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A Radically New and Comprehensive Understanding of Reality

Found in

The Truth About Reality–Beyond God and Religion

What god and religion do not want you to know about reality 

Author presents deep insight of the universe, religion, and reality

Asheville, NC– (Release Date: August 16, 2008) – Open your mind to new possibilities in reality not anticipated before. Transform your understanding and experience of life and of God through The Truth About Reality. Read on and learn from the author’s comprehensive understanding of spirit and society.

The Truth About Reality--Beyond god and Religion deals with the dilemmas of physical life, our misplaced confidence in religion, political humdrum, our very lives, relationships and with our absolute ignorance of reality. We are kept in a state of ignorance by our belief in a spiritual lie. The book explains how the spiritual hierarchy operates, how it thinks; what it wants from us.    

There has never been a book like The Truth About Reality, there never can be another like it. This one tells it all. It presents radically new views on the reality of the universe, the gospel of Christ, Christ, anti-Christ, Christendom and Hell. It brings to your consciousness a clear understanding of what the spiritual heavens are and what true redemption really means. It also paints, in clean bright strokes, the difference between actual reality, fictional realities and how a fictional reality can exist.

This book could never have been written in any other time-period. Its detailed content will spark a new wave of debates regarding science, religion, politics and humanity. The worst thing in life is to be led by preconceived ideas. The best thing in your life is to read the book and discover new concepts of true reality! As a modern person you must have this book; the updated and expanded version in PDF format is available from

About the Author

The author was born in 1937 on Island Bangka, Indonesia and spent three years in Japanese Concentration Camps. After the war he moved to Netherlands and became shipmate in the merchant marine. He married twice. He was spent decades in mechanical design and manufacturing engineering. He now lives with his second wife of 25 years near Asheville, NC. Recently, he applied for patent on the, not yet, published concepts for the fastest, most fuel conserving motor, surfing and sailing hull possible. That patent is now awarded to him.

In a recent interview, the author stated that spirit is the only reality; and that the universe is like an interactive, virtual reality displayed on something like a spiritual computer. In truth, however, physical reality is the common dream state of a set of deceived souls.  Many such views can be found in  his  book   The Truth About Reality.

The Truth About Reality * by Hans van Krieken                    Publication Date: 16 August, 2008



Radio talk show topics about “The Truth about Reality”

The existence of the sexes in the several races and species is conclusive proof that the Theory of Evolution is hogwash!

The universe does not exist in reality. Through spiritual propaganda it became a figment of creatures' collective imagination.

I speak openly. I have no hidden political or religious agendas. You take what I offer; and I hope that you will get a copy of the book; and that you will make the contents your own. 

I give you that everybody alive is brainwashed (by education, social, bureaucratic, and religious conditioning).  We are forced to receive, and to believe and understand things according to the dictates of a great multitude of authorities over us as babes, children, students, young adults, citizens, workers, executives, spouses, members of religious congregations and owners of businesses.  The propaganda conditioning never stops. We enforce social belief systems on each other––we brainwash each other to see physical reality for what it is today. Without a common (erroneous) view/understanding among physical creatures the universe is not possible.

An adult ends up being a memory bank of a wide spectrum of beliefs that have nothing to do with reality. The souls of creatures, filled up with such belief systems enforce their false beliefs on one another. These mutually enforced beliefs create the impression of physical reality –it is utter spiritual bunk. It is as foolish as the belief system enforced on society in the story of the king who was made to believe that he wore the finest clothes; yet who was completely naked. In both cases what is perceived as true is based on a clever fabric of lies.

Deceit always creates a dichotomy of identity between the forgotten or hidden true identity and the false one adopted as true. I am quite sure that comatose people are heavily engaged in an imagined dream reality. They are so involved because the dream-reality seems so much better to them that they strongly resist waking up. Our souls are in a similar situation. 

I can thus discuss the following, and many other topics that translate into dualities. Each item can be discussed in a mere minute or can be expanded to 5 or more minutes according to the active discourse between radio host, the listeners and the author.

  •       Dual nature of the deceived spiritual entity

  •       Dual nature of Jesus Christ    

  •       Dual nature of US government (US government hides many of its sinister natures)     

  •       Dual nature of the American states’ form of democratic government            

  •       Dual nature of reality 

  •       Dual nature of international banking  (banking has woven another layer of spirit, Mammon, beneath the layer of deceitful spirit of Jehovah. Mammon is in direct competition with god)

  •       Dual nature of god (Jehovah, Allah, Brahman, etc)

  •       Dual nature of many, so-called political national enemies

  •       Dual nature of our political national friends  

  •       Dual nature of religion and the Bible

  •       Any subject on the main page

  •       Women are crueler than men (women are from Mars and men are from Venus)

  •       My superfast and super-shallow marine hull patent # 7752986.

  •       The concepts of, and meaning behind "de jure" and "de facto"

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Below follows a sample  interview on ideas in my book:

Interviewer:               I have here Hans van Krieken, author of the book The Truth About Reality.

What do you want to tell us about your book?

Hans                           I found out that Jesus Christ has another spiritual name, Antichrist. Jesus said that he was not good. That must mean that he is evil. What we call evil is antichrist. As Christ he had the Antichrist in him, except antichrist in spirit is the Good Spirit. What we know as Christ is antichrist in true spirit.


Interviewer:               What do you want to tell us about your book?

Hans:                            Well, the main theme of the book is about virtual realities or environments of which folks are not aware that they exist in.

Interviewer:               We exist in virtual realities; you mean more than one reality?

hans:                           Oh yes. 

Interviewer:               That is hard medicine to swallow for the folks out there. How will you convince us?

Hans:                           Really, in the same vein people swallow every piece of information given them. I go out from the premise that all of us are heavily brainwashed by our government and by our very environment. Our cultural setting is based on many schemes of conditioning to which people from day one in their lives have been subjected.  

Hans:                           The United States, for instance, or corporations such as General Motors and General Electric. The United States is a reality that captures you at birth or requires a person’s and government’s consent to enter into. General Motors corp. is an artificial reality that requires a person’s and its management’s consent to enter into. The virtual reality I really want to touch on is the universe. It is a spiritual, artificially created environment; and it also requires consent of the entities who want to participate and its developer’s approval to enter. Just like the United States and General Motors Corp., and just as these environments are created by humans, so the universe is created, under the direction of Jehovah, and by the souls of physical creatures themselves. Just like a corporation the spiritual foundation of the physical universe has a two-tear class structure, owner and workers. A disembodied soul also must consent to be present in the universe as soul and it must ask approval from management to again reincarnate.

Interviewer:               No kidding?

Hans:                           Yes. It is an artificially displayed and sustained reality. It is an interplay, really, between two realms of spirit - neutral spirit and negative spirit, and most importantly, it must depend on rules and laws to exist and maintain itself. The first rule is that of master and slave or god and creature, or authority and those subject to that authority. A virtual reality must have its basis in a higher reality. That is the evil of it. The world existed without a United States, but people existing in this United States see it as reality, there are trees in it, a setting in the world and universe, just as if it is real. It is not. That is why all nations and cultures eventually disintegrate because people in future times will not, or cannot go along with the premises of fiction on which these nations and cultures were originally fashioned, and their collapses leave them always with a higher form of reality because their believe systems do not allow to have faith in nature. People do not seem to be able to exist in plain old nature so they create another fiction on which the new nation and culture are based. This amnesia is induced by deceitful propaganda. It is based on a lie believed in the higher plane of reality. Spiritual amnesia prevents them from observing the higher realm of existence. The state of having amnesia hides the higher level of reality from them. That is why spirit is unseen, and the artificial reality is the only one revealed to the creatures in that state of amnesia. Like this American in China, he sees this strange environment but he is helpless in it.

Interviewer:               I heard you say interplay between two kinds of spirit; please explain that concept.

Hans:                           Well there are really three–and from a different perspective even four realms of spirit. You have the spirit of the Supreme Being (positive spirit), the spirit of his Son or viceroy (neutral spirit) and the spirit of the betrayer (negative spirit). The level of spirit of the betrayer has incredibly many layers of differentiation based on the amount of deceit accepted by the several classes of souls trapped in negative spirit. Essentially there are two categories of negative spirit, the level of higher hell which section has as yet an escape route and the lower strata of hell from where there is no escape that I can see.

Hans:                           A deceived entity has no life of its own but is in the grasp of the liar he believes. The different strata are really separations of groups of souls that have accepted differing amounts of critically important schemes of propaganda, or fictions as reality. The more deceits you believe the harder it gets to again perceive the original realm of native truth. We are ever sinking deeper and deeper in a morass of spiritual and human-originated deceit. I draw the line between the major groups of souls in humans as the higher strata and identical souls associated with animal existence as the lower strata which includes also all other biological life forms. I am sure that the higher regions of spirit also have innumerable strata, but I am not familiar with any of those. I’ll be happy to just leave negative spirit. I have had enough of deceit and perpetual betrayal by those who we are supposed to trust. There is nothing sincere in the world–everything is cleverly calculated phoniness--typical of a constructed virtual reality.

Interviewer:               What is the process of a soul becoming a physical creature?

Hans:                           The initial act is to get into discourse with a deceiving interloper in paradise. I will use the example of spiritual beings, Adam and Woman, in paradise and the serpent in the forbidden tree.

A & W were clothed in bodies (raiment or vestments called eternal bodies) that are fitting for the environment of paradise which is an environment based on inherent paradisiacal truth. Adam and Woman were in full harmony with it until they believed the propaganda of the serpent in the forbidden tree. They could keep these bodies eternally as long as they were in total agreement with the environment of paradise, which included being in agreement with its god, the spirit in Jesus. When they believed a lie about the god of paradise and thus about paradise itself, they lost the raiment of standing because they fell out of agreement with the premises of their native environment. They were thus seen as naked–as having no body and thus they had no environment to commune in; they died spiritually in paradise. This can be compared to a longstanding employee who betrays its employer and is fired. He ceases to be part of the organization he was an integral part of. He is not allowed to be taken serious there anymore; even though he is still alive as human.

They now existed in outer darkness or, in the corporate example above, they were jobless/without status of employment. They were scared stiff and in this condition they, as spirit, were taken in guidance by the spirit of the Serpent, their deceiver. The serpent designed a virtual spiritual computer environment by annexing the comatose cells of the minds of Adam and Woman. These cells of their whole body were reconfigured into a powerful spiritual computer that projected out the physical universe with many of the comatose souls as constantly re-projected or reincarnated physical creatures through a program designed by the spirit of the Serpent, Jehovah. This compares to the fired fellow above by him getting another job and in that process he must recondition his mind to fit into the environment of this new organization. See, in fictional settings you can be bumped from one fiction into another. In reality this cannot be because no one has the power to bump you anywhere. There is only one true reality. You bump yourself out of existence by believing lies in a realm of your native spiritual truth. In the realm "Truth" you are who you are and you will be your independent self until you get into disagreement with whom you are. Then, you bump yourself from true reality into utter unreality--virtual reality.

What happened to A & W is that they fell into a coma because there simply is no other environment to be a part in. Now, what we know of a person in amnesia is that he is completely lost because he lost the script on which his reality is based. You give him back his life’s script and he is immediately "not lost". See, we exist by a script. The script is the mental conditioning we received in the environment in which we have awareness, through birth; and an enormous amount of environmental conditioning.  We live and die by that script. We are terrified to exist without a scenario in a fictional setting. Creatures' fear is to be without a script, because without a script we do not belong to the play. That is why creatures fear death.

A  sane physical person can still be lost and helpless. That is basically what happened to me. I refused to accept the physical environment as valid and I saw my script as a human being in it as a setup of betrayal. The rug was pulled from under me too many times to see the physical environment as a sane nurturing place to be. Working from that new viewpoint I slowly began to see that this environment was a deceptively real-like environmental display in which we are helpless if we want to participate in it in an honest manner. Only selfish, con-persons do well because they prey on others. In human society we are always considered prey and/or enslaved to some boss/owner

For example, place an average American deep within a province of China and it is as if he has amnesia. He is completely helpless, and without a means of communion. He must rely on the kindness or cruelty of those around him who have there cultural script in place and in order. Souls exist in this kind of state of being lost in the guise of physical creatures. We seem sane and we know our culture (commonly accepted script) and we get by pretty well in our local setting, but we are utterly lost in the universal and spiritual sense. We really do not know which side is up! Right? Is the universe an accident, a design, a prison? We do not know. If we are prisoners here, who in hell put us here? We do not know. We exist in a spiritual amnesia. We do not even know for sure whether we exist primarily as souls in spirit. If we were spiritually sane, we would see the spiritual environment as reality, now we can only imagine to be in this physical universe through identification with it through our physical senses' which environment was created in a void. That is also the reason that this universe can and will be rolled up.

Interviewer:               Come on now; is that true?

Hans:                           Reality is real; it is there and will be there always and it will always be true. You can utterly depend on reality and you in it, if you stay in agreement with what is real and true and disengage from all fictions disguised as propaganda. We must start with disengaging from our local, political, familial, and religious settings. Be in it but not an ambitious or concerned part of it.

Interviewer:               Hey Anti, you have a most interesting view on physical and spiritual reality and I would love to continue this but we are running out of time. I must terminate our chat and hope you will return to finish this interview. The show must go on. The next time we really have to hit on that assumed name of yours, Anti Christ.

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Deceits in action, no matter the coloration or form of holiness, are verbal farts and mental feces. Deceit in any form stinks up to high heaven.

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