from powerful lobbyists or foreign nations. Let the president appoint the cabinet and the legislative bodies in proportion to the populations of the states or newly created non state districts that abide to his wishes. The legislative bodies just cannot be as huge as they are today. Understanding and efficiency go down as the crowds of legislators grow in number. If the president is deposed by the people, so is his cabinet and his legislative bodies. So everyone better be working rather than politicking. If the president and members of his administration are found to play foul with the trust of the people he will be killed and his assets forfeited. There will be no clemency. His/her position of trust toward the people must be paramount.

Then there does not have to be any more political parties and vicious infighting. Politics is where all the fighting, scheming, deceit and high taxes come in.      Hans van Krieken\                        November 19, 2011                 back to top


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Article 16:  What happens to your reality when what you always 'knew' to be true is false?

If thought is based on your experiences and if thought patterns create your reality what happens when you discover what you always thought is untrue? How persistent can physical reality be in deceiving us as to what it really is?

Our reality exists because of our thought processes. When we are born our thought processes are extremely basic because we have no ready base of experience on which to base our thought patterns. For all of us reality changes constantly.

How real can reality be when we must always change the thought patterns on which we base our reality? Does it not seem tragic that the reality of animals is utterly different from what we understand reality to be and that the twain can never meet? How can reality of one man be ever reconciled with the reality of another man? Indoctrinated ideologies are always the basis on which modern wars are fought. What was the basis on which wars were fought in the past? Were they not based on what one man believed or wanted? Did not dictators, emperors, kings and chieftains always decide to wage war against people elsewhere because of greed, vanity and power? Was not the king’s word law and a godly power? If you did not listen to the authorities and you are caught, it will fare very badly for you. But why; you just acted according to what your idea was about reality.

When a soul is born a monkey its mom will indoctrinate it to be a good monkey; if a soul is born a horse its mom will educate it to be a horse. Now is it not strange that when a man trains a wolf it turns out to be a dog. After millennia of being trained to be dogs by both the mother and its owner it is utterly alien to the idea that it ever was a wolf. It is man that changes the destiny of others.

Negroes were sold into slavery and ferried over to other countries to be slaves. For centuries, their complete environment from the country they were in to the owners they had and to the mothers who bore them and raised them they were taught to be slaves. I believe the blacks in America, for instance, cannot loose the idea that they have been slaves and try to be whites; so mothers raise their children to be white so here we have the anomaly of blacks pretending to be whites and whites pretending it is OK to marry into the black people because we are all the same and equal. If god wanted us all to be equal he would have us all made into giraffes – that is all I can say.  We are not giraffes, but we are all souls. So, souls have been given the command and intuition to be whatever we are born into. It is not up to us, creatures, to alter what god made us or to change our posterity into something else than what we are. It is wrong; and its continued progress will lead to utter physical and spiritual disaster.

Each race and each species has its role, how then can man change the roles of us all  and not infuriate god.

On the same analogy I can say, people in India are Hindus and they are Hindus because their mommies were Hindus, and their mommies as well. Little children born in Morocco are Muslims because their mommies were Muslims. Little Children in Italy are Christians, they say, simply because their mommies were Christians. Now suddenly education all over the world indoctrinate the children with western ideas of science and now all the children in the world are fleeing the indoctrinations they received from their mommies and now want to be humanitarian whites. Now the very ridiculous phenomenon is taking place where the white race is bastardized into extinction and the world will see all kinds of races other than whites pretending to be whites.

Oh, you say, that is not true, Chinese still know to be Chinese because of their physiology, and Negroes will still be Negroes in appearance. But I ask, “Why, then are they pretending to be whites?” They may look like Negroes or Indians or whatever, but their mindset and outlook have changed to be whites.

It was done by whites through humanitarian efforts to educate people to their own standards.  Now, everybody thinks they are white and can thus marry into the white race. Well, they obviously can but it will determine the end of the world. And god can do that too. Who is going to stop him? Whites have offended god and now god punishes them through eradicating their genes through intermarriage with members of other races. So whites will be gone in gene structure but all the people being whatever they are will carry on with nothing else but with white insight, understanding and outlook.

OK, that is possible too, but not for long! Humanity has upset the order god installed and because it is not anymore what he intended he will erase the world and start at new.

One way to determine if someone is insane is for that person to be defiantly against what people believe reality to be. If you act much differently you end up in some mental institution where they will do whatever they can to change your idea of reality to what theirs is – but what if they are all wrong? They are making you as crazy as they all are. It is all insane! In other words it is the might of the many against the helplessness of the one.

That is how you can tell whether you are in reality or in fiction. Fiction forces you into conformance and does not leave you with an escape – true reality will allow you to be what you want to be, all by yourself. That is why physical reality is fiction and true spiritual reality is the only real, reality possible. No one forces you to anything. As long as you are in accord with that you are safe in true reality. This is the only safeguard and limitation of true reality; you must be in agreement with it. It is OK to disagree with true reality but then you also agree that you must disappear into a gulf of nothingness called physical reality where you can believe and be anything but real. Such a reality is called a fiction or virtual reality. You can participate in fiction but you can never be a part of it because you are real and physical reality a fiction.

As we grow up our thought processes are almost entirely based on the input of others who, most generally, lie to us because as adults and as children we cannot comprehend how things really happen.

If we tell a one-year-old how babies come into the world they would be unable to comprehend the process. We have Santa Claus and Christmas here (and the reality, meaning and importance of these vary very much from group to group) and Sinter Klaas in other countries. We tell those growing up all kinds of things and all these things help distort the reality on which children base their reality. As we grow into adulthood we are told many things adults believe are true but ultimately can be proven to be wrong.

Then, we are educated to believe things only because the governing authorities want you to believe these things, not because they are true but because it is in government’s interest for you to believe these things. I can go on to higher realms of (un)reality we believe with all our hearts to be true but they are also based on untruths. 

Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever can (quote from Rogers & Hammerstein),

but even worse, what we received is from substance but it gave us nothing because what we received, know and have is based on untruth!

Ideologies almost always turn out not to be benevolent but malevolent. Yet, billions of people are indoctrinated with all kinds of ideologies and religious precepts. They express their hostility according to the ideologies or religions they have been brain washed into.

How true can any religion or non-religion be when there are so many different flows of them? If you base your reality on science you are a religious person because you believe science to be correct and a good way to shape your thought patterns and thus your reality; yet, every year we discover that what science told us is wrong! If your reality is based on scientific facts that change is your reality any better than that of a baby. 

The universe is such a realm of untruth; yet, the inputs we receive from our senses and the thought processes based on these utterly impress on us that these are the final truths of our existence. How deceiving it all can be because things we experience almost every day (or night I should say) are utterly false yet they impress us deeply, especially on a subconscious level. These experiences and the thought processes based on them lead always to utter unreality, but deep within us we are guided to believe that these help create our reality. I mean by these experiences dreams, movies of all kinds and TV shows and books of all kinds. All these are utterly fictitious but they help form the impressions we have of our reality.

The way we are treated and loved or hated as little children determines to a very great extent how we view reality as adults. People develop multiple personalities, become vicious serial killers and what not, because of the way they were treated as little children.

Is not physical reality as fluid as water? It can change from instant to instant and from state to state. All these changes can range the entire scope and understanding of our reality. Some people in the far north or south have never seen solid ground but they can differentiate between 50 forms of ice and snow – all based on water. What will a small child say when it is given a glass of water and looks at an ice sculpture – or is being told that clouds are made of water.

The father, or mother, says that sculpture is made of the water she is drinking? She simply cannot comprehend how that can be possibly true, especially, if the child lives on a small tropical island. The father can even say that on a clear day there is water in the air. He says you cannot see it but it is there – the same kind of water she is drinking. If the child would be rational it would say, “You are nuts! If this is water then that other stuff is not!” But children are gullible. They have been trained from birth on to be gullible! That is what all children are! Gullibility is the one thing we have all been drenched in all our lives. We are all gullible to a very severe spiritual fault. Nothing we see out there can be believed in. We believe it because we are gullible – gullible to the very core of our physical beingness. You have been in La-la land so long you forgot entirely, that you are real.

I can say with complete confidence that your idea of reality is as false as that of a child. All you know and all you are as a physical beingness are based on falsehoods. We never learn a thing about reality because we exist in unreality.

Someone is pulling the wool over your eyes and that someone is what you all call god, government, holy fathers and what not. There is really nothing out there because as a spiritual being (your true beingness) you are dreaming it all up. I am telling you the truth but you are so solidly deceived you convince yourself that I am the one who is a bit off. Very well! Have it your way – but you will die a miserable spiritual death while I will live in spirit. True life is not “believing”. True Life is “knowing”; and I believe nothing of what physical reality tries to tell me. Physical reality is a spiritual hoax! There you have it! The Truth!

Be real, accept physical reality as a hoax and wake up in spirit.   Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm           12-11-2011                 back to top

Don't let a few dollars stand in your way between life and utter death.

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Article 17:        Sex is more prestigious than education because sex is encouraged while it destroys sound study habits

There are mainly two sources of propaganda / indoctrination. In religious countries the propaganda and cultural standards flows mainly forth from the religious institutions. Today, propaganda is mainly propagated through legislatures, schools, universities and the media which are all run mainly by college graduates; and thus by the governments that found and support public schools and staffs them with college graduates.

Women’s liberty is a flow started and maintained through universities. Women have proven that they are unworthy of the liberty granted. There are untold many reasons why women must be restrained. The most important reason is that for unrestrained women the sky is not even the limit of their ruthless, wanton rebelliousness and vanity.

Women's liberty spawned the need for huge women prisons, because with liberty comes responsibility. Since women seem to lack the necessary responsibility women end up in prison. I cannot understand why women should be in prison. If women were always under the guardianship of a man (father, husband, uncle or some other appointed guardian) than the guardians are responsible for the acts of women. Women would go free and the guardian would have to take the heat the woman caused in society, or those hurt by her. Guardianship does not necessary include that women must live with the guardian. They can live anywhere. The guardian should be a counselor and a support in a woman’s life. if the guardian fails to be such an official investigation is called for.

To counter-act male dominance, women should be able to address their grievances against guardians without having to go to court. Such grievances must be addressed to a counsel of men and women who will determine the severity of punishment or resolution of proven claims brought by the female. All that is intended is fairness. In case of married women this may very well lead to a divorce.

No matter how the matter is resolved, an agency ought to monitor the person and her guardian to see if cruel treatment follows such bringing of grievances against the guardian. If the woman so desires, she can appoint another, by the court approved, guardian. The reason for guardianship is for the benefit of the guarded person, not for the guardian. However, if a woman or adolescent is not manageable, the guardian should not be held at fault. Such a council or the courts ought to determine such things.

Some of the reasons women should not have unlimited liberty is that unlimited equal rights lead to utter legal and societal absurdities. For instance, men do not ever expose their sexual attributes. Men go topless because they provide the brow of hard labor and tough and rough skills and no sexual exhibition is intended. Equal rights for women demand that women can go topless. But women would expose their sexual attributes and that is done with deliberate sexual overtones that may cause men to go berserk and attack and rape women. That is what natural men are supposed to do. That is the main reason that exposing one’s sexual attributes happen mostly in private and as a show of affection and love.

Decency and subdued behavior are the norm in public. Therefore, to keep women from being raped and men from being sent to jail, let’s all dress and behave decently in public and then you can be as indecent as you please in private; but do not come running into court and accuse someone of having raped you. if you act indecently you advertise that you are available for sex.

The purpose of exposing sexual attributes to others is to engage in sexual acts – or is that something present-day society cannot anymore understand?

Women have a great responsibility in a nation. The behavior and blatant sexual overtones and actions of female children cause great grieve and concern to their loved-ones. Female individuals and groups of them corrupt society and the minds and behavior of men by dressing and acting utterly out of turn. This is the normal fare for kids in, from grammar and higher schools on up to adults in the highest upper classes. It is disgustingly immature! Immaturity and immature behavior ought to be weeded out from children growing into adulthood and from adults also.

An example of immaturity is to do things because one can get away with it; never mind who might be injured thereby. Maturity recognizes that things can be gotten away with but one restrains oneself from doing them because they might impinge on others in a negative way.

The standards set throughout history and virtually in all nations and societies accord to women severe responsibilities that lie on their shoulders simply because they are of the female gender. The authorities of these societies and cultures have responded to the responsibilities of womanhood by making the exact rules of conduct for women that are now utterly abrogated by our authorities, which abrogation have led to uncontrolled, immoral and irresponsible conduct, especially enacted by women today.

What are some of these responsibilities?  Let’s list some of them:  honor thy father (and mother), honor the stewardship god gave to women (or, women have) for the procreation of society, care and control of offspring, faithfulness to parents or husband, creator and maintainer of the family and the home, endowment of culture and arts, factor of trust and reliability on which husband and authorities depend for stable environment and by which the husband provides for the family, etc.

We, all, ought to honor the vows a woman gives her spouse because a husband must trust his wife that the children she bears and he is raising at great effort and cost are in fact his. We must all fear and respect the ardor, determination and sincerity god gave to man in pursuing a woman he believes he can trust, protect and care for.

Of course, men must also be held to high societal and cultural standards; but the sad fact is that if women lack the modesty, meekness and the resolve to control the behavior of men these women attract, the natural morals and behavior of men will melt away and will degenerate men into becoming peeping toms, defilers of womanhood and sly rapists. In the end women’s immorality condones and invites these things of men; and women as a female group in society must co-bear the guilt of such transgressions. No one goes free when conscious, deliberate, sexual overtures and misconduct taints one’s behavior.

Women always complain that men seem to be only interested in women as toys and sex objects, and not for their minds and character. Yet, women most commonly show themselves as sex objects; and thereby they prove that they have no brains and character. Women and their female charges clearly prove themselves to be what men interpret them to be from their behavior and attitude. Girls and women, in the most favorable light, come across as apprenticed whores.

For one thing, if a marriage can only take place when a prenuptial agreement is signed, then the authorities cannot sanction the marriage because no seriousness can be imputed by either party to the marriage. A nuptial agreement tells us that neither party is giving the marriage the consideration it deserves and needs ­– marriage is meant to be for keeps or it simply is not a marriage (period!). If the intent of the vows is not taken in utter seriousness the authorities ought not to give the vows their blessings and its permission.

Almost every female teenager flaunts herself to boys. Boys in that age-range are very keenly receptive of such come-ons; and hence the (by authority-tolerated) severe immoral conduct and immorality, generally condemned by all the supposed virtues held in high esteem by our wiser ancestry. Parents have lost utter control of their siblings because of sub-cultures and brute misconduct tolerated in school and public places which utter misconduct seems to be guaranteed by the Constitution and the authorities in law and enforcement.

Personally, I loath to have to experience the attitudes and behavior of teenagers and women in general. I loath to have to listen to the extreme noise-level people input in the public and private sector by over-loud music and vehicle exhaust output and obnoxious behavior in general. America has changed from an ordered religious society to one of utter secular chaos and hell that the great silent majority is forced to tolerate from those who have absolutely no regard for anyone else but themselves.

These conditions, definitely, are not the purpose of a guaranteed liberty and freedom. If one’s behavior impinges unfavorably on the general populace such conduct must be curtailed and heavily punished; but in our society the more immoral and the more obnoxious one’s behavior the more it is praised and encouraged in the media and protected by legal interpretations of liberty and freedom of the authorities.

Liberty and freedom carry with them duties and responsibility. It is not enough to state that if you do not like the over-exposure of noises created by vehicles passing your house to sue the bastard. There are so many occurrences each day of such violations by hundreds of people that the idea of individual lawsuits becomes ridiculous and absurd. Some nuisances carried out in public must be publicly controlled and punished - the same as destruction of public works and such. Some such items are noise nuisance from which everybody suffers, crudeness and blatant disregard for the rights and privileges of others, blatant disregard for a conservative dress code in public.

Because of such convoluted sense of liberty it is only logical and expected that minors and adults are seeking and enjoying drugs. As far as I am concerned the Constitution, attorneys, school authorities and government are fully responsible for drug-traffic and, presently, they are not held responsible. I cannot understand that sensible parents send their children into these caldrons of vice and immorality, called schools, every day without loathing and fierce resistance to such treatment of their children. Yet, all goes on as usual in brain-dead America. A lawful society, after all is a brain-dead society.

I feel more disgust and indignation towards our present-day authorities than for any drug-dealer. Drug-dealers simply advance what the authorities condone. If this present-day society is the culmination of the honor and power we impute to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States government then I must say these documents are utterly worthless and it would be better if these were burned and to be made without effect whatsoever.

The Scandinavian countries are known for their women’s blatant and wanton exposure of their bodies in public without restraint whatever. The women there, actually, are asking men to go out and rape them. So, do not blame the men.

The prime minister in Denmark made a speech in which he denounced the Muslims in his country for raping white Danish women. Muslims are extremely well behaved people and scorn any sort of immodest exposure by women. The main reason for that is about what I already stated above. Women can turn men on, on a nickel, and women thus ask for such behavior. I believe Muslims in Denmark are teaching blatantly immodest women a lesson by raping them. Women in those countries deserve such treatment and Muslim men are only giving what the women are asking for. If they behave like tarts they should not be surprised when they are actually eaten.

If the Danish government wants Muslims to leave their white women and children alone, then, let Danish government set standards for women in public! Men, and especially boys, should not be overly sexually agitated and stimulated by the way girls and women dress and behave in public. Femaledom (my spell-checker denounces this word; maybe it should be female-dame?) makes herself available and eligible for rape through their demeanor in public.

I just write these things in order to state what is right and fair. Women’s lib will destroy the fabric of society if allowed unrestrained expression. Government has already proven that it is not equal to the task of enforcing the drug laws. Believe me; government will be utterly incapable of controlling the downfall and disintegration of our well-established, traditional public cultural standards. Democracy has utterly failed to prove its value; in fact it has proven to be unworthy of further consideration by those who do love America. Without strong cultural roots and enforcement of strong, well-established cultural roots democracy is a meaningless term and its continued expression only will hurl us back into the primitive fabrics of the jungle. I see that already happening all around me.

We cannot allow our children to go to school like cheap tarts who distract other children constantly in the classrooms. Schools should have severe dress codes and anti-popularity disciplines; and if the legal system objects to that we should change the system.  In fact, we ought to make publicly run schools illegal until government, again, runs society according to some moral civil gender-respecting norm to which we, all, can adhere. Such a norm should especially be enforced on the officials in public office, the legal profession and members of school faculties. Presently, men are suppressed by the way women behave and by the way men are prevented to respond. If the sexual triggers are boundless in public and men are restrained to act on these triggers, then, men are emasculated and officially discriminated against!

Popularity cults in school should be strongly suppressed. No one is of more value than another; and popular people are most definitely not as important as anyone else. Our public standards should at least match the standards found in such countries as China and United Emirates of Arabia. In spite of all the propaganda against these nations these have, at least, their public cultural standards up to code.

I advocate the segregation of boys and girls to separate schools that are at least a mile separated from each other. Schools are for learning; not for flaunting one’s sexual charms for whatever these are worth. The scholastic standards of American kids are sinking below the acceptable standards found in even the more primitive societies in the world – again the authorities in our society are the culprits.

Extra-curricular activities should also be strictly monitored to make children adhere to conservative dress codes and manners. What is going on these days is disgusting. State government should automatically terminate driving privileges for 2 years for adolescent and adult violators of dress and behavior codes in school and in public. Parents have proven that they have no control of children over 10 years old.

One should first like a person before sexual overtones come into play; and such overtones and activities ought to take place in private. Humans, after all, are not jungle animals. If you want to be a civilized human being then make sure you behave like one and help enforce the code of civility we, all, can easily recognize.

The word "jungle" leads me to another thought. All biological creatures use the abilities they have in an intelligent way. Tigers and such having paws and claws will use these skillfully, intelligently, with intent and great dexterity. Birds having wings will use them very with great skill, intelligence and dexterity. If animals are furnished with sexual paraphernalia they will use them skillfully, intelligently, with great dexterity and through instinct. Creatures do so to triggers that cause them to respond and react.  Paws and paws are used when the creature is hungry or has to feed offspring. If the female's sexual readiness signals are in the immediate environment of a like male animal the male will attempt to couple the female. The male and the female of a particular species and race in the act of coupling do so with intelligence, skill and dexterity.

Flirting is sending the readiness for sex to a specific target of the same race with intent to interest the other into engaging into communication to see whether to proceed further with is a suitable or willing target. Flirting takes skill, interest and intelligence. Flirting is addressed to a particular target, behaving like a tart is directed to maledom in general. If this kind of sexual flaunting has no particular target, the person can expect that any male may attempt to have sex with her. She then tries to scramble back from this flaunt and the male's aggressiveness may overtake reason which may very well lead to a situation that is generally accepted to be a rape but who is at fault? Strong sexual signals are responded to in an action-reaction response system. From A follows B!

If you do not have socially acceptable discipline in schools you cannot have it in the general public and in the workplace. Why can proper social conduct exist in the military and not in our schools and in public? There is no reason why this is not possible! I am not impressed to see our lives overrun by publicly-forward tarts and privacy violators everywhere we live and go. Like many immigrants say, “Present America sucks!”          Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm     12-20 2011


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Article 18:     Communism is not necessarily a dead idea

Communism today seems to exist only because the western world supports it. If the western world was dead-set against communism it would not send trillions of dollars of business into the Chinese economy. If the western world is doing so, it is exactly with the purpose of condoning and supporting it.

(By the way, US government is presently the most powerful force on earth. We are seeing the United Nations becoming an ever more powerful force also. If the is so, then without any doubt at all, US government is feverishly working to get the United Nations Organization to be just that, a higher order. There is no other force than the US government who can do it and thus it is doing it. Thereby it is operating against the dictates of the Constitution because the Constitution states that government must accept the Constitution as sole and highest principle of law by which it must operate. If it accepts a UN Constitution it is also operating by a higher principle than the the US Constitution. I don't mind, but if it does, why is it hiding this fact from the people. Government must not lie to the people and that is what it does the best. That is what I do mind!)

I, myself, can see communism work in a gracious manner. I read an article about an economy class in a junior college. The class was pretty well convinced that Obama-type socialism would work for the nation. The professor countered, “OK, we will put that theory to the test. From now on in this semester class we will average all the test scores and give everyone this average score." It was said that the result for the first test given was a B average. The next test dwindled to a C average and the next tests quickly became scores of d, f, etc.  The teacher was forced to flunk the entire class that term.

The explanation for this phenomena was that at first the excellent student continued to study hard and do well because they thought everybody else would study hard and keep the scores high. But it became quickly apparent that some students thought, well I have a party tonight, I will depend on the other kids to make up for my slack and we are all coming out looking good anyway. I skip my studies today. So, because of these kids the average score dropped.  These kids told others how they got away with not studying and others followed their example. So, the scores dropped dramatically until the smart kids also threw in the towel because they refused to be responsible for the passing grades of the other kids. So, the whole idea of the socialist score system in the class collapsed; and all student were bitterly angry.

I do not know whether this is a true story but I doubt it. There are always people in the class for which study is easy and they always have high scores. These people cannot only learn and retain their study material well, they are also intelligent. Intelligent people, in general, do not go to school to waste their time. They come to be educated and use the education to their advantage when they graduate. High scores are not necessarily what they need. They are in school to study and increase their store of knowledge and understanding. So, these kids will study no matter what the other kids do. Those who do not (even though they retain their lessons easily) are stupid and their failure in life is attuned to this stupidity.

To compare yourself with what other people do will always cause you damage because you place yourself in a category of people you do not belong to. So, smart students will not worry what other people do and how that might affect them. They just continue to study, and more likely, even more intently.

That theory is the one on which I operate. I am very inventive but have no real contacts to bring my inventions to those people where they might bear fruit. That, however, does not stop me from working out plans to a stage where they might be incorporated into a system of manufacture. I spin my wheels, but see no return from my efforts whatsoever. I do not quit and pout. Also, I write all these articles and cannot hope to ever get paid for them. I hope, though, that they might do you some good. We do not necessarily work for money but because to work, and the special things we do, is in our nature.

I know I am not the only one doing so. Many people in industry make little money because we are always averaged against the general workforce. There are pay-scales, and we are all stuck to these scales as we progress in our careers. We see other people doing far less getting the same pay we get, but because we like our work we do our best nonetheless.

I do believe that if you do not work you should not eat, or get special benefits – people with serious medical conditions excepted. I believe that when one is laid off, or thrown out of work for some other reason not relating to a person’s bad attitude, outright laziness or untrustworthiness one should receive unemployment benefits. One gets a certain period to find work while being supported by government but that period should end rather quickly. Thereafter one will be assigned to a work-force pool that can be assigned to do anything that requires little skill, such as agricultural planting and harvesting or public’s work project (such as building bicycle paths along major roads or in parks or public lands), and get paid enough to allow the person or the person and his/her dependents to get by. While so assigned, the person and personnel agencies will continue their best to find suitable work for the people in these labor pools.

In such TV stories as Little House on the Prairie the head of households and other people needing money often would travel hundreds of miles to work in mines and road building projects to earn cash for the household. These people would come home sporadically when earnings are good or when they are in between jobs. I find that an honorable and  responsible approach to providing for oneself and the household for which one is responsible.

So, why not install this approach through a government organization? Today’s people are utterly spoiled and do not deserve the royal treatment they get. Such a system must, of course, be tied to a fair system through which one might express one's grievances. These camps would be work camps, not slave camps. In such a new society it would be illegal to beg. There is no reason to beg because work would be available to anyone and for those handicapped in a serious manner there would always be government support.

What I am saying is that people with a healthy mindset and good work ethics will perform whether they get paid enough or not. Let’s face it, we all believe we are underpaid for what we do. Some will counteract that by doing less and other will do what is necessary and needed. Work psychology has discovered that any business depends on the output of about 10% of the people to actually exist and the rest just get paid to do all the rest of the tasks needed to be done. This will never be different whether we accept a communist manner of economy or this weird capitalistic system of economy we now have.

I cannot see why anybody should have financial resources that often run in the many hundreds of millions and even billions. There ought to be a limit to earned or inherited riches by which even the most ambitious person can live. If society allowed a person to become very successful, and, say, put a half billion dollars away, that person ought to show its gratitude to society by limiting his/her wealth to a by socially-agreed on amount and, from then on, help society to further itself with his expertise pro bono; or, of course, the person can retire and enjoy the fruits of his wealth which, really, is the point of becoming wealthy.

This lawfully agreed-upon limit to wealth would affect everyone from birth on up. It would not be a discriminative law because it does affect everyone. We cannot know of any person at birth what the person’s work, business prowess or luck shall be; and we cannot know who our next generation of wealthy people shall be.

Enormous wealth brings power; power brings corruption and evil thought; and total power corrupts totally and brings with it antisocial conspiracies that can affect everybody’s life. So, philosophically, culturally and lawfully, personal wealth ought to be curbed at one point. It would not adversely affect society or the creation of new jobs because there always is a huge stream of younger folks eagerly trying to accomplish what the people having reached their limit to wealth have accomplished; and as history has proven many will succeed. After all, we are all just human beings, one much like another.

I am against the idea of people becoming unlimitedly wealthy. Such enormous wealth is not necessary and it really does not do anybody any good. I believe 300 million dollar of wealth ought to satisfy anybody’s idea of business prowess and of having reached the idea of “being wealthy”. No one really could, sanely, use that much money and it seems to me a good limit to personal wealth. If the super rich intend to donate their wealth to certain charities, it is a good time in their lives to separate themselves from all wealth accumulated over, to meet their own sense of integrity, a $200.000.000 bench mark.

I read that Obama reneged on the idea of taxing the superrich after the superrich retorted that he proposed to tax that group of people who actually create jobs – shame on Obama and shame on these super rich. Now you can clearly see how insanely stupid the super rich are. They clearly advertise that their hunger for dirt is insatiable.

Yes – dirt. For the super rich money is like dirt. They have no idea, personally, what to do with their wealth. They actually must hire a large staff to manage their money – stupid, stupid, stupid. They, personally, will never ever use the greater part of their riches. It is proof that they consider themselves of more importance than society itself; and the hell with their fellow men who made it possible for them to accumulate such wealth. Jobs will always be created, and with more vigor, by the young and upcoming generation who still have a burning need to prove their prowess and drive in business.

So, the propaganda against a well organized socialism is based on the super-rich’s intention to increase their wealth in a very selfish and stupid manner. Most people becoming very rich do have some business savvy and drive to succeed, but even for these people having become rich is mostly a matter of luck, being in the right place at the right time, destructive, anti-social cunning, and accidental connections.

There are scores of people with business acumen and drive, knowledge and intention to truly succeed but most of them fail; and not only because they lack in something other than bad luck, important connections or being awarded the necessary loans when needed to succeed. Sometimes, everything is right and good but bad propaganda, competition or crime in the neighborhood may interfere and destroy a business even though the product(s), staff and other things work together to insure the business will succeed.

Successful people have way to high an estimation of themselves.

Communism, by the way, is not an idea of the 20th century. There were large Christian communist societies in Germany, the northern parts of France and I believe in Switzerland in the mid 17th century. These societies were brutally rooted out by the sword, many deaths, and torture by both the Catholic and the protestant Christian churches alike.
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12 23 2011

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Article 19:    Something weird about the U. S, government in relation to the United Nations and to our currency

The countries in Europe have been federated as the EEC. Each country, even though federated, is represented in the United Nations. The states making up the United States of America are federated according to the Constitution but not a single state is represented in the United Nations. Several of the states in the United States have populations over 20.000.000 and some of the European countries have populations much less than that. Where lies the discrepancy in UN representation? We must remember that the United States Government is located in an area that is not part of any state. It is a sovereignty of itself. That leaves the people of the American States utterly unrepresented.

I know that the US Constitution, gives Congress, seated in Washington DC jurisdiction in foreign trade and treaties with foreign nations, but since we have the institution of the United Nations I cannot see any further reason for the states to be united as we are today. If European nations can federate and still be represented in the UN the American people must insist on similar relationships with other states, nations, the US government and the UN.

The founding documents on which the federation of the American states is based have run their course. We, as states, ought all to be represented individually in the UN. Under the auspices of the UN we must reconsider our relationship with the US government. The American states ought to federate themselves according to a plan on which the EEC is based.

The American legal system has blown so many holes in the articles of, and amendments to the constitution that this document and its amendments must be overhauled entirely. All intents in the original constitution have been reversed in court giving all the power to government while removing power and jurisdiction from the states and the citizenry.

The one single real goal of US government for over a century has been the establishment of the UN and the United States as a peon member in it.  Maybe, to be fair to all states and recognize all the efforts of US government to establish the UN, we should disband the United States and re-federate on a plan similar to the EEC. This way each state is properly represented in the United Nations so that we do not have to look askance at the European nations who are all properly represented. Americans should, at least, redefine the rules under which the states are federated. I like the European way a lot better than how the Constitution has arranged our federation.

The One World Order is here whether you like it or not. It is the greatest, and most important change the world has ever seen.  Every nation in the world, today, takes its marching orders from the UN assembly. US government does do so religiously.

 And you know what?  Nobody ever got to vote for or against it. So, voting is useless. All the talk about preserving and promoting democracy our government administrations and the armed forced have done all over the world for so many decades is just propaganda.

 You never were involved democratically to establish it. You, your fathers and your sons were forced to fight, under penalty of insubordination, to establish it – but you never got to vote on it. You are all herded into the greatest cattle ranch ever. This, also, is a sure sign the world is at the verge of coming to an end.

As an aside and as tribute to all the trouble, terrorism and genocide we have witnessed in the news from the Middle East, we must remember that it was all made possible because US government and British government made it possible for the Jews to establish Israel as a colony-nation by dispossessing Arabs from their, over a millennium old native lands. The establishment of Israel has cost the US at least a trillion dollar in cost and the regions in and around the Middle East millions of death. Looking back at it al it is truly amazing how quickly Israel was accepted as a member nation in the UN. It is unnatural. It was forced by nations with incredible international powers for one, The US. Hurray for US government actions!

Are Americans responsible for the debt incurred by these insane actions? Why did US government not give every Jew a proof of US citizenship? All the Jews asked for was for them to have a homeland. There was plenty of space; and we could have good use of them in the US but, instead, US government gave everyone from everywhere else around the world permission to immigrate into the US besides giving these self-same nations so much foreign aid to create nations with which they could have outdone the economy and welfare we had here at home. They would have been better off in their previous countries of domicile. The Jews, however, did need a home and US government did not give it to them here.

We are giving US government way too much credit. It bleeds us empty in taxes and bleeds our children to death in all the unnecessary wars it starts and incites. War is not any longer an American prerogative. War is now a UN responsibility. Only the UN ought to decide what, when and where to fight wars. Otherwise, what is the use of the UN?

When war breaks out between nations or opposing factions in some nation, the UN forces (not American forces clothed in UN uniforms) must swiftly infringe itself between the factions and force them to talk out their differences so that a solution can be arrived at that will satisfy the factions. It is utterly unfair for US government to send US forces (paid by US citizens) to fight UN wars. I cannot see why the American people tolerate such things. Warmonger nations must be made to stop fighting by the UN so that the UN, through law and enforcement clout, can establish peace. This is a task only for the UN and not the task of one or more of its member nations.

I never was a fore-stander of the UN but now that it is an unalterable reality in our world, I feel that we must make it work as an institution and give it the power and the tools to begin the earnest job of governing the world.

Because the US is the originator of, and the driving force behind the UN it has spent trillions of our tax dollars into its establishment.

US government is deeply in debt to the Federal Reserve Banks and the World Monetary Fund, among other items, for its efforts to establish the Un, for foreign aid and for foreign wars US government waged to establish the Un that did not produce one cent of value for the American people and which debt US citizens must now cough up according to a value of the currency created in labor and blood by the people. Let me explain the logic of the currency value.

In having engaged in utterly useless foreign wars, US government has lost standing as the federal government of these states. Over the last century it pursued other goals than what the founding documents directed the US government to do – govern a coalition of sovereign states. Instead it caused the disappearance of the sovereignty of the states that now merely are subject provinces to US government without sovereign standing in the community of nations such as the European nations enjoy while being federated into a community of states called the EEC.

In view of the above, Americans should seriously question the validity of the US national debt. Whose debt is it anyway? Is it the debt of government of the territory of Washington DC that so feverishly worked to create a world-wide federation of nations under the auspices of the UN, or is a debt for which the American people are responsible? And if the latter is true, by what sort of logic can that be explained? I cannot see this debt having been incurred by me. It is pure paper money and it is worth only the value of the product of a print shop. I did not order the printing of such but I was forced to accept it as currency for valuables offered to me.

In fact, people create the value of our currency just as the slaves before the civil war created the value of the goods they produced for their owners (simply by being forced to create that value). We all agree today that slavery is uncouth. It should not be practiced. Thus, I cannot see how the people can be held responsible for a national debt based on a worthless currency (before it was made current); but which value was recalculated by government and the banks by the standard of value the people gave to the currency by the work they were willing to do to receive compensation at the face value of the currency when it was issued by the banks. The whole scheme is utterly absurd. 

If the people make the money valuable only when currency is paid in return for work performed then the printed paper is only printed paper when it was still in the hands of the banks. Currency value only occurs after it is paid to the working class for work performed. The paper money is still worthless when currency is transferred by government to fictitiously created corporations. Corporations are pieces of paper. Pieces of paper are worth just that – the value of paper! Paper does not work – people do! The efforts of people create not only the value of the corporation but of the currency at the same time. If that is so, we cannot be held responsible for the debt. People give value to currency, not government. It was valueless when it was printed, so how can we be responsible for non-valuable transfer-transactions made by government with banks who, themselves, never did impute one cent value to the currency.

In fact government in cahoots with the banks have figured out a way to create value from utter nothing by using a dumb workforce as the catalyst to produce the face value to a valueless currency. The value of the worthless script for government is created by taxing the people for a currency that acquired value only after the workforce imputed value to the paper script by accepting it as payment for services performed. By collecting the tax governments collect not just paper money but the essence of the real work performed by people to obtain the currency. That is the way government, today, becomes rich from our substance, just as the owner of a chicken abattoir becomes rich on the carcasses of chickens it slaughtered. So, the rich get richer and the dumb masses remain poor, dumb and misled.

As it has always been, it is a slave labor force that creates the value of the goods for its owner. You may be persuaded to embrace any sort of ideology or religion but nothing of that nature works. Life for the common man has never been any other way. No ideology will work against the schemes of the exploiters. Whatever ideology, constitution or religion you come up with the exploiters will find a way to cream off the substance from you. The year 2013, a century after the establishment of the Federal Reserve Board, the debt money system, the 16th amendment and the federal personal income tax the banks are set to collect the national debt. How will the do that? By foreclosing on the debt and repossessing the land that our forefathers owned outright. Through what gimmick? ­–  through a scheme of funny money!

That is why physical reality is hell! It is hell for everyone; but the schemers and exploiters do not realize this until it is too late for them to do something about it. You may be clever but the gods (and if evolution is a valid expression then evolution is god) are much smarter. What the gods want is for you to realize what physical reality is, how it was created and then to remove yourself from it again.

At one time the US had a real treasury that held gold, silver and many other valuables that formed the backing of the currency. In those days if you turned in a dollar to the treasury you received a dollars worth of sliver. Now the US treasury is merely a print shop; you turn in a paper dollar the treasury will give you another paper dollar in return.

Americans use the paper currency because it is the only thing they have to satisfy their need to complete transactions. The universe is their only place possible to be for souls (deceived spiritual entities) in the absence of the true reality. We are paupers in spirit and we are paupers in our physical conditions because we are so incredibly gullible.  Presently, truth is utterly absent from any relationship between creatures.

Truth to the spirit in your soul is comparable to the gold, silver and other valuables that used to be the backing of the US dollar in the now by-gone treasury of valuables of the US government. The de-facto truth respected among sincere people operates according to a truth established by a system based on at least one lie. The highest truth humans know is a 2nd or 3rd derivative of spiritual truth. That is the reason we are in the universe and not in true reality. See, humans’ problem goes much deeper than their confusion of their currency. But lets proceed again to explain the logic of the none-value of the national debt.

We are all concerned about 17 to a 20 trillion dollar national debt of funny money, or rather “monopoly money”.  You know monopoly? The money is in the box in the cabinet. It sits there and no one gives a hoot about the script value. Now you take it out and play the game with 2 or 3 friends. The game begins by dealing out the script (that is what the banks do). Notice that as soon as the game begins the script money begins to take on a monetary value. We play the game and try to do business as if we are dealing in a real life environment using a valueless script.

As long as we play the game the script’s monetary value remains in effect and we compete arduously to become the king of the mountain. However, as soon as you place the pieces of the game back in the box and the box back in the cabinet monopoly script’s monetary value collapses entirely and we would not give a damn if some of the money ended up in the shredder.

You see!? That is the US dollar. It is script, and the authorities continue to entice us to keep playing the game and to make us believe there is a monetary value to the script. It is up to us to stop the game and to find another means to finish transactions among each other if US and bank authorities continue to insist that we have a valid 20 trillion dollar national debt. As currency the paper money does a good job but as a debt its assigned value has vanished. It is not doing the American people any good because the value has gone dormant, as is monopoly script stored in a box in a cabinet. That is where the national debt is kept -- in a box; it is not used anywhere anymore.

But how can we declare the script valueless if we continue to place value in our corporate jobs?   Government pays the lion share of the as yet valueless script to corporations who in turn bring it in circulation by paying their employees with it– and boom the script has gained the value to you that the designers of the script placed on the several pieces of paper script. By you continuing to circulate the valueless script its artificial value is imprinted and indoctrinated into the minds of the American folks. By working to obtain the script and by, further, making transactions using the script people now believe there is value attached to the script. It is because people believe that paper money has value it now is currency! It is the magician’s trick that changes a valueless script into a currency on which people place a value.

But now, when it comes to 17 to 20 trillion dollars as a script debt we ought to pay attention a little closer. The script did help us in finishing our transactions but when all is said and done it is valueless script. The national debt "count" incurs before the script is circulated. But that was the exact moment in time that the script had no value at all! The national debt is uncirculated script -- valueless, unless, of course, you are nuts! The national debt must be discharged by declaring it to be utterly valueless. It is only a catalyst to promote transactions among people; and only after a transaction has been completed can anyone ascribe a value to the script.

It did its job as a script, but the buck literally stops there. It has no value and no purpose as a national debt. It did its job but as a debt it is an utter hoax. It is like the paper money when again it is placed in the box in the cabinet. Get rid of it – discharge it as being valueless!

I want to point out something of much more importance than the puny national debt. The debt money system counts on the public to accept the currency and thus put value behind the script. The people make the system work because they are ignorant of the scheme behind it. In spirit the same thing goes on.

The universe is just a clever program. It is useless unless spiritual entities are willing to inhabit it and make believe it is the real thing.

We, the souls associated with our physical bodies, make the universe a reality and we make it work because we have nothing else at all; and together we indoctrinate each other to make ourselves believe it is real because we all are caught in it and are forced to play in it according to the programs root programs, sub-routines, etc. Ever notice that all our emotions run along identical little sub-routines? That is why we know anger is anger, fear is fear and elation is elation. Even animals understand that from the programs on which they run.

God wrote the program “the universe” but souls through their eager participation in it created and keeps suspending physical reality. But, as in the monetary scheme where we give the authorities credit, our souls give god the credit (if such is due at all) because of our utter ignorance of the truth (we lost it by believing a lie). In one case "the authorities" is a conspiracy between officials in government and bankers.

Everything of political significance, including the world wars, that happened in the 20th century and we are experiencing in the 21st century is One World Order hocus pocus (on both sides of the fronts if it involved wars and uprisings – very cleverly choreographed incidents, planned and scheduled decades before the incidents actually happened.

One product of the conspiracy is the US national debt. You realize they are about to cash in on about 20 trillion dollars they claim you owe them? The year of the cashing-in of the debt is 2013 because it is exactly a century earlier they could start the scheme after they had all the pseudo legal pieces in place. This will be the death of the nation; and in about a century from now we, the creatures of the earth, will be responsible for the disappearance of the entire universe.

In the case of the universe we are dealing with a spiritual liar. The lie he told us (and we believed) ejected us out of true reality and into spiritual limbo (spiritual outer space). The liar used our souls, suspended in limbo, by giving us an alternative – a fictional reality called physical universe over which he reigns as a (false) god.

Yip! Y'all owe the bankers 20 trillion funny-money dollars and y'all as souls live a funny-reality existence. Come, y'all get with it! Y'all won't have that much time left to straighten out the national debt and your spiritual view of yourselves.

And, you are worshiping a god as good that shows signs of one-upsim by claiming to perform miracles as favors. If he can do things we cannot he shows himself to be master of a virtual reality. A god of a virtual reality is a god of nothingness and his subjects to be deceived souls. In true reality a god would allow reality to be the master and allow his creatures as much power as he himself had within that reality. Exceptions to the reality of his subjects through performing miracles for or against his some of subjects is proving the god to be god of deceit.

I include also my name and my website where you can find out more about me; Hans van Krieken, I write because I want you to have the spiritual truth about your physical situation. I want you to understand its incredible significance – I want you to understand your spiritual significance. I want your soul to get the picture!                      back to top

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Article 20:     Reflection on movie 'RADIO'

Reflecting on the movie, “Radio” I saw yesterday, based on a true story, I have some thoughts about the behavior of a group of popular high school football players and Radio, a mentally retarded youth. Radio was left to himself as soon as he was old enough to get around on his own. He had no father and his mother worked long hours at the hospital.

 Radio was taken under the wing by the head football coach and made a member of the football team by doing little chores and by becoming something like a mascot.

The top players on one occasion made a fool of Radio by sending the boy into the girls shower room on the pretense that he was needed for some purpose. He surprised the girls, and himself, as they were showering and dressing.

The incident came to the attention of the school authorities. Radio was inconsolable for what he did. Even under severe interrogation Radio never betrayed his beloved players. The coach found out who the culprits were and grounded the leader and best player from participating in the next inter-school competition. 

If I were that coach I would have waited to let the popular player know he cannot play until just before the game started. If people object I, as coach, would ask for time-out and explain what the boy had done. I would explain the progress Radio had made as a part of the school. After-all, his mother pays taxes to support the school and Radio has a right to have friends and learn whatever he can.

If I were the coach I would say that there are several parents that constantly raise objections to Radio being in high school. Radio, literally, had no other place to be to be happy and he did useful work (without pay). I would then state that high school is part of the program to build character of the children attending school so they can fit into a culture of responsibility, compassion and concern. This popular boy and best player and scorer reverted to exhibiting a pea-brain and as a pea brain he simply cannot participate in a game of intelligence and wit, just as Radio cannot play. 

The next thing I would say, addressing those adults who have steadily raised objections to Radio being in school and to all school children present, is that any one of them has a chance to birth a child like Radio. If adults and sneaky football players want to constantly rile a happy, retarded teenager with teasing and grumbling then they exhibit the pea-brain mentality they so strongly seem to object to in Radio. Normal children and their parents should be very grateful not to have such a child as Radio and consider those who do have such a child or having to parent a person like Radio. One thing I can say about Radio, he has character! There is no sneakiness in him! 

I would go on to say that I know there are parents present who are struggling with parenting a child with severe mental retardation. To them I want to give tribute today and to Radio who is doing the best he can and has improved beyond what everybody was sure could not be done while attending school every day. This school and the game of football have brought purpose to Radio’s life. I hope y’all will all find a purpose for your life.

Thank you. Now, let’s go on with the game. Support all our players in the field. They are doing their best.  Winning is fine but building character is what school and culture is all about.

Thank you for your time and patience.       Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm      1-10 2012             back to top


Article 21:        Do Not Loose Your Cool 

My best advice to you, and I have very many best advices but this one is very, very good. Never loose your cool! Getting angry gets you nowhere and may be hazardous to your health. If you let yourself go, guaranteed: Within ten minutes you will be in great trouble and will have said and done things that cannot be recalled or undone. Most situations can be overcome by keeping your cool

You must look at yourself as a sailboat. A boat plows the water and creates a wake. A boat never chases its wake. It just keeps going on course and forgets there is even a wake. There are new things ahead. If your past actions and relationships caused you sorrow, anger and sadness dump them in the wake of your life. Forget whatever happened. Keep on course and get your emotions under control privately without enmeshing others in a negative way. Your destiny will resolve itself and will remain on course. Your hateful, revengeful and destructive actions that will become known to your friends cause waves of antipathy that many times cannot be bridged again. Sometimes your trouble simply has no solution. Loosing your cool will only aggravate your situation. Many times the other person’s goal is to get you so upset that he/she can take legal action, or has reasons to have you carted off by the police or your actions done in anger give the other person valid reasons to derogate your character to those who respect you or you still need.

Oh you say that is impossible. Some people just get under my skin and I just got to have them around because of work, family relations, romantic or sexual relations or blackmail and I just have to tell them off, beg, throw a tantrum, hit the person or do sneaky mean things behind the person’s back. Wrong, you are trying to repair bridges that ought to remain destroyed behind you so that you must go forward. Before you lies the future; behind you lay destruction. In fact, never do something you can be blackmailed for. It shows lack of character and composure; and you place yourself and your loved ones in jeopardy.

No situation is so important that you cannot leave it behind. Listen! Do not loose your cool! Allow the other person to loose his/her cool. Walk away from the situation. If the other person does not want you around, that is the way it has got to be. The person just told you that the relationship cannot work for him or for her. If that is the case you are wasting your time in trying to make it work. Thing will get worse and worse. You cannot move an immovable object; and in the end any sort of kind feelings remaining in the other person will be destroyed. If you loose your cool you will resort to worse and worse actions until it might affect the course of your entire future. Walk away, grieve in private or on the shoulder of someone you trust and keep moving ahead a day at the time until you can overcome your grief, anger or hatred. Behind the clouds, the sun remains shining. The cloud will eventually move on and you will be again in the sun.

I am aware that quite frequently you get caught in a situation from which you cannot peacefully walk away. In such cases seek help – parents, school authorities, police, legal help, get creative. Don’t be caught in the power of another; get out and retrieve your freedom. Your independence is more important than money, prestige and useless sacrifice. If you have to, claw your way out – but only if no other way is possible. And for your own sake, do not start drinking or start using drugs. Drinking and drugs are for sissies.

Destructive actions will never work themselves into a permanent victory. You may conquer but the looser becomes a prisoner – a subservient slave. A conquered person will forever hold a grudge. The other person may hold a grudge anyway but then your character will have been positively improved and your course in life will not suffer. No one can forever hate someone who has done him/her no harm. Listen to me: Never loose your cool. Keep your integrity intact and you will become a wise person      Hans van Krieken\sample_reading_pages.htm         1-08-2012             back to top

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  Article 22:     About The Social Security System


I believe that we should keep intact the Social Security program we now have and make it work throughout the 21st century. It has worked well for the American people; even though if the money everyone gave to the Social Security System was invested in mutual funds, they would have reaped retirement benefits at least double that what they receive from SS when they are pensioned off.

People trust Congress but Congress will not be held responsible for what Congress promised the people when they were working to get The Social Security Program into law. I agree that the masses are incapable to save money and thus will not invest for future retirement needs and because people's savings are regularly plundered from them through economic recessions I am all for Social Security. But now that it has become the mainstay for retired people everywhere, Congress cannot pull the plug and reduce or postpone benefits that were earned through hard work, loyalty to government and trust into the validity of long-term congressional decisions.

We can make the present system work by creating new jobs. This means that imports must be curtailed to provide the jobs that America has been exporting by the millions over the last 35 years or so.

We have helped the entire world with fighting for freedom of people in other countries. We gave away foreign aid well over a trillion dollars. President Obama recently gave a trillion dollars to the world to jumpstart the world's economy. We have been the workhorses of charity and aid to other nations. We have paid the lion share to start the United Nations and to maintain it as an institution. We send out hundreds of thousands people to undeveloped nations through the Peace Core. We established the economies of many other nations through allowing foreigners to be educated in our universities -- very often such graduates became the backbone of the war machines of nations with whom we fought wars subsequently. We helped establish foreign nations' economy by building their industrial capacity and by given these nations free access to the American market.

All this was done at the expense of our nation and at the expense of people who gave labor and their lives for free to other nations and at the sacrifice of many jobs domestically.

It is our turn to stand up for ourselves now that the American economy is in ruin and the American working people are out of jobs. The American way has been, and ought to be, that benefits should be increased and the age for eligibility decreased. What happened to the American way? Are not private enterprise and Congress responsible for maintaining the American way; and is not government in charge of the corporate structure and the private enterprise it encompasses?

If American standards of living and personal well-being are sacrificed for whatever reasons, has not the US government failed to live up to its obligations? It not the motto, "America first" so that when America is in good health, financially, it can help other countries that are in disarray, under-developed or in a state of beleagerment? Government sacrificed the financial health of America to help a million other secondary causes abroad. We have the technology, the would-be entrepreneurs, the drive and people out of work. Why cannot America crawl out of the slump it has been in for a half a decade? When Hitler got in charge of Germany the country was in an incredible slump. Hither had the people working in no-time flat and the economy soaring again.

We have been the outstretched hands given whatever we could to other people. Is it such a crime to now dedicate our efforts and assets to rebuilding the American economy?

People are brainwashed into what they can believe and what they can think; but the American people are angry (beyond their brainwashing) now that they are without work as it was done mostly due to the generosity of the American Congress for other people than US citizens.

The rich always get richer --  no matter what happens; but the working class is at the mercy of what Congress legislates. Legislating socialist measures, especially for illegal immigrants, when a large portion of the populace is out of work, does not make sense. The money is not there!

We must now attend to the home fires. The fires are burning in the minds of the American working people. It is a dangerous fire. They feel betrayed!

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Spiritual reality is all around us. We as souls exist in it but because of a lie believed as souls we cannot participate in it. We are unconscious to it. Presently, we are only aware of a virtual realm / the physical universe.

 Clever deceivers always come in the disguise of angels of goodness and truth. Lies believed become the de-facto truth. Spiritual lies believed became our physical  universe.

Political lies believed became our de-facto, constitutional political reality of the United States.

All de-facto realities are forced on us by power of law and deceit. Both God and Government are our greatest deceivers.

 The same is true when you die physically. The universe and nations continue on but without you as a participating member. Until you renew your universal membership (ask for and receive divine permission to reincarnate) you continue to be shut out from it (for now, please bear with me on the idea of reincarnation; up to now it is a mere philosophical thought to you). When you reincarnate you are again at the point from where you started. You continue to do this because you, as soul, fear to face the truth. Only the courageous individual can return to true reality. Religion will keep you locked out from true spiritual redemption.

Jesus stated that humans love the lie more than the truth; the only manner to be free is to embrace again the truth that you, as soul, abandoned by listening to the spiritual liar. Jesus said these things to the very religious Jewish expert authorities and, today in spirit, he still speaks to every seeker of truth; and in spite of what you believe as Christians you still have more confidence in lies than the truth. Humanity as a whole has sunk much deeper from the truth than before Jesus' time.

The book, "The Truth About Reality--Beyond God and Religion" is your last wake-up call; you won't ignore it without a very, very steep price. Lies will keep you indefinitely in the princedom of darkness, the physical universe--Jehovah's princedom of spiritual make-believe. Your soul will sink into the realm of animals and your choice has then been squandered forever--so, keep treasuring your lies believed. You must understand the very depth of the spiritual lies you believed in paradise. The spirit in Jesus made you aware in paradise of the truth; if you engage the forbidden tree (listen to its sales pitch) you die--YOU DIE--you will not be present in paradise. Try to fathom the depth of this word "death"--no way of returning to paradise--final exit. It is the state all humanity is in. To be back in paradise you must be spiritually born again into it by re-embracing truth; just as you are born again and again into the de-facto physical realm because you as soul continue to believe spiritual lies. As long as you believe the lie you reincarnate into the realm of lies, the physical universe--a virtual display of sorrow and suffering; but if you reaffirm the truth you will be born again in spirit / reality. It is that easy. Man cannot teach you truth for the spiritual lies believed is the de-facto truth to all mankind! The physical universe is the only truth for those who believe spiritual propaganda.

Jesus' main purpose in coming to earth is to make souls spiritually alive again (in the truth); but Jehovah, god and ruler of the universe, forced Jesus into the role of his servant Christ, which  role, although much needed, heavily interfered with his true purpose so that hardly anyone, unaided, can search out his true message, and hardly anyone has. The Christ represents spiritual darkness enforced on us creatures by god (Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Brahman, the Great Spirit, Thor, Zeus or whatever other name this supposed god goes by in religions). The positive spirit in Jesus as Anti Christ, however, came to redeem you from this realm of spiritual darkness by reacquainting your soul with spiritual truth.

Where there is ordered action there is organization. The universe is an active, ordered structure. There must be a hierarchy in charge. In order for Jesus' spirit to come into this, for him, alien physical realm he had to ask and barter for entry. He was forced to come as Jehovah's Christ, in order to bring his true father's message as Anti Christ.

Jesus' role as Christ was so successfully enforced on him that his spiritual Anti Christ’s message is only now understood, some 2000 years later. You can find his true message clearly explained in the book . . .


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Sample Reading Pages of the Book "The Truth About Reality Beyond God and Religion"

A sample index page:

                another sample index page


      Sample book page 29            

                 page 29 from book The Truth About Reality

      Sample book page 30

                page 30   

      Sample book page 31       

                pge 31

      Sample book page 32

                page 32

Buy this book now!    Be informed about the truth.

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 Sample book page 33

                page 33 

The negative spiritual realm, of course, is the realm over which Jehovah, the serpent reigns.

      Sample page 34

                page 34 


Time magazine stated that economists have determined that the modern American consumer makes stupid purchasing errors.

Be wise -- Do buy "The Truth About Reality"!


Buy this book now!    Be informed about the truth.

digital-Book: $19.95 US

Don't let a few dollars stand in your way between life and utter death.

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Graphic representation of soul's death and also of its possible redemption 

               graph showing soul decay and soul's redemption

The above figure represents the condition of soul decay in relationship with truth and also with the binary potential levels of the spiritual computer. The way a soul rises along the curve is by aligning itself with deceit and accepting and spreading deceit whenever offered and whenever it serves some selfish material purpose.

      As long as there exists a potential level between soul’s decay and the charged state of the binary set soul will continue to display, but when no energy potential remains soul display goes into sleep mode and it becomes non-matter or maybe even anti-matter. Astronomers have detected non matter in space and can’t explain it.

      Unless soul recognizes the true significance of the Spirit in Jesus’ entry into the world the individual soul will continue along the curve towards spiritual death.

      The computer goes into sleep mode when the state of decay of the general population of souls has reached the charged potential of the binary set of

potentials. Until the Serpent/god Jehovah is again able to seduce a set of Adam and Woman to believe in propaganda the computer remains in the sleep mode. Jesus foretold both the shutdown/rollup and the Big Bang reappearance to happen, and it surely will happen--over and again!

       There are 2 places on the chart where soul energy runs out. The first place is at the intersection of the soul decay curve with heavy horizontal line, the charged binary value. Soul has accepted all the propaganda it can contain and has used up all its reserve capacity for truth. The other point is at the intersection of the born-again curve where it meets the state of truth, the zero binary state. Here it has relinquished its association with deceit and again has vision in true reality. For this soul the universe has lost its meaning as reality.

        If one compares deceived souls energy potential with a battery then deceit accepted by the general society of souls in the universe is like the acid that is the electrolyte in the battery that causes the electrical potential between the plates sections of the battery.

Until a Christian believer switches his leader from minister, pastor or clergy to the sole guidance by the Comforter soul will remain in the portals of hell--the experience of physical life as a human being.

Truth Recognized = Reality (= truth according to truth)

Truth is a spiritual realm.  Physical reality  (here) is fiction based on a lie

Jesus said "The Truth will set you free". If you are here you do not have the truth!

Physical Existence = A Lie Believed in Soul  = a lie believed to be the truth because that is the only option we, as deceived spirits, accepted)

Buy this book now!    Be informed about the truth.

Don't let a few dollars stand in your way between life and utter death.

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It is a spiritual realm.  Physical reality is fiction based on a lie

Jesus said the Truth will set you free. If you are here you do not have the truth!


Beware of God, Our Devious, Great Pretender

Deceits in action, no matter the coloration or form of holiness, are verbal farts and mental feces. Deceit in any form stinks up to high heaven.

Be wise -- Do buy "The Truth About Reality"!


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